What is a BDU uniform: All about BDU uniform

BDU uniform is an American military uniform, which typically has a camouflage pattern. The uniform includes a shirt, pants, a jacket, and a cap. Every part of the uniform comes in a camouflage pattern. This uniform was introduced at the beginning of the 1980s.

Later on, a couple of more BDU uniforms came following the basic pattern. These days, there are a lot of BDU uniforms found, and civilians use the uniforms as well. Also, the idea of various tactical pants derived from BDU pants.

To identify the US army, this BDU uniform is enough. We will cover everything about the uniform and if you are interested, continue reading.

All about BDU uniform

What does BDU uniform mean

BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform, which means the uniform worn during the battles, are called BDU uniforms. However, it is only used by US Armies. The uniform has a tactical design, which makes it appropriate for the Armies putting on the uniform.

BUD uniform design is entirely different from civil uniforms, and what it offers also doesn't match civil uniforms.

  1. BDU uniform has rip-stop fabric construction.
  2. The BDU pant has a minimum of six pockets.
  3. There are several pockets in the jacket.
  4. The shirt inside the jacket comes in solid color.
  5. The whole uniform has a unique camouflage pattern, which inappropriate for the civilians.

The difference between civil uniform and BDU uniform made the difference efficiently. However, from the basic pattern of BDU, the US army designed two more BDU uniforms for other sectors.

BDU uniform depth discussion 

Before wearing a BDU uniform, you need to know what things are included in the uniform. You need to collect the different parts of the uniform before going to wear it. There are four things you need to complete a BDU uniform.

Shirt: US military used to wear shirts during the summer and try to provide a cools environment to the wearer. It comes with a conventional camouflage pattern like other BDU uniforms. However, they designed shirts for the cold days as well.

The difference these two shirts is the warmth it catches. However, the other features are similar here. One of the specialties of BDU uniforms is to have many pockets. The shirt comes with four pockets on the front side with a flap handle design.

Pant: The most popular side of the BDU uniform is its pant, and the popularity of the pant hasn’t decreased yet. Nowadays, these pants are sold as tactical pants and are coming in various designs. Likewise the shirt, the design remains similar in every temperature. If you have BDU pants you can take Military Tactical belt for batter comfort.

But the difference is noticeable in the construction of the pant. As far as functional side concerns, there are

Jacket: Jackets are used during cold weather to keep the military warm. It also has four cargo pockets with flap designs like the BDU shirts. But there have been some noteworthy addition like the hood, which also has a zipper pocket at the back of the collar.

It has a drawstring around the waist. The jacket has a zippered front with Velcro straps at the sleeves. The camouflage pattern remained in the jacket as well.

Cap: There are basically two headwear available, camouflage cap and camouflage hat. However, both these are known as BDU cap. The US militaries use caps in both cold and hot weather conditions. But the hat is more suitable on a hot summery day.

The rounded brim of the hat provides sun protection under excessive sunlight. It also comes helpful inside the jungle. For melitary camping you should take your self Heavy Duty Military Poncho Liner and military folding shovel.

How to wear BDU uniform

When you have already known the parts of the BDU uniform, you are now ready to wear the uniform. The rules to put on BDU uniforms for both male and female military are similar.

  1. You must put on the BDU shirt over a brown color t-shirt.
  2. If it’s cold outside, wear the camouflage jacket on the shirt.
  3. While wearing a shirt, you must fold up the sleeve, and it should touch the forearm.
  4. The name should be placed on the top of the pocket in the right chest.
  5. The CAP tape remains on the top left pocket on the shirt or jacket.
  6. On the right shoulder, you need to attach the US flag in the center but reverse. It should be 0.5 inches below the sleeve seam.
  7. The militaries wear caps normally, without any device on them.
  8. Blouse the pant over the combat boot to finish the dressing.

What is BDU uniform made of

The construction of BDU uniforms depends on the weather. However, cotton is the common material used to make this uniform. Typically, the BDU uniform comes with either cotton and nylon blend construction or 100% cotton construction.

  1. For cold weather cotton and nylon, blend structure is suitable. It provides a warm feeling to the wearer.
  2. However, the cotton uniform is suitable for hot weather. The lightweight and breathability is the reason for this.
  3. But the problem with cotton is they are prone to tear and wear. So the makers started mixing bit nylon with cotton in summer uniforms as well.

When did the Army switch to BDU uniform

The US army switched to BDU uniforms in 1981, although the idea derived from the 1980s. The military army of the US used this uniform as their common military uniform. This continued till the middle of the 2000s.

After these years, US militaries started making different uniforms for different sectors maintaining the woodland camouflage pattern.

Is it illegal to wear BDU uniform in public

According to federal law, it is legal to wear a BDU uniform in public even though you haven't been a member of the US military. You can wear a similar military weapon as a civilian and come out on the road.

However, there's a rule for the militaries regarding the uniform. A military of one sector can't put on the uniform of other sectors. The law doesn't allow him to do this.

What are the different types of BDU uniforms

After the replacement of BDU uniforms, there have been several types of uniforms introduced for different sectors. Now let’s have a quick look at them.

  • BDU uniform for US army.
  • BDU uniform for the air force.
  • BDU uniform for the navy.
  • BDU uniform for the coast guard.
  • BDU uniform for Marine Corps.
  • BDU uniform for DoD.

Does the Army still wear BDU uniform

No, the US army doesn’t wear BDU uniforms. From 2005 to 2007, when the army program A.U.S. was running, this uniform was replaced by an ACU uniform. ACU replaced the conventional camouflage pattern with a digital pattern, which the named Universal camouflage pattern.

What’s the difference between BDU and ACU uniforms

BDU means Battle Dress Uniform and ACU means Army Combat Uniform. ACU is the successor of BDU, and both these uniforms have some differences.

  1. ACU shirt or jacket is flame-resistant.
  2. ACU shirts have MAO-type collars, which are absent in BDU.
  3. BDU shirts have four pockets, unlike ACU shirts.
  4. 100% cotton shirts are only made for BDU uniforms.
  5. Instead of tightening tabs around the waist, ACU pants have lace.
  6. There is a tightening drawstring available at the bottom part of BDU pants.
  7. BDU pants have six conventional pockets.
  8. ACU pants have pockets in the knee area.

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