Eagle Claw Ice Rod/Accessory Case Ice Fishing user experience

Are you going on ice fishing? Do you have your gears organized? Here you get the most suitable case to ensure the job done, The Eagle Claw Ice Rod Accessory Case.

Ice fishing gear cases are important as in the ice these gears can be very messy and can get lost. Ice rods and reels are to be taken care of very intensively. And Eagle Claw Ice Rod and Accessory case with rod and reel combos can make you rely on it. Loads of positive reviews and the goodwill of this product won’t let you down. 

In winter, if you go on fishing without proper casing or protection, your instruments are about to get damaged. The basic tools for ice fishing, like, the auger, bucket, rod and reel combo, etc., are all about to get used in a while. The rod and reel combo cases are commonly used to protect your rod and reels and add some extra advantages to protect some more items.

There are dozens of rod and reel cases. Eagle claw ice rod, accessory case is one of the bang for buck products for your fishing. The case can hold up to 6 rods and reel combos at once. The small rods can be carried easily through this hard plastic case.

Eagle Claw Ice Accessory Case

Eagle Claw Ice Accessory Case reviews

Eagle claw ice rod/accessory case is the USA-made equipment safety box for your fishing rods and reels. It comes with a decent protective shape and size. Even for a professional angler, a good amount of 6 rods can be safely carried inside this case. The boxy shape is the reason you can stay assured of the preservation quality of your equipment. There’s more to it. You wanna know?


  1. Adjustable foam insert.
  2. Tow hinged latches.
  3. Can carry up to 6 rods.
  4. Four locking points.

The dimension of the case is 43*13.5*7 and, This minimalist size will allow you to pack it to the corner of your SUV’s back or tie it with lace right at the back of your ATV. The space of the inside of the box you probably guessed might be wrong. Though it seems less spacious it can hold up to 6 fishing rods with the reel combo. And still this will be able to hold the extra lures, hooks, or jigs. Isn't it surprising!

The foams that are inserted are adjustable. That way you can adjust according to your taste or necessity. You'll find more than one latch with good enough width. If the case falls the first time, your pieces of equipment won't come out.

There're four locking points to lock the case harder. When the case is tied properly, the pieces of equipment are less shaky. As a result, less damage shall happen to the angler's property.

The cons

This is not a leather case like a premium one, this is just a hard polycarbonate build case, cons aren’t that far beside the good parts. But the performance it serves to the anglers (Both beginners or Advanced) hides everything done wrong to it. Still, you should know the one or two things as cons of this widely popular fishing equipment case. These are,

1. Top lid doesn’t have a foam pad.

2. Loops could be bigger.

3. Plastic hinges.

The lack of a foam pad on the top lid might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. The loops are also not that large. But it does the work. The plastic hinges may make feel a bit cheap. But when you compare the case in the price range, you'll surely find yourself satisfied with what you paid for. One must notice each detail maintained in this product so nicely. And the touch of the adjustable foam should make you feel like doing the compartments with the best of your choice.

Should you buy the Eagle Claw Ice Rod/Accessory case?

Ice fishing is very calm and traditional fishing of all. But almost all the time it is done in very low temperatures. For this minimal temperature, the angler can drastically fall in the worst situation possible. Especially when the rod breaks. The equipment must need quality protection. The Eagle Claw ice rod/Accessory case can provide you with this quality protection. Thousand of positive reviews and the service it’s delivering to the anglers is undoubtedly praise worthy. There’s a lot of cases out there and you simply can choose any of them. But the reason to buy this particular one is the quality and the safety provided by the manufacturer keeping the hard circumstances in mind.

The pricing tag it comes with is another reason to buy. You'll find this product in Amazon shops at a reasonable price (May vary from time to time). At times, you can purchase the case with some extra discounts. That'll save some bucks from your wallet.

The rod is made of carbon or other hardened metal. The extremely low temperature can lead it to break if it gets shocked or drops down. The budget-best Eagle Claw Ice Rod/Accessory case with its adjustable foam does the handling. And the extra space it provides you, you can take some more reels, lures, or jigs along. The comfortable carrying and rocky shape give an identical look to the personality of the angler. And it makes the fishing more traditional and enjoyable.


1. How many combos can it hold?

Ans. You can carry up to 6 combos of rods and reels.

2. What if drops?

Ans. The two strong hinges and wide enough latches can hold your types of equipment for a single or two drops.

3. Is it the best one out there?

Ans. We certainly can't assure you it is the best. But we can hope with the minor lacks it can hold your expectation firmly.

4. How strong the build quality is?

Ans. The double-layer hard shell case can protect the rod and other items from extreme cool weather or a couple of drops.

5. What is the price of it?

Ans. The price is variable. The discounts aren’t that much around. But, if you can have your hand on it with some discounts, you are lucky enough to say 'CHEESE.

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