Lund boat seats reviews with cost guides

When you are looking for foldable seat boats that offer optimal comfort throughout the whole trip, you can rely on Lund boat seats without any second thought. With quality seat and frame construction, these boat seats are always ready to replace your outdated boat seats.

Lund boat seats are also compatible with other brands' boats due to their top-class structure. After installing, Lund boat seats, the user doesn't have to worry about replacing them for long years. The durability definitely makes these seats worth choosing.

This article will cover everything about Lund boat seats and if you are looking forward to changing the backdated boat seat, continue reading.

Lund boat seats review

Features of Lund boat seats

While heading for a fishing trip, you need to ensure comfort, and there isn't any better solution than sitting on an ice fishing chair to ensure comfort. But you are still confused thinking about which brand you should purchase a boat seat.

Lund offers one of the best foldable boat seats in the market, and you should have a look at the features it offers.

  • The seats come with a foldable design.
  • The exterior has high-quality, marine-grade vinyl construction.
  • There is compression foam padding inside the seats.
  • Typically, the seats are UV and mildew-resistant.
  • They come with high-impact plastic frames.

These are the most common features of Lund boat seats. You are almost ready for fishing with a Frabill Fishing Net but not having a good time on the boat. However, Lund boat seats can provide the comfort that you are searching for with the compression foam padding seats.

Also, the seats have a marine-grade vinyl exterior design that enhances the lifespan. Even if you are fishing under extreme sunlight or the seat comes in connection with the sunray, it won't easily get damaged. The UV-resistant design will keep the exterior like it was before.

You might think the seats aren't the strongest ones as they have plastic frames. But the reality is that the makers used the highest quality, high-impact-plastic to build the frames that sometimes match steel frames' durability. So, there is no question about strength and durability.

One of the best sides of Lund boat seats is the foldable design because modern anglers look for this. The main advantage of these foldable seats is the portability, which becomes a lot easier. If you often change boats and take the same seat, you can easily fold it down and carry it with convenience.

There isn't much to worry about the installation of Lund boat seats because it comes with all necessary bolts to make the whole process hassle-free. The manufacturer includes necessary mounting screws that allow you to assemble the seat within minutes.

You will have a longer warranty service from the manufacturer as well, which is not so common in other brands. Typically, Lund boat seats come with six years of warranty on the frame and three years of warranty on the foam padding & coverings.

Review of Lund Fishing Boat Pro Ride Seat Genuine

Lund boat seats

It is a foldable seat from Lund to make your fishing trip more comfortable. The seat’s design makes it a preferable one for pro anglers. Let's have a quick look at the key features of this seat.

  • It is a foldable seat that comes without an armrest.
  • The manufacturer used marine grade on the exterior.
  • It is an OEM-grade boat seat.
  • It comes in a combination of grey and charcoal color.
  • There is compression foam padding on the seat and backrest.
  • The seat weighs around 14 pounds.

Well, the seat has the common features of Lund boat seats. The seat isn't that heavier to lift on the boat, and you should use a boat trailer step to make it a lot easier. Not having an armrest won't bother the users much as it offers a comfortable backrest for long-time fishing.

However, the OEM-grade construction ensures extra durability. It can also withstand rough weather conditions and is usable under extreme sunlight as well. The marine-grade exterior won’t let the quality of the seat fade away because of the UV-ray.

However, the combination of grey and charcoal color makes it ideal for most modern enthusiasts.

Is Lund boat seat worthy to buy

If you need quality with foldable design on boat seats, then Lund boat seats are definitely worthy to buy. People who often head out for short or long fishing trips need to ensure comfort while spending these long hours. But they can't purchase several boat seats for this.

This is why a foldable boat seat will come in handy for them as it offers excellent portability. However, it's tough to maintain the quality in a foldable seat and provide the same sort of comfort. But Lund has done a pretty good job in this field as well.

The blend of these two features makes Lund both seats worthy to buy and ensures comfort throughout the next fishing trip.

What’s the value of Lund boat seats

You might think that Lund boat seats are a bit costly compared to other foldable seats available in the market offering the same features. Even if you have to spend around $300 to $400 for a foldable seat, Lund has maintained their value in it.

Most foldable seats put importance on portability and compromise the quality. But seat from Lund comes ensuring both these things. It is a crucial thing to hold the value of their boat seats in the market and they did it well at the end of the day.

What things do you need to check out while buying Lund boat seats

The foldable design is the first and most crucial feature of Lund boat seats. However, there is something more you need to check out while buying these seats.

  • The seat should have heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl exterior construction.
  • It must have comfortable foam padding on the seat and backrest.
  • The plastic frame should be high-quality and durable.
  • It should include required mounting bolts for a quick and convenient setup.
  • UV-protected construction is a must for a longer lifespan.


1. Are Lund boat seats easy to transport?

Ans: Yes, Lund boat seats are easy to transport because of the foldable design.

2. Do Lund boat seats offer adjustable height?

Ans: No, Lund boat seats don’t offer adjustable height.

3. How to mount Lund boat seats?

Ans: It is easy to mount Lund boat seats using the mounting bolts that come in the package.

4. What warranty does Lund offer on its boat seats?

Ans: Lund offers six years of frame warranty and three years of padding warranty on its boat seats.

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