Jet sled sizes chart

Choosing the right Jet sled size is crucial when you need to haul more loads and also want to use it for multipurpose. The length and the width are the main parts of a Jet sled one needs to consider while choosing the right size.

The length of Jet sleds ranges from 45 inches to 70 inches and the width ranges from 25 inches to 45 inches.

Also, the side height the jet sled comes with is a considerable factor while checking out the size.

The side height typically ranges from 8 to 12 inches. The bigger the Jet sled is, the more space you get to carry.

What is a Jet sled

What is a Jet sled

ice fishing Jet sled

A jet sled is an ice fishing portable storage tray, which is used to haul and move the required ice fishing tools. Whether the user is carrying the fishing components from his residence to the fishing spot on the ice, or he is transporting them from one spot to another spot on the icy surface, a jet sled can come in handy. 

The shape of the sled seems like a storage tray and it is indeed used for storing ice fishing components. But the specialty of these trays is that they can make the components move on the icy surface without creating any discomfort for the angler.

What size of Jet sled should one get

There are two things an angler needs to think about before choosing the right size of Jet sled for the next ice fishing trip. The first one is the number of tools he is going to haul in it and the second one is the space he has in the car for storing the sled.

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Size and number of components

There are quite a few components, an angler needs to take with him to the ice fishing spot including an ice auger, fishfinder, transducer, and so on. What size are these components and how many items he is carrying are the main considerable things before deciding the size.

If the number of items increases, he needs to choose a bigger size and a regular size will go well for carrying a moderate number of ice fishing tools.

Space in the vehicle

To take the jet sled to the fishing spot and work it as portable storage, he has to carry it to the spot first. And for this, he has to store it on the back of his car bed. While deciding the size, he needs to get assured about the space he has in the vehicle for the sled.

According to the length and width of the Jet sleds, there are basically three categories.

Small size

These are used for carrying the minimal number of components towards the fishing spot. Typically, the length of small-size jet sleds ranges from 45 to 55 inches. However, the width ranges from 20 to 25 inches typically, although some models have 30 inches of width as well.

Regular size

These are the most used Jet sleds for ice fishing because one can carry the required equipment for ice fishing on these jet sleds conveniently. The length of regular size jet sleds ranges from 60 inches to 65 inches and the width ranges from 30 to 45 inches.  

Large size

The giant size ones can carry some extra tools alongside the required ones, and some anglers love using this size for the carriage. The length of these jet sleds measures around 70 inches and the width remains the same as the regular-sized ones.

Jet sled size chart




Small jet sleds


45 to 55 inches


20 to 25 inches


8 to 11 inches

Regular jet sleds


60 to 65 inches


30 to 45 inches


12 to 13 inches

Large jet sleds


70 inches or more


30 to 45 inches


14 to 16 inches

What is Jet sled used for

Jet sled size

Jet sleds are used for transporting ice fishing-related components smoothly on icy surfaces. The design a jet sled has underneath offers efficient moving on the soft icy tracks. An angler can use it for transporting deer, decoys, firewood, fishing chair, net, traps except for the mandatory ice fishing components as well.

In the mandatory components list, the jet sled can hold an ice fishing finder, transducer, ice auger, etc. Through the use of jet sleds, the transportation of these equipment becomes a lot easier for the user. And it saves a lot of time to provide a lot more time in the fishing.

Benefits of using Jet sleds

Indeed, jet sleds are beneficial for ice fishing trips as they make transportation easier than ever. You might love to know the main benefits of this storage tray before making your mind to purchasing one.

  • Easy transportation: The main benefit is that the whole storage tray allows the user to transport his required ice fishing accessories easily and conveniently.  
  • Keep the accessories in one place: Transporting all the accessories in one place is possible when you haul them in the jet sled.
  • Saves a lot of time: The jet sled transports the accessories quickly to the fishing spot saving your valuable fishing time.

How heavy is a Jet sled

A jet sled shouldn’t be too heavy that makes it tougher for the user to slide it through the ice. The weight differs depending on the capacity it can hold and the capacity differs depending on the size. The weight of jets sleds can be as light as 6 pounds and as heavy as 40 pounds approximately.

  • Smaller jet sleds: The smaller ones weigh around 6 to 15 pounds.
  • Regular jet sleds: The regular or mostly used jet sleds weigh around 16 to 30 pounds.
  • Large jet sleds: The larger ones weigh the most, which goes up to 40 pounds.

What is Jet sled made of

The materials are very crucial as they must allow the jet sled to glide on the icy tracks smoothly. For ice fishing jet sleds, one should look for tough and rugged construction. And most jet sleds are made of thicker, strong and rugged polyethylene. On any icy conditions, it provides far better gliding than other materials.

Does a Jet sled offer versatility

The versatility means allowing the angler to use the jet sleds in various seasons. A simple jet sled with a black powder-coat finish won’t provide the versatility you are searching for. However, if the jet sled is designed with camouflage color, it will allow you to use the sled in deer season, duck season, and winter hunting. 

How a Jet sled works

There are mainly two methods of gliding a jet sled in icy conditions, pulling with your hands and hitching it to a snowmobile.

  • Pulling by hands: If the load isn’t so heavy, and the jet sled has a superbly rugged construction beneath, you can glide it on the ice by using your hands. As it needs the strength of the person, it’s not a favorable method for heavier loads.
  • Hitching with snowmobile: For heavier loads, gliding the jet sled through a snowmobile is an ideal option. It doesn’t put any pressure on the angler and transport the accessories efficiently as well.

Final words

A jet sled is definitely an essential component in an ice fishing trip. However, choosing the right size is a tough task as there are many available. So decide your requirements first and then choose the size of the jet sled.

Jet sled size chart

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