What Is Humminbird Smartstrike : How Does It Work

Humminbird smartstrike is a digital fishing accessory, which guides you to the exact location of the fish species you are searching for.

Like the name, it uses smart technology to locate the position of fish species. It finds out the spots depending on daytime, weather condition, water condition, depth, and so many other things.

Through the use of Humminbird smartstrike, the whole fishing becomes a lot easier. It decreases the whole area in the water and finds out the minimal spots where you will find the cherished fishes. In this article, we will go through every necessary possible smartstrike facts that might help you using it.

What Is Humminbird Smartstrike

About Humminbird smartstrike

Humminbird smartstrike works using algorithms to locate the fishes in the water. In fact, it is a smart technology that makes a normal angler into a pro-angler or fisherman. This technology uses a small smartstrike chip to let you find the location of the fish more conveniently.

There are some basic things one angler needs to have for getting service from Humminbird smartstrike.

  • First of all, he needs to have a fish finder that must be manufactured from Humminbird.
  • A proper fishing boat, which will take you to the location after identifying it.
  • Last but not the least, the smartstrike chip. The chip is the key to all the work mentioned above.

The task is not over only after inserting the chip into the fish finder; rather the main task starts then. The angler has to operate on the screen of the fish finder to start a search in the water resource. There are a lot of options he needs to fill and then make the search.

The specialty of this smart technology is that it provides you extra options to make your search more convenient and detailed.

Benefits of using Humminbird smartstrike

You guys may be thinking, why I should spend my valuable dollars on a simple chip whose benefits are still unknown to me! Well, you are absolutely right. Without knowing the benefits, you should not purchase anything, not even this smart fishing guide.

Detailed information: Probably the most formidable side of Humminbird 600037-4 SmartStrike Midsouth States V4 Digital GPS Maps Micro Card is providing detailed information about the location. After inserting the chip into the fish finder, you will find a lot of options in the smartstrike category before searching.

There are options like the type of area, type of weather, condition of the water, type of fish species, time of the day, etc. Of course, after giving so many details before the search, it will show a convenient result in the search.

Quicker finding process: Finding fish species manually or with fish finders alone is a tough task and if you are not a pro-angler, it becomes tougher. However, with Humminbird smartstrike there is nothing much to do if you can make a good bit of search.

After searching, you just have to wait till the search result is showed. The search result will be shown more quickly and it will provide the best possible spots for fishing currently in that resource. All you have to do is ride on your boat and reach the spot.

Easy to install: The installation process of Humminbird 600039-4 SmartStrike Southeast States V4 Digital GPS Maps Micro Card, Black is a lot easier than you can imagine. If the fish finder is already installed in your boat, take the chip and insert it into the allotted spot of the fish finder. That is it, the installation is over.

Convenient carrying: Because of the smaller size, carrying Humminbird 600048-2 SmartStrike Northeast V2 Digital GPS Maps Micro Card is an easier task. The lightweight and compact design allow the angler to carry it even in his side pocket.

Installing Humminbird smartstrike on HELIX models

Before inserting the smartstrike into a fish finder model, you should know which model it is. So after inserting it, you have to do some basic things for the installation and the operation as well.

  • First of all, update the software of the fish of your HELIX model if it is not updated. It is required to have at least a software version of 1.210 in HELIX models 9, 10, and 12.
  • As you have already inserted the chip in the allotted slot of the fish finder, press the check key.
  • Now move on to the screen of the fish finder and go to the chart info menu and select smartstrike from there.
  • Then, select the location on the screen where you are currently out for fishing.
  • You will find some preset search options if you have used them before and if not, make the search.
  • Lastly select the weather condition of the day, type of species, type of area, season, time of the day, region of the water resource, depth of the water, and so on before searching.

Installing Humminbird smartstrike on other models

There are other models of fish finders from Humminbird like ONIX, SOLIX, and ION. There is a slight difference in the process of these models compared to the HELIX model.

  • There are two slots for two chips in these models and you have to insert the smartstrike chips in there at first.
  • Now move onto the chart menu and select slot 1 or slot 2 for the operation.
  • Then go back to the home screen and select one of the chart views.
  • After that, select the chart from the left corner of the fish finder and then select smartstrike.
  • Now select the type of trip you are using for fishing today.
  • The last process before searching is similar to the HELIX models.

How to use Humminbird smartstrike to catch more fish

Before searching, give every detail about the location, weather condition, species type, shallow or deep water, time of the day, and other information that the smartstrike wants. Only then, it can preview the most suitable spot according to your given information.

It will show where the most fish species are moving inside the water and also show the depth of their movement. Thus, it will let you catch more fishes.

Different smartstrike from Humminbird

Humminbird has manufactured smartstrike to make the whole fishing process a lot easier for the pro-anglers and even for the normal ones. Also, they have made chips depending on different regions to make it easier for the user to find out the perfect location for fishing in the lake.

  • For Mid-Atlantic states
  • For Mid-south states
  • For North-East states
  • For South-East states
  • For Wisconsin
  • For Dakotas & Nebraska
  • For Western states
  • For Minnesota
  • For Great Plains

In all these smartstrikes, Humminbird has used different Bluetooth versions like one has version 2 and at the same, the other one has version 5. They have included a detailed map into these chips of each location.

Cost of Humminbird smartstrike

Although there are different types of Humminbird smartstrikes available as discussed in the previous section, the cost doesn’t differ much. Most Humminbird smartstrike are available from $140 to $150. However, some chips also cost around $115 and the cost of some high-end ones goes up to $200 as well. You can also see a great brand Fishing Tools Garmin Ice Transducer and MarCum Ice Fish Finder with a great fishing experience.

Final words 

A Humminbird smartstrike is indeed a marvelous addition to the fish finder. It can transform a normal angler or fisherman into a pro if he knows how to operate this smart guide. It works smartly enough just like its name.

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