Lowrance vs. Humminbird vs. Garmin Ice Fish Finder

All the fish finders on the market seem to share the same characteristics. But you will realize the difference once you get into the real action.

When it comes to picking up the best fish finders from the market, the three most prominent brands that come to our minds are Lowrance, Humminbird, and Garmin. But which one do you think would dominate the others?

Well, we are to find out. Following the whole article from top to bottom will give you some sort of clarity to pick one particular device with full common sense. 

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Lowrance vs. Humminbird vs. Garmin

Comparison chart




Lowrance fish finders are a perfect device for ice fishing.

Humminbird is versatile with numerous fishing options.

Garmin will also deliver optimum service on lake and ice.

High-end imaging functions.

Best imaging function.

Moderate imaging function.

Lowrance is also popular for retaining its typical technologies.

Humminbird retains and develops its stereotype technologies.

Garmin uses the most advanced technologies.

The sonar system goes in the mid-level.

The sonar system goes deeper with the high-end frequency range.

The Garmin sonar system goes the mid-distance.

Lowrance fish finders are expensive.

Humminbird fish finders are expensive.

Garmin fish finders are budget-friendly.

Comparison between products

We have picked three different products from each brand to give you a glimpse of the quality of each brand. The three products we have brought for you are-

  1. Lowrance HDS LIVE 12 Fish Finder/Chartplotter
  2. Humminbird SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI+ G3 Fish Finder/GPS Chartplotter.
  3. Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv

Lowrance fish finder

Lowrance has been delivering quality marine equipment since 1957. A great thing about any prominent manufacturer is that they constantly develop their product. This is so true about Lowrance.

The typical side imaging and down imaging technology specifies the quality of Lowrance to a great extent. Furthermore, the inclusion of HD multifunction screen to the brand in 2008 revolutionized the brand’s impression to another level.

Lowrance has introduced convenient fish finding from remote places with their continuous CHIRP sonar technology. 

On top of that, the combination between the HD screen and 4G radar connections will deliver the most optimum performance while searching the location of fish from a remote place.

Lowrance HDS LIVE 12 Fish Finder/Chartplotter

The Lowrance HDS Live 12 fishfinder comes with a larger 12 inches display. You will get approximately 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions with this product. Besides, this one can deliver a CHIRP frequency up to 83/200 kHz. The traditional frequency rate of the Lowrance HDS Live 12 is up to 455/800 kHz.

One of the great reasons to go with this fish finder is its essential lake mapping capacity. Moreover, the powerful GPS functionality will hardly disappoint you with the quality.  You will also be able to connect the device to get the latest information with the device.

What are the drawbacks? Well, the Lowrance HDS fish finder is a little expensive than average fish finders.  But it is always worth going when you consider the quality of the products.


  1. The essential lake mapping feature.
  2. The signal goes deep underwater with the CHIRP and standard sonar option.
  3. The powerful GPS feature will always provide accurate information.


The price range is a little higher than the average fish finder.

Humminbird fish finder

 The Humminbird started its journey back in 1971.  While multifunctional HD screen is the ultimate sign of Lowrance, Humminbird will be in competition with the largest LCD screen. Humminbird is also the first to introduce the LCR screen, which later evolved to the LCD screen. 

On top of that, the inclusion of the 360-degree sonar technology will provide more versatility to your fish-finding process.

Moreover, the essential side imaging and down imaging technology will be handy to locate the fish position with proper dexterity.

If you are a fanatic about fishing, the Humminbird fish finder will always please you with all its high-end features. Humminbird IceTransducer also necessary for ice fishing.

Humminbird SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI+ G3 Fish Finder/GPS Chartplotter.

The hater of Humminbird is too nominal. It became possible only because of the dynamicity the brand ensures with most of their product. The Humminbird SOLIX 12 is an ideal example of the brand's quality.

This Humminbird fish finder will reach a great depth with the essential frequency level. Besides, the side-scanning capacity will make the device more suitable and dynamic in any kind of situation.

The Humminbird SOLIX 12 also supports CHIRP, Mega down imaging+, full mode, narrow mode, and many other features to deliver the most up-to-date information.

We also could not find any drawbacks for this product as well, except the price. You have to spend a decent amount of bucks for this product, too.


  1. Numerous frequency ranges.
  2. The scanner can detect position to a greater depth of underwater.
  3. SOLIX 12 also supports mapping.
  4. The larger HD screen with the essential resolution will always deliver the optimum experience.


SOLIX 12 also comes with a higher price range, forcing you to do some further thinking.

Garmin fish finder

Garmin is a multi-purpose GPS manufacturer that delivers quality devices for the marine and ground sectors. It is indeed true that Garmin appeared in the competition way later than Lowrance and Humminbird, but their recent technologies allowed the manufacturer to stay well alive. Garmin started its journey back in 1989. Garmin is right now bringing GPS devices for fishing, golfing, aviation, marine, and various other sectors.

One of the main reasons to try a Garmin fish finder is their ultimate advanced technology. Besides, they come in a very affordable price range. Garmin may not launch a large number of products on the market, but they always ensure quality with their smaller number of products. Another ice fishing most necessary item is Garmin Ice Transducer.

Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv

The Vivid 9sv comes with a medium 9 inches display with a resolution of 800x480. A great thing about this fish finder is that this one supports CHIRP, mid, and high-end frequencies simultaneously.

The easiest features included in this device will allow any user to understand the interface within a minute. The Vivid 9sv also supports side-scanning to deliver an optimum experience while searching the location of fish. 

Anyway, you will not be able to do any mapping through this device. If you prefer having a budget-friendly GPS device that will ensure quality, you can always keep your faith in Garmin.


  1. The Vivid 9sv delivers different modes with CHIRP, mid, and high-end frequency.
  2. The easier user interface will allow every user to understand the functions without any hesitations.
  3. This one comes with a budget-friendly feature.


The fish finder does not come with a mapping facility. Besides, the screen resolution is a little smaller a dimmer to make you a little unhappy.

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