Mothers CMX ceramic spray coating expert review

Finding a glossy finish with a quality ceramic spray isn't a tough job when you are ready to spend money. But when someone is looking for an affordable option, I don't find any better alternative to Mothers CMX ceramic spray.

The manufacturer has maintained the quality of the spray and also ensured professional servicing. Even after using top-grade materials to construct, they kept the price within everyone's reach. It is also easy to apply the coating on the car’s outer surface.

We are here to let you know everything about the spray and then decide whether it is appropriate for your car or not.

Mothers CMX ceramic spray coating review

What is Mothers CMX ceramic spray?

Mothers CMX ceramic spray is a hydrophobic, affordable, user-friendly,  and durable protective coating that is used on the outer painted surface of cars. This affordable ceramic coating can provide a glossy finish on the applied surface.

  1. The spray coating is easy to apply.
  2. It creates a glass-like finish on the car's outer surface.
  3. Great spray coating at a low cost.
  4. Protects the surface against dust and scratches.
  5. It repels water efficiently.

Every car owner wants to ensure a brand new-like, glossy finish on the car's outer surface. Even they spend a large amount of money on washing and polishing. But the problem is that the polished look fades away after some days.

To get relief from this faded glossy finish, every car owner should use a ceramic coating on the outer surface. However, it is also an expensive process until Mother's CMX ceramic spray arrived.

Without compromising the quality of the spray, the manufacturer made the product affordable for every car owner. The usability is also convenient for it, and it gives a long-lasting result. It creates protection against any scratches.

It is often seen of having swirls or slight scratches after washing the car, but by applying this ceramic spray you can ensure safety from such scratches. Also, it creates protection from dust and water during unfamiliar weather conditions.

Features of Mothers CMX ceramic spray

Mothers CMX ceramic spray

The result of the product depends on the materials used to make it. And when it offers something original and extra, users tend to purchase it without any second thought. Although it’s an affordable spray with quality, you should check out the main features once.

  1. The spray uses a powerful blend of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide.
  2. It provides super-hydrophobic protection.
  3. It offers an ultra-glossy layer with optimum clarity.
  4. The container has 24 ounces of spray.
  5. The coating cures within 24 hours.

The mystery behind this effective service within this budget-friendly option is the blend of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide. The coating gets optimal durability, and the car surface gets strong protection because of this powerful blend.

The container itself weighs around 24 ounces, and the liquid in there is enough to provide professional performance. It is easy to apply with the spray on and wipe off on the surface.

After applying on the car surface, it will repel the water quite efficiently and will stay for 2-3 weeks. However, to let the coating stays that many, days you need to let it dry for at least 24 hours, and do not wash the car within these 24 hours even by mistake.

What are the benefits of Mothers CMX spray?

What else do you need in a ceramic spray when it provides top-level performance and is also available at an affordable price segment? Well, these are the primary benefits of Mothers CMX ceramic spray, and there are some more you need to know.

  1. It is an affordable ceramic spray.
  2. Easy to use with the sprayer.
  3. Durable protective coating with powerful blending.
  4. Provides an ultra-glossy finish on the surface.
  5. Repels water with extra efficiency.
  6. Usable as a stand-alone product or on existing sealant.

I’ve already said that there is no perfect alternative to this ceramic spray at this price range and quality in the market. The makers have included the sprayer nozzle and made it easy to apply the coating as it only requires a soft cloth.

It's not like that you have to apply the coating soon after few days because it will last at least 2 to 3 weeks and retain the shiny glossy look. It will make your car look like a new one.

You can wash the car after 24 hours, and the surface will repel the water. Any beginner will fancy using this spray to ensure a shiny look within such a low price segment.

Negative sides of Mothers CMX spray

Don’t you think every good product has one or two negative sides? Mothers CMX ceramic spray offers some excellent features, but it also has some downsides.

  1. It leaves white residue on the towel.
  2. It takes at least 24 hours to make the coating stay.
  3. Less than four weeks' durability isn't enough sometimes.

Even if the spray provides professional services, it isn't an appropriate option for professionals. One can't wait for 24 hours and then let the coating get cure. Typically, professionals want the coating to last at least one month.

On the contrary, the CMX ceramic spray from Mothers starts losing the shiny look after two to three weeks. Except for these flaws, it is still an excellent affordable product for beginners.

How to apply Mothers CMX ceramic spray?

apply Mothers CMX ceramic spray

If you follow the steps, applying this ceramic spray to the car will be a hassle-free job.

  1. You need adequate water, two soft towels, and a Mother's CMX ceramic spray.
  2. Wash and clean the outer surface of the car.
  3. Apply the spray with a soft towel and rub softly.
  4. Apply the second coating with a bit of pressure.
  5. Use another towel to give a shiny look.
  6. Let the coating cure for 24 hours.

There might be dirt on the applicable painted surface, so it is better to wash and clean it. Use water splashes thoroughly on the surface for this. Now take one soft towel and spray a bit on it. Don’t try applying the spray to the whole car at once.

Slowly rub it on the painted surface of the car. When the first coating is done, apply another coating with a bit more pressure. To have a long-lasting service you must keep the coating 24 hours to get a complete cure. If you have any atv or other vehicle you can also use this, see our selected top rated atv windshield

Is it worthy to apply Mothers CMX ceramic coating

Within this low-cost and excellent usability, Mothers CMX ceramic coating is definitely worthy to apply. You can purchase these ceramic sprays spending something from $15 to $20. The durability and professional-grade performance make it a worthy product to choose.


1. Can Mothers CMX ceramic be used on glass?

ans: No, Mothers CMX ceramic can't and shouldn't be used on glass as it is specially made for automotive paint finishes.

2. How to remove the CMX ceramic coating?

ans: By using alkaline liquids on the coated surface, one can remove the CMX coating.

3. How long does Mothers CMX ceramic coating last?

ans: One layer of coating can last for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. But double-layer coating will be a bit more.

4. Is Mother's ceramic spray applicable on windshields?

ans: Yes, Mother's ceramic spray is applicable on the windshield as it makes the surface clear and shiny to ensure high visibility.

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