How Much Is A Sprinkler System? Sprinkler System Cost.

On average, installing a sprinkler system can cost you from 1800$ dollars to as much as 7500$ dollars, depending on the number of zones that you are thinking about installing.

Whether for irrigation or landscape purposes, you may be are thinking about installing a new sprinkler system on your lawn. The very first thing that comes to mind while installing a new sprinkler system is the total costing. By anyhow, if you are having a tough time calculating the aggregated costing, this article should provide you with some hint regarding the total cost.

sprinkler system cost

How much is a sprinkler system?

If you are thinking about installing the sprinkler system with the help of a contractor, it would be ideal to know that they would charge you according to the number of the zone you are thinking about installing.

Remember that installing the first zone would require more money than installing the second or third zone. It is because the first zone requires more infrastructure and piping than the second one.

Installing the most basic sprinkler system with only one zone would cost you from   1800$ dollars to as much as 2000$ dollars.

For the second or the third zone, you will be able to complete the installation from 1200$ dollars to 1400$ dollars.

For your better convenience, these are the estimated costing that a pop up sprinkler system may cost, depending on the zone-

Number of the zone


1 zone

1800$ to 2000$( including material cost)

2 zone

2000$ to 3200$

3 zone

2500$ to 3500$

4 zone

Within 4000$.

5 zone

Within 4500$

6 zone

Within 5500$.

7 zone

From 5500$ to 7500$.

The cost of the installation can vary in different regions and places. Many pros can charge less than the price that we have gathered here. Some others may charge more than the expected price range.

Sprinkler system cost according to the lawn space

Another factor that can influence the cost of a sprinkler system is the area of the lawn that you want to cover with the system. The larger the area of the landscape, the more money you need to pay to complete the installation.

On average, installing a new sprinkler system on a 10,000 sq. feet area would cost you around 1500$ dollars to as much as  3000$ dollars. That means it would cost around 0.15$ dollars to 0.30$ to complete the installation per sq. ft. area.

If you are thinking about completing the installation based on a larger space, then you need to measure the cost according to the acre of land that you have. Installing the sprinkler system on one acre of land would cost you from 8500$ dollars to as much as 15000$ dollars. If you want sprinkler system and water timer for your gurden, you can extra charge with $60 - $100.

Sprinkler system cost chart in sq. ft.

Square feet


Per square feet

0.15$ dollars to 0.30$ dollars/

10,000 sq. feet.

1500$ dollars to 3000$ dollars.

20,000 sq. feet.

3000$ dollars to 6000$ dollars.

45,000 sq. feet.

8,500$ dollars to 14,000$ dollars.

Sprinkler system cost in acre



0.25 acre

2000$ dollars to 3500$ dollars.

0.50 acre

4500$ dollars to 6500$ dollars.

0.75 acre

6500$ dollars to 10,000$ dollars.

1 acre

8500$ dollars to 13,500$ dollars.

Sprinkler system cost according to the controller

There are three different types of controller system that you would notice in a sprinkler system.

  • Most of the in-ground sprinkler system tend to use the most basic kind of controller, making the whole installation process a lot cheaper than the mid or high-quality controller. A sprinkler system with the most basic controller would cost around 2000$ dollars to complete the installation on 0.25 acres of land.
  • On the other hand, if you are thinking about installing a mid-range controller, it would cost you around 5000$ dollars to 6000$ dollars for a half-acre of land.
  • Finally, to install the most convenient and smart controller, it would cost you around 14000$ dollars for one acre of land.

Sprinkler system cost according to the controller

Controller system


Basic controller (0.25 acre)

Around 2000$ dollars.

Moderate controller (half an acre)

5000$ dollars to 6000$ dollars.

Smart controller (one acre)

Around 14000$ dollars.

Factors that influence the price of a sprinkler system

Some essential factors determine the cost of the rain bird sprinkler system brand. If you are interested, here are the top five most essential aspects that determine the costing of a sprinkler system-

The number of the zone

As we have mentioned above, a sprinkler system with two or three zones will cost more than a sprinkler system with one zone. Installing the first zone tends to cost more than installing the second or third zone. Installing the first zone charges more because you need to install some new infrastructure and material that you don’t need to install while installing the second or third zone. A sprinkler zone, on average, will have twelve to fifteen sprinkler heads.

Lawn area

Another thing that determines the pricing of a sprinkler system is the total area of installation. Installing a sprinkler system in one acre of land is definitely going to cost you more than installing a sprinkler system in half-acre of land. Some need to install a sprinkler system for irrigation purpose, whereas some others may think about installing one for landscape purpose.

Controller system

A better controller system will cost you more than a typical mid-range controller. Many people prefer installing a cheaper controller system. At the end of the day, the repairing system tends to go further than the actual price. If you have a sufficient budget, think about installing a smart controller to get the best service out of it.

DIY or professional installation

The next thing that plays a great role, determining the price of the installation is whether you are doing the task on your own or by a contractor. If you can manage to complete the task on your own, it would cost you far less than it would take to complete the task with the help of a contractor.

Repairing or installing a new one

Repairing the old sprinkler system would always charge you less than installing a completely new one. That means if you already have one installed sprinkler system, you can think about repairing it at a cheaper price.

Final words

For irrigation, landscaping, or keeping your lawn attractive, a sprinkler system can bring forth excellent results. The national average cost to install a new sprinkler system will fall between 5000$ dollars to 6000$ dollars. Depending on the area of the land that you have and the process of installation, you can always minimize or maximize the range of the price.

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