How much does a Propane tank refill cost?

A propane tank refilling is a money-saving option for all. It takes fewer pennies to insert the right amount of gas in the tank.

The cost depends on the size of the tank. So, you are about to pay the price in a lower amount compared to buying a new one.

Confuse of refilling your propane tank? Concerned about the cost of refilling?

It takes only $16-$25 in most to refill a 20lb of a propane tank. A single gallon of Propane weighs nearly 4lbs. So, a 20lb tank accommodates 5 gallons to be exact. A single-gallon tank refilling costs around $3.5 to $4.5.

To know more about the refilling cost of the propane tank take a tour of our article exploring the cost of refilling a propane tank.

Propane tank refill cost

Propane tank prices

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. Mostly, the tanks do have the same amount of gas accommodation with a similar amount of quantity in the package. But, the terminating weight is considered to be the exact weight measurement.

The most used propane tank sizes are 20lb, 120 Gallon, 250 Gallon, 500 Gallon, and 1,000 Gallons.

Prices of the tanks also vary with the size. The larger the tanks, the higher the prices are. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the exact size of a propane tank for a particular usage.

To buy a new 20lb Propane tank you will be spending more than 30 bucks. And the larger ones’ come with a greater pricing tag.

A 100-gallon tank is going to cost you up to $800. And if you are intending to buy a larger 500-gallon gas tank for the Propane you have to spend around $3000!

Purchase or Refill?

If you already have a Propane tank in your house, do not get messed up with the decision to refill the tank. It is always cost-effective to refill than to buy a new one.

Buy only when you have the wrong sized tank and require more gas for your job.

Where buying a 20lb propane tank is costing you more than 30bucks, refilling is doing the same job in less than 20 dollars. Yes, this is a big gap to consider.

The cost goes as below as possible with the refilling. So, why waste money if you already have the container!

In the basic state, you can learn about the pricing gaps of buying a new propane tank and refilling in the same measure. A single gallon of propane tank cost $5-$7 whereas to refill a similar amount of Propane you will have to pay less than $4 and on some occasions, it is less than $3.

Getting a larger amount of Propane is surely going to make a significant change in the cost.

Propane tank refill

Propane tank refill cost

It is always a good option to refill the tank rather than exchanging or buying a new one. Where a 15-20 lb tank can cost you as much as $30 to $60, in maximum, refilling the same amount of Propane is going to save almost half of your pocket.

A 20lb propane tank is going to cost you $16-$25 at most. Calculating per gallon refill cost for $3-$5 the price gets increased with the tank being larger.

For a hundred-gallon tank, the refill cost is around $100. Though, the refilling price sometimes varies due to retailer costs. The density of Propane that retailers get has variety. So, the 3rd party refilling cost also gets influenced by the refilling cost.

Below, there is a table that is going to give you a fair idea of the refilling cost of propane tanks.

Tanks Size

Refill Cost



100/120 gallon


250 gallon


500 gallon


1,000 gallon


There you go. If you have noticed the price variations among the tanks you would have pointed out the fact of less refilling cost for the larger tanks. A larger tank is always a saver to your pockets. But that does not mean to allure you to buy the unnecessary amount of large-sized tanks for your job. Buy the exact size that is required.

Cost for some individual retailer shops and brands are also enlisted in our article to give you a greater view of refilling costs.

  • An empty 20lb tank can keep 4.7 gallons of Propane to be exact. A full tank cost me $18.57 making each gallon refilled at less than $4.
  • A house propane tank will cost you between $3 to $5 to refill. That makes a 100 gallon of propane refilling in less than $400.
  • A 20lbs Blue Rhino propane tank is going to cost you $33 and to refill the same amount of gas you will have to pay less than $20.
  • A one-gallon Forklift propane tank is around $5-$6. Where you can simply refill your tank for $3 or $4.

We tried to give you some individual pricing of the exchange and refilling for a propane gas tank. From here on, you should know that the refilling cost is much more saver for anyone.


Propane is a highly flammable gas. It is also toxic to the human body. So, it is very important to take all the precautions before refilling your gas tank.

We strongly recommend you go fill your tank with an expert.

The gauge is there to indicate the level of the gas that is remaining.

Keep the tank away from fire and high temperature.


Where do I refill my propane tank?

Ans. You will find a refill center or station near you. Take to the fixed retailer to get the exact quality of Propane you want.

Is there any difference between the quality of stock and after-market propane?

Ans. No, the quality only differs from the manufacturer of the gas. Though Propane has a lot of qualities, use a particular one on regular basis.

Should I buy a 1,000 tank for most of the home appliances?

Ans. A 500-gallon tank is quite enough for most of the home appliances' power supplying job.

How efficient is the refilling cost for a 100-gallon tank?

Ans. Refilling a 100 gallon should save you $2o-$30 than buying a new one.


To conclude the whole article we can tell you that refilling is always a beneficial option if you have. But, when you need a different size of the pod to capture more or less gas, you must buy a new one that suits the requirements.

Always be careful of the consequences of gas leakage and keep the maintenance of the tank with high security.

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