Coleman nxt 300 vs. 200: What is the main difference?

A portable stove is very much necessary for a picnic, road trip, rooftop party, and outdoor cooking. Colman nxt offers their movable cooker with the best producing materials and great design. The public is fond of using this manufacturer's company product for their outside cooking.

At present, the manufacturers sell various types of transferable pyres in the market. All the products of them can bring different benefits and drawbacks to the users. However, we select two signature products of Coleman nxt to provide their specifications, pros, and cons, costs with user experience.

Hence, people can select the best product for their outdoor cooking by knowing the comparisons of our selected items.

Coleman nxt 300 vs. 200

Coleman nxt 300 review

Buyers consider it a valuable cooker for use in open places. The design and structure of this item also bring positive things to the users. The production process is so accurate and one can expect to use it for a long period. Therefore, the satisfaction level of the public is normally high while using this outdoor cooker.


Manufacturer name


The model number of this product


Part number


Weight of this cooker

10 pounds

Package weight

‎56.65 Pounds

Dimension of this product

‎29 x 20.8 x 15.4 inches

Assembled Height

3.38 ft

Grilling space

321 sq.

Details description of Coleman nxt 300

The construction technology of this commodity is so good that users hardly find any errors. The production materials are of better quality. Coleman uses high-quality synthetic for making this. Besides, they also add some other additional ingredients with the main materials to boost up the durability.

Additional features of this product are also amazing. One can easily use it by folding the legs with each other and it gives a vertical shape for cooking. The grilling space is 321 sq. and it allows the chef to cook about 18 hamburgers at a time.


Sometimes people need to decrease the volume of heat while using it. This outdoor stove is capable of providing 20,000 BTUs per burner. This helps to cook food more quickly than other gas stoves. The side tables are also made of great quality. The manufacturer uses solid stainless steel to make these.


The assembling process is very easy and even kids can move this object because of having a handle and wheels. Therefore, the weight of this outdoor stove is not high. Therefore, people can use alternative sources of heat for completing cooking so quickly.

Size of the cylinder

Users also have the option for attaching 20 pounds tank with this but they need to pay for it. The manufacturer company offers a 16.9 ounce barbeque cylinder with it. Most people use customize cylinders for using it in their road trips and tour.

User experience

One can use Coleman next 300 so easily. There is no question about the process of assembling while closing or opening it. People can also use electricity for producing heat for the cooking surface.

Additional features

Some other features also make this product so demanding than others like; automatic lighting. People can also increase the level of fame on the cooking surface. That helps to cook for a very short period. Furthermore, the outlook of this outdoor cooking grill is also excellent.


People don't face any kind of major problem while using it for a long time. Though the manufacturer company offers 3 year warranty, people can use it more. Overall it will carry a great value to the users without any doubt.


  • Start through electricity.
  • Opportunity to add 20 pounds cylinder.
  • Produce heat so quickly
  • Worthy of price
  • Great lifetime.


Smaller cooking surface

Coleman nxt 200 review

It is one of the famous products of Coleman among the buyers. People all over the USA have enough faith in this item. Therefore, this product can prepare food for six to eight people. In addition to that, the cooking time is also reduced by using Coleman nxt 200.

Most importantly the user's experience of this product is better than Coleman nxt 300 in some specific circumstances. Nonetheless, people also have the chance to customize the way of cooking with this product. On top of that people also have the additional features for cooking fish in this.


Manufacturer name


The model number of this product




Material of this product


Country of origin


Weight of this cooker

0.15 kilograms

Package weight

‎64 pounds

Dimension of this product

‎29 x 21 x 16 inches

Part number




Grilling space

321 sq.

The specifications of Coleman 300 and 200 are almost the same. However, there have some major differences in their price, weight, and some features. Sometimes people get confused by seeing the almost same specifications on two products.

Description of Coleman nxt 200

There are not so many differences if we compare the quality and design of this product with Coleman nxt 300. Manufacture use good quality synthetic to make this and that can offer a long time service to the buyers.

There are some similarities between these two products as the manufacturer is the same. However, people prefer to Coleman nxt 200 over 300 for some specific reason. All the possible reasons are described below.


Most of the buyers choose Coleman nxt 200 rather than 300 because of its lightweight. The overall heaviness of this product is only .15 kg which is far lower than nxt 300 but gives satisfactory service to the users. People can lift the stove so much easier and carry it to remote places.


The cooker feels more comfortable finishing their task in nxt 200. The burners of this item can move independently and individuals can finish their cooking on time. Therefore, they also have the chance for setting the burners for cooking separate items.

Need low space

Though the dimension of this product is almost similar to nxt 300, it takes less space to cook. Anyone can set this at the small space there will be no problem for adjusting the volume of heat and doing other essential activities.


The Coleman nxt 300 offers almost the same service as nxt 200 but the price is higher for nxt 300. The manufacturer of this product is committed to offering the best service to their customer at a low price. Furthermore, people don't have any sort of complaints regarding the price.

The above points are the key differences between these two products. All the other facilities of these two commodities are the same in terms of heating capacity, cooking surface, wheels quality, durability, and so on.


  • Lightweight.
  • Price is comparatively low.
  • Assemble through a minute.
  • Easy to use.
  • Need less space


No grease tray

Final words

Both the products of Coleman are made with great engineering quality and better raw materials. People don't have to think much about comparing nxt 300 and nxt 200. The features and outlook of these two items don't have so many differences.

Therefore, there are some major distinguishes between these two commodities which are mentioned specifically. Afterward, the reader can also acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of Coleman nxt 300 and 200.  Overall it will be helpful for the buyers to select the best option.

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