Soul Seat : Why should you set up a soul chair?

A soul seat is a uniquely designed sitting chair with a variety of applications. Alleviating back pain, setting up the right posture, or meditation, a soul seat has many applications to offer. Nowadays, soul seats are getting into the office as well.

The conventional chair's problem is that it allows you to sit only in one direction, which is mostly a 90-degree direction, preventing every possible option to rotate your legs in a comfortable direction.

Suppose you are prone to injury or are looking for a suitable sitting option for meditation or other kinds of creative activity. In that case, you can always think about setting a new soul seat into your compartment.

The soul seat

Why should you set up a soul chair?

The soul seat may not be an old conception in the sitting genre, but it is becoming more appealing in recent days. If you are looking for reasons to install a soul seat into your home or office, here are the top five reasons to consider-

  • First of all, a soul seat allows you to rotate your posture in multiple directions, giving you relief from stagnancy.
  • If you tend to work for long hours in your workstation or office, you tend to generate lower back pain because of the lackings of movement. In that case, installing a new soul seat can be an excellent relief.
  • When you are meditating, you need to sit by maintaining the right posture, which the conventional sitting chair won’t be able to provide. As the soul seat creates vast options to seat in any direction or angle, meditating would be more fun and comfortable with the soul seat.
  • If your hips do not get enough mobility after sitting for a long time, the stress starts to transform in every part of your lower organs, including the knees. As a result, knee, muscle, and back pain become a common issue. Give your muscle relief with the soul seat.
  • Finally, if you want creativity in your work, you need to be creative with everything you use. To be more productive and creative, grab one of those soul seats to add extra fuel to your creativity.

What are the differences between a conventional chair and a soul seat?

In one sentence, there is nothing similar between a conventional sitting chair and a soul seat. If you are interested, here are some of the essential differences between a conventional chair and a soul seat.

  • A conventional sitting chair will allow you to sit only at a 90-degree angle, whereas a soul chair will allow you to sit in any angle and direction.
  • With the conventional chair, you will be able to set your hip in one position only, making all of your body organs vulnerable and stressful. On the other hand, a soul seat will allow you to set your hip in multiple positions to have more comfort and ease.
  • With the conventional chair, you will be able to lean only backward and forward, whereas a soul seat will allow you to lean in any direction possible.
  • The soul chair tilts to make up the right position, whereas you need to make the right setup on the conventional sitting chair.
  • Soul seat gives extra leverage when you are trying to move forward and backward which the conventional sitting chair will not provide.

Soul Seat

Conventional Sitting Chair

You can seat by maintaining any posture.

You need to seat by maintaining a 90-degree posture

Soul seat allows you to set your hip position in multiple angles.

You need to set your hip position upright on the conventional chair

You can lean your body at any angle.

You can lean only backward and forward.

Soul seat tilts to make the right position

You need to make your own position.

Soul  seats provide extra leverage while moving

A conventional sitting chair will not provide any leverage while moving.

Construction of a soul seal

The seat of the soul

The construction of a soul seat comprises three sections.

  • The hip section.
  • The leg section
  • And the support system.

The hip section

The hip or butt part of the soul seat is the upper perch that is usually made with inside foam cushioning. You will be able to customize the hip section, according to the height that you have.

The leg section:

Down below the hip or butt section, the spacious region of the area is called the leg section. The material of the hip and leg section tends to be the same. In some special cases, the material may differ from one another.

Support system:

The lower part of the soul seat is the support system. It is usually like a four or five-way spike. The support system of a soal seat will have either wood or stainless steel material.

The stainless steel support system will have wheels to enhance the mobility of the seat. On the other hand, the wooden support system will not have any wheels to move it from one way to another.

A soul seat with stainless steel support system tends to be costlier than that of a wooden support system. In some special cases, the wooden support system may cost more than a stainless steel one.

How to assemble a soul seat?

While most of the soul seats come pre-assembled, many require you to assemble the chair after the purchase. If you have got one and are looking for the appropriate ways to assemble the chair, here are things that you need to follow-

Stainless steel

  • Place the leg on the floor by keeping the underside of the face up.
  • Attach all the caster wheels to each of the legs.
  • After attaching all the wheel to the legs, flip the leg portion upright.
  • Set the pristine on the center of the legs and set the leg compartment on the pristine.
  • Once you are done setting up the leg compartment, it's time to set up the perch or the butt compartment.
  • Set the whole setup in the appropriate height and tighten the screws or lever to fix the position.


  • Place the support system on the floor by setting it upright.
  • Install the larger cushion or leg compartment on top of the support system.
  • On to the larger cushion, set up the butt perch.
  • Tighten the screws at the appropriate height to ensure stability.

Final words

Soul seat has not yet become that prevalent worldwide, but the prospect of the soul seat is obviously high in the long run. Though soul seats are getting widespread in the meditation category, their usage is still nominal in the official section. If you are having trouble with a back pain injury or needs to work a lot by sitting on the chair, you had better give this special kind of chair a try.

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