One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel-Green Review

Like human beings, cats need regular exercises to keep fit and fine. According to experts, a cat should do physical activities out of his daily routine for at least 15 minutes a day.

But what can you do if you are confined inside the house during a pandemic? The solution is quite simple, and it is to purchase a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat.

With the EVA foam running surface, it can withstand the continuous running of the cat. Moreover, you can wash the foam cover with water to clean it. Also, it is a replaceable cover.

Overall, the wheel makes a suitable place for the cat to have regular physical exercise to prevent several diseases and stay energetic.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Review

What is a cat exercise wheel?

As the name indicates, the cat exercise wheel is a kind of rolling wheel that is specifically made for cats. You might have heard about hamster wheels, and the cat exercise wheel is similar to those. The only difference is that it comes only for cats.

Here are some characteristics of a cat exercise wheel that every new buyer needs to know.

  1. It has a 4 to 5 ft rolling wheel.
  2. There is a base underneath to make the wheel roll.
  3. It has enough space for one or two kitties.
  4. The running surface comes with foam or rubber protection.
  5. The foam is replaceable.
  6. You can clean it with water.
  7. It is more like a rolling treadmill.
  8. It can have plastic or metal construction.
  9. Noise occurs when the wheel rolls.

You may be thinking about the reason behind comparing it with the treadmill. If you compare these two things, you will surely find two similarities. Here are they –

  1. Both are used as exercise material.
  2. Both rolls with the users’ movement.

However, the treadmill has a straight flat surface. On the other hand, the cat exercise wheel is a circular treadmill that moves forward and backward depending on the kitties’ movement. It also enhances the speed when your kitty moves fast.

Specifications of One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat has launched an exercise wheel for cats to remove the stress from many users. To stay healthy, cats need exercise or movement of the body. The best way to do this is to take him outside for a walk regularly.

But it may not be possible if there is rain outside or you are staying home during a pandemic. However, if the cat remains idle after sleeping, it will become obese and lazy. The only solution is to provide an exercise wheel.

Before moving further, check out the chart below and know what the One Fast Cat exercise wheel offers.


48 inches in diameter and 10.75 inches wide


24 pounds

Outer material

Recycled plastics construction

Inner material

Closed-cell EVA foam construction

Base size

34 inches by 12 inches

Extra inclusion

Rollerblade wheel covers

Cleaning process

Wipe down with a wet cloth or spray water using a hose

The regular diameter of a cat exercise wheel is about 4 or 5 feet. However, One Fast Cat has kept the diameter 4 feet. It is not amongst the heavier cat wheels as it weighs only 24 pounds.

It allows anyone to easily transport it to a suitable place inside the house. Cats won’t damage the inside running surface easily because of the EVA foam construction. And if it gets damaged, you can change it.

This cat exercise wheel is undoubtedly a helpful asset for indoor kitties. They get a suitable place to spend their energy after a long nap and stay fit even in old age.

What do the users say about One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel?

Although the cat exercise wheel seems to work quite well letting the kitties exercise, it’s not praised by all users. There have been mixed reactions among the users regarding the exercise wheel. As a new buyer, you have every right to know everything about it first.

Positive sides

  1. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes for assembly.
  2. It improves the running speed of the cats.
  3. The color attracts the kitties.
  4. Scratches are visible on the running surface.
  5. It is easy to clean.
  6. The inclusion of a rollerblade cover is a great addition.

Most buyers found it helpful to improve their kitties’ speed. When the kitties move faster on the wheel, the wheel also moves faster. It takes around one or a couple of months to improve the cats’ speed.

However, being 48 inches in diameter, it gives ample space to your kitties. Although the foam running surface is not scratch-resistant, the scratches are hardly visible. Moreover, you can take care of it by cleaning it regularly.

Negative sides

  1. The construction stays on the cheaper side.
  2. It doesn’t form a stable setup.
  3. The wheel spinning malfunctions sometimes.
  4. The manufacturer doesn’t support a return policy after it is assembled.
  5. It makes annoying noise while spinning.

The main complaint from the users is the instability of the wheel. It hampers the movement and fun of the kitties to a great extent. Even the plastic construction isn't sturdy enough, and it seems to break the parts after a certain period of usage.

