Strike Master Glide Lite Sled Review

To carry ice fishing accessories more conveniently to the fishing spot, Strike Master has made this glide lite sled. The sled does the job so efficiently that the angler doesn’t have to think of using another transporting method for this.

The proper sizing and the allotted spots in the sled allow the user to store every required accessory inside it. Also, he can glide it on the icy surface by attaching it to the snowmobile. So overall the transportation and storing is easier with the glide lite sled.

Strike Master Glide Lite Sled

What is glide lite sled

Glide lite sled is a portable storage tray that is used during ice fishing trips to transport the fishing accessories to the fishing spot with ease and it is manufactured by Strike Master. The most noticeable side of this sled is the different compartments designed in it for convenient storage.

Design of the glide lite sled

Whereas most ice fishing sleds come with a single compartment, it has separate compartments for various purposes. Now let’s talk about the design of the sled in detail.

Main compartment

In the front of the sled, there is a large compartment design for storing the main accessories of ice fishing. The large, front compartment of the sled is known as the main compartment. The angler will find the largest space for storing the larger fishing items here.

The compartment stores ice fish finders, flashers, transducers, cables, underwater cameras, and other fishing gears with an extra bit of efficiency. No matter, what icy conditions you are carrying these items, they will remain safe in here.

Rod holder

On the backside of the sled, there are rod holders included for easier access to the user. The sled is designed with five-rod holders. It allows the user to properly and safely store the rods in the back of the sled. Also, this separate compartment allows the user to get easier access to the rods when needed.

Holes for attaching the rope

The gliding becomes a lot easier here with rope holes design in front of the main compartment. However, the downside is that the sled doesn’t come including a rope in the package. So the user has to buy it individually.  

Removable seat cover

The seat covers included in the glide lite sled is removable. The seat covers are compatible with 5 or 6-gallon buckets. But there is another demerit some users will find because no bucket is included in the package. The angler needs to purchase a bucket depending on his need, but it must be 5 or 6 gallons.

What is glide lite sled made of

For gliding the glide lite sled on the ice or snow, it requires a sturdy and rugged construction. The manufacturing brand of this product is Strike master and they used rugged roto-molded body construction to design the sled. However, there are strong runners included underneath the glide lite sled.

The durability is what every ice fishers or anglers look for when it comes to the construction of the sled. The reason why it has to be durable is that it going to get some rough and tough pulling and gliding throughout the icy conditions.

And is not durable enough, the angler won’t have proper service from the sled and it won’t also provide long-lasting service. Again, if the sled rusts or gets damaged after a few use and he has spent his valuable dollars again to buy a new one wouldn’t be a nice thing.

How to glide lite sled works

The glide lite sled works by gliding on the ice or snow by the angler when loaded with ice fishing accessories. Two parts of the glide lite sled make it work conveniently on any icy tracks. These are the pulling rope and the gliding runners. Also, the user needs a bit of strength to pull it conveniently.

Pulling rope

 Although the glide lite sled doesn’t include any pulling rope in the package, it has holes to attach the rope and make the sled glide over the icy tracks. The structure of the rope should be durable and strong enough to withstand continuous pulling even when it is fully loaded.

Gliding runners

 The glide lite sled has runners underneath the base, which makes the gliding more efficient. The gliding runners are elevated 2 inches up to make the process convenient. When you pull the sled through the rope, the runner supports him along the snowy surface to move quickly.

It also releases a lot of pressure from the angler, who is using strength to make the sled move.

User’s strength

 The user’s strength is not a part of the glide lite sled, but is a crucial part when the angler starts gliding it. After holding the rope, he has to use his strength to glide the sled and take it to the destination.

How big is the glide lite sled

The glide lite sled is big enough to store and carry the necessary ice fishing accessories inside the sled with more convenience. The whole sled measures around 30 inches in length and around 15 inches in width. However, it has two different side heights on the front and the back.

The sled is around 7 inches high towards the front side and around 12 inches high towards the backside.

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How heavy is glide lite sled

­The glide lite sled doesn’t remain on the heavier side as it weighs only around 30 pounds. You might be thinking, regular sleds often weigh around 30 or less, so why isn’t this one heavy? The reason is regular sleds don’t have separate compartments like this.

And this one even after having a separate compartment and different design weighs the same as a regular sled.

Why should one use a glide lite sled

It isn’t the case that you are going ice fishing and that’s why you need this glide lite sled. Basically, Strike master has added some special things in the sled that offers anglers to use it.

Separate compartments

Most anglers love the glide lite sled from Strike Master because of having separate compartments. Unlike most ice fishing sleds, there is a front compartment, rod holders, and removable seat covers for buckets. All these are placed in separate spots of the sled making it easier to access for the user.

Easy gliding

Through the use of ropes as there are rope holes in front of the main compartment and the strong runners underneath offer easy gliding. Whereas most sleds require more strength from the user while pulling, it requires less because of having the runners.

Lightweight structure

Although the sled can carry a heavier load on the storage tray, it is not on the heavier side. The weight doesn’t bother the user to take it on the go whenever and however he likes. The weight only increases when you put something on it.

Enough stable

The rugged, strong, and durable construction makes the sled stable enough. In some circumstances, the sled has every possible chance to slide on the icy surface if it’s not stable. But nothing is going to happen with the glide lite sled.

Final words

After reading the whole review of the glide lite sled you might be thinking it is indeed useful equipment for ice fishing. And if it is, then don’t forget to add this as a mandatory accessory in the next ice fishing trip.

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