Root grapple vs. root rake grapple: What is the main difference?

Having a convenient grapple is always a great thing when you love digging your own things. A grapple can come in handy for a variety of purposes like brush, limbs, rocks, digging, etc. 

Depending on the purpose, choosing the right Grapple is more than necessary as the Grapple mostly dictates how efficiently you will be able to complete the job. 

But confusion may always arise between the types of Grapple and their functionalities.

If you are confused between a root grapple and a root rake grapple, we are here to fix all of your issues regarding these two types. 

If you are interested, let’s jump into the discussion-

Root grapple vs. root rake grapple

Root grapple vs. root rake grapple


Root Grapple

Root Rake Grapple




Intended purpose

Picking up logs or such things

Picking up bulk materials


Single cylinder

Double cylinder








Feels heavier on the tractor

Feels comparatively lighter on the tractor 


Ensures more visibility

Less visibility because of more teeth


Less versatile

More versatile

A  root grapple tends to be narrower compared to a Root rake grapple

The most noticeable difference that is visible to the eyes between a root grapple and a root rake grapple is the shape of these items.

In general, a root or log grapple tends to come with a narrower shape when compared with a root rake grapple.

The average length of a log grapple will be anywhere between 30 to 35 inches, whereas a root rake grapple will have a length of nearly 65 to 70 inches.

Therefore, a root rake grapple will cover a wider area to cover a better space.

Both machines have different intended purposes.

Comparing both these devices with one another turns out to be productive and efficient when you do it on purpose. That is why choosing the devices for the right intended purpose is more than necessary.

While a root grapple or a log grapple can come in handy to pick up logs, a root rake grapple will bring forth the best experience when picking up bulk materials like roots, brush, limbs, or rocks.

A root grapple will mostly use a single-cylinder, whereas a root rake mostly will come with a dual cylinder.

Well, that is not to be the truth all the time. But in general, a log grapple or a root grapple tends to come with a single-cylinder construction. On the other hand, a root rake grapple should equip with a dual-cylinder construction.

At the same time, it is also true that a root grapple will have a larger single-cylinder, whereas a root rake grapple will have two smaller or mid-size cylinders. 

When height is a concern, root grapple tends to be significantly taller

We know that a root rake will be nearly 5 to 6 feet wider, but when it comes to the height, the device tends to come with a comparatively smaller height.

On the contrary, a log grapple will come with a better height but smaller width.

Therefore, a log grapple will bring forth more versatility when it comes to cutting logs above the ground.  

There is a plus point of having less height as well for all root rake grapples. The lower height helps these machines to pick up bulk materials with high-end proficiency.

A log grapple feels heavier when installed on your tractor

Although the weight of the root rake's Grapple is always more than the root grapple, the root grapple feels heavier because of the geometry that it comes with.

When you maneuver these devices by installing them on your tractor, you will notice that a log grapple, because of its taller height, feels much heavier compared to a root rake grapple.

But the parallel construction of a root rake grapple allows the tractor to feel less weight despite having better weight compared to a log grapple.

A log grapple will ensure more visibility compared to a root rake grapple

A root rake grapple will have more teeth compared to a root grapple. Therefore, a log grapple tends to deliver more visibility.

The presence of multiple teeth will make it a little harder for the user to find out whether the device is leveled up or not.

But when you take the intended purpose into consideration, the visibility should not create any hassles at all.

Your primary focus with a log grapple will be to pick up and cut down logs, whereas a root rake grapple will come in handy to pick up bulks from the ground.

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A root rake grapple is more versatile compared to a root grapple

This topic is an important decision factor. By versatility, we are here indicating the situations where you will use these devices.

root rake grapple

A root grapple, having fewer teeth, is better at picking up logs and such things. On the contrary, a root rake grapple with its multiple teeth construction will allow you to use the device in multiple scenarios.

As a result, when versatility is in concern, a root rake grapple should ensure more productivity.

Which one should you choose?

When it comes to choosing a specific grapple for your intended purpose, giving priority to your preferred type of works seems relevant.

When you have to cut down and pick up a large number of logs every single day, a log grapple or root grapple will come in handy to make you comfortable with your process. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who has to handle a great variety of chores every single day, a root rake grapple with its larger size and width should bring the optimum efficiency you would cherish getting.

Final summary

One great thing about having a root rake grapple is that these devices do a tremendous job when it comes to raking down the ground and getting most of the materials out. But a root rake grapple may not suffice when you are trying to collect a larger rack from above the ground. That is when your root grapple or log grapple serves you in the best possible way. Therefore, choose wisely to have the best possible experience in the longer run.

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