Also, you may notice the wheel doesn’t spin with as much speed as it should have been. It doesn’t take much time to assemble, but once you assemble the wheel, you can’t return it.

So the verdict is, if you can compromise the stability and malfunctioning spinning sometimes, you should go for it. And if you think of returning, then don’t assemble it.

More details on One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

You have already gone through the key specifications of the cat exercise wheel. The wheel has a recycled plastic construction, which is enough sturdy for kitties to have all-day fun. The manufacturer has used EVA foam on the inside part of the wheel.

The green foam surface is used as the running or exercising surface for the kitties. The good thing about using foam is that the sharp claws don’t stick on it and cause any damage. Moreover, simple scratches are hardly noticeable.

With the 4 feet diameter, it is quite large for fun. Also, it has 10.75 in width for two kitties to have fun at the same time. The base ensures the stability of the wheel and provides proper spinning.

The spin depends on the movement speed of the cat. If the cat moves slowly, it will spin slowly. And with the increasing speed, the wheel will enhance the speed as well. It relieves stress and helps to control the weight for better comfort.

Not every cat exercise wheel allows easy cleaning function. However, the user can clean it in two ways according to the manufacturer.

  1. Take it outside and connect a sprayer to the water hose. Spray water continuously to wash the wheel.
  2. The other way is to use a soft cloth. Make the cloth wet and wipe it down on the inner surface to make it clean.

Thus taking regular care can enhance the lifespan of the wheel. This also makes it hygienic and safe for the kitties. However, if the inside running surface becomes old and dirty, you can replace it as well.

Benefits of the cat exercise wheel

No one likes to purchase anything that offers zero benefits. And the same saying goes for a cat exercise wheel. It is definitely a beneficial tool for indoor cats. However, most of our users or new buyers are unfamiliar with the benefits.

So, here we are to tell you the benefits of the cat exercise wheel and how it helps the cat improve his health.

  1. It keeps the cat active when it can’t go outside.
  2. It prevents the cat from performing aggressive behaviors.
  3. It reduces stress.
  4. He can make use of the acquired energy from sleeping.
  5. Staying fit depends on the exercise.
  6. Decreases the chances of heart and respiratory diseases.
  7. It improves strength and muscle movement.
  8. Helps the owner to have a fun time with the kitty.
  9. It also improves the digestion of the cats.
  10. Ensures better blood circulation.
  11. The cat gets enough nap time for proper relaxation.

Well, don’t you want this exercise wheel for your kitty even after knowing these benefits? To keep your indoor cat healthy and energetic, there is no alternative to physical movement.

And the cat exercise wheel is the most appropriate companion in this regard.

Is there any disadvantage of the cat exercise wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel image

Nothing is out of disadvantages, not even a cat exercise wheel. You need to know what complexities you may face after setting up the wheel inside your house.

  1. The loud noise is too much annoying.
  2. A 5 feet wheel takes a lot of space in the house.
  3. A metal exercise wheel is hard to move.
  4. The expenditure stays on the higher side.

So, if you are planning to set up the wheel in your bedroom, stop right there. It won’t let you sleep if the cat gets into the wheel in the middle of the night. Sometimes, the increased sound level makes the room shaky for a while.

If you don’t have enough space inside the house, you shouldn’t go and purchase it. And think about the money you are spending on it always.


How much does a cat exercise wheel cost?

On average, the cost of a cat exercise wheel ranges from $250 to $350. But some high-end wheels can cost you up to $1,000.

What is used to keep the exercise wheel in place?

A base or hub is used underneath the wheel to keep it in place. The sturdier the base is the better spin you will get from the wheel.

Will the inside part of the wheel get damaged?

Yes, the inside part of the wheel can get damaged through continuous and rough usage. However, it won’t damage so quickly because of using foam as the surface material.

What is the size of a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat?

The size of a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat can be either 4 or 5 feet in diameter. However, the width can range from 10 to 14 inches.

Final thoughts

Get one exercise wheel for your kitty, and see how quickly it improves the speed. But ensure you have enough space inside your room, and the cat should be an indoor cat, which doesn't often go outside.

  1. A spinning wheel of 4 inches in diameter.
  2. EVA foam inner running surface.
  3. Recycled plastic outer construction.
  4. Easy to clean and replace.
  5. It has rollerblade wheel covers.

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