Rain bird maxi paw vs mini paw sprinkler: What is the main deifference

Both Rainbird maxi paw and mini paw rotor heads are a popular addition to the Rainbird sprinkler system. If you want to go for a backdated version of the rotor head that has fewer benefits, a mini paw will be ideal for you.

But for modern users, the maxi paw is the right choice because of the extra features it comes with. It is regarded as the upgraded version Rainbird mini paw as it has every feature of a mini paw and some extra features as well.

You should go through the whole article if you want to know which one is right for you and what are the differences between these two rotor heads are.

Rain bird maxi paw vs mini paw

Features of Rainbird maxi paw

Rain bird maxi paw

Rainbird maxi paw is an upgraded version of Rainbird mini paw, which has better specs than its predecessor. It has a powerful watering system with proper distributing ability. The most attractive side of this rotor head is the availability of nozzle sizes.

Before going further deep into Rainbird maxi paw model, let’s check out the features it offers.

  • It has five standard trajectory nozzles and two low-angle nozzles.
  • It comes with a reinforced ribbed design and a heavy-duty plastic case.
  • It has a 360-degree full-circle or arc adjustable from 20-degree to 340-degree.
  • It offers three inches pop-up sprinkler height.
  • The water pressure ranges from 25 psi to 60 psi.
  • It has a side and combination ½ inches or ¾ inches bottom inlet. 

A Rainbird maxi paw rotor head has a total of seven nozzles, which definitely makes it a better choice for professional use. Among the seven nozzles, five are standard trajectory nozzles, and the remaining two are low-angle nozzles. There’s something more you need to know about these nozzles.

  1. Standard nozzle models are 06-red, 07-black, 08-blue, 10-yellow, and 12-beige.
  2. Low angle nozzle models are 07 LA-black and 10 LA-yellow.
  3. Standard nozzles have an outlet trajectory of 23-degree.
  4. Low angle nozzles have an outlet trajectory of 11-degree.
  5. Nozzles are changeable without any tools.

The rotor head provides powerful watering, which ensures maximum spacing with superior close-in watering in the lawn. It offers sturdy and durable construction with a stainless steel retraction spring and a heavy-duty plastic case. It is an ideal choice for dirty water applications.

It comes with an efficient, straight-through flow design that conserves energy and ensures low-pressure loss as well. Sometimes the optional Seal-A-Matic also comes in handy as it can prevent run-off, puddling, and erosion that were caused by low head drainage.

It comes with a pop-up height of 3 inches. According to the manufacturer, this rotor head has three years of warranty. However, you need to take care of it through a couple of maintenance services per year to extend the lifespan.

This rotor head also has a double-weighted arm that offers slower rotation and increased throwing distance. Moreover, the user can enjoy low-pressure and low-gallon age operation with the adjustable arm spring.

Features of Rainbird mini paw

Rain bird mini paw

Before maxi paw came got introduced, Rainbird came up with mini paw. But after the introduction of Maxi paw, it lost popularity quite a lot. The main problem was created with the lack of nozzle models availability.

Before comparing this with a maxi paw, let's move on to the key features of this rotor head.

  • It comes with only two nozzle sizes.
  • The mini paw offers a pop-up height of 3 inches with stainless steel retraction spring.
  • It has arc adjustment from 20-degree to 340-degree.
  • It is a grit-proof and double-weighted arm.
  • It has a pressure-activated multi-function wiper seal.

Unlike, Rainbird maxi paw rotor head, you will find only two nozzle sizes here. But even with the limited nozzle sizes, it has superior watering control. There is a sprinkler's brass weighted spray guiding arm to ensure control overwatering.

Mini paw has a similar pop-up sprinkler height of 3 inches as a maxi paw. There is another similarity between these two rotor heads, which is the warranty. As these are almost the same version and comes from the same manufacturer, mini paw also has three years of warranty.

Through the limited nozzles, it is possible to spray around 26 ft to 41 ft that covers more than 4,000 square feet area. For reclaimed water irrigation systems, this rotor head is a great choice. The pattern of this rotor head adjusts infinitely, and it has a double-weighted arm for throw distance.

Comparison between Rainbird maxi paw and mini paw

rain bird sprinkler

Although there are some common features available between the maxi paw and mini paw, these two rotor heads are different from each other. So let’s get into the differences between these two rotor heads through a comparison chart.

Rainbird Maxi paw

Rainbird Mini paw

It has five standard nozzles with two low angle nozzles

It has only two nozzles

It has a heavy-duty plastic case

A heavy-duty plastic case is missing here

It is ideal for dirty water applications

It is ideal for reclaimed water irrigation system

It is rugged and dependable

It is comparatively less durable

Spray distance ranges from 29 ft to 45 ft

Spray distance ranges from 26 ft to 41 ft

It offers powerful reverse action

It doesn’t offer any reverse action

Which one is better: Maxi paw or Mini paw

Apart from the differences, both maxi paw and mini paw have similarities as well. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between Rainbird maxi paw and mini paw. Now let’s first talk about some major similarities of these two rotor heads.

  • Both rotor heads have 3 inches of pop-up height.
  • Both come with three years of warranty.
  • Both require maintenance at least twice a year.
  • Both have mouse-trap-like designs.
  • Both have stainless steel retraction springs.
  • Optional side inlet, screen filter, and wiper seal are common in both these rotor heads.

From the above discussion, one thing is sure that you will have the features of mini paw in maxi paw. But mini paw won't offer you the features available on maxi paw. So, the maxi paw is undoubtedly better than the mini paw.

Which one is expensive: Maxi paw or Mini paw

As Maxi paw is the upgraded version of mini paw, it is the expensive one in the market that costs around $40. However, before Rainbird introduced the Maxi paw, the cost of Mini paw was also around $35 to $40. But now the price has come down to around $20.


What should be the distance between rotor heads?

The distance between rotor heads shouldn’t be greater than the psi.

What is the warranty service of Rainbird maxi paw? 

Rainbird maxi paw has three years of warranty service.

How often should one clean the sprinkler head? 

One should clean the sprinkler head at least twice a year.

Is Rainbird maxi paw easily adjustable? 

Yes, the Rainbird maxi paw is easily adjustable because of having seven nozzles.

What is necessary for getting proper area coverage?

It is necessary to have enough water pressure to get proper area coverage.

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