Clicker Klik1U Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote review

Do you have two garages and finding it difficult to control both doors with two separate remote controls? Well, I have got a perfect solution for you as the Chamberlain introduces a universal garage door remote control.

It doesn’t matter, which brand of garage door you have because the controller works with any brand's door manufactured since 1993. The most astonishing feature of the remote controller is the dual controlling system. There are two controlling buttons on the remote.

You can either use it for two garage doors or use one for the garage door and another one for the home door. This article will cover everything you need to know about this remote control.

Clicker Klik1U Garage Door Opener Remote

What is a garage door opener remote?

A garage door opener remote is the same thing used to open your car door. The only difference, this remote is used to open the garage door. It means the device used to open up a garage door without touching it manually by a simple click on a button is called a garage door opener remote.

There are some inside functions that allow the garage door to open by a simple press.

  • There is a radio transmitter in the remote itself that sends a signal.
  • The door has a built-in receiver unit to receive the signal.
  • By pressing the button, a radio signal goes to the door and the door opens.

However, there are two things you need to ensure before making the remote controller and door opener work.

  • There must be electricity in the working area unless the remote won't send a signal and the opener won't receive.
  • The distance between remote and opener should be within a moderate range according to the user manual.

And clicker has implemented two buttons in one remote control, which allows the user to have double functions.

Features of Clicker Klik1U Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

It is a dual-button universal garage door opener remote from Chamberlain. It is easy to operate two doors at a time and this features itself is enough to make it an appropriate choice for modern people. This remote controller offers something more that you might love to know.

  • It is compatible with almost every garage door from any manufacturer.
  • It uses smart learn technology for programming and frequency recognition.
  • There are built-in visor clips and an indicator light available.
  • It measures 1.05 by 8.5 by 4.7 inches.

Design: From the size measurement, you have already known that it is a compact remote control device. It weighs only 3.2 ounces, which makes it a lightweight device as well. It is rectangular and has a black matte finish on the surface.

There are two buttons side by side, which allows controlling two door openers or frequencies at a time. These buttons are grey in color, unlike the remote surface. You will also find a built-in visor clip and an indicator light that shows a signal when it’s transmitting.

Programming: The manufacturer has included clear and simple instructions to let the user easily program the device. With the smart learn technology, programming the remote control with the door opener becomes much convenient. Having two controllers, it is now possible to have control on two different doors at the same time.

Functionality: The remote control can function with any garage door openers from renowned brands. So you don’t have to think about the opener you have. It functions through to side by side switches or buttons, which gives secure and convenient access inside the garage.

Battery: It is a battery-powered remote control device and it requires one CR2 battery. However, the good thing is that the manufacturer has included the battery with remote control. So you don’t have to spend extra dollars on it.  

How to Program Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

When the remote control is in your grab, you are ready to open the garage door with a simple press. But what procedure do you need to follow to program this remote?

  • Press the program button first and let the LED light flash.
  • Then press the learn button and the LED on the door opener will flash.
  • Press the remote’s button and the door opener’s LED will say lit.
  • Press the remote's button once more.
  • The LED of the door opener will then go out and the door will open.

Compatibility with different brands

One of the best sides of this remote control device is the universal compatibility. According to the manufacturer, the device is built to work with almost every garage door from any brand. The only thing you need to ensure is that the garage door opener should be manufactured after 1993.

This Clicker universal remote is compatible with most renowned brands garage door openers and here’s a list of them.

  • Genie
  • Linear
  • Stanley
  • Overhead Door
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Craftsman
  • Chamberlain
  • LiftMaster.

If you own a door opener from any of these brands, which are manufactured after 1993, there is nothing you need to worry about.

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Advantages of Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

Many people things opening a door automatically through a remote are nothing but luxury. But there are some advantages, which you won’t find in manual garage door openers.

  • It allows you to have control over two doors at the same time.
  • It is easy to use and program.
  • You can open up the door conveniently when you are in hurry.
  • It keeps the vehicle safe from theft.
  • The door automatically closes without needing you to come out of the car.
  • At night, the illuminating lights on the door come in handy.
  • This automatic door system doesn’t require much maintenance.

Is the remote worth buying

If you think it’s only a luxurious thing, I would say it’s not an expensive one to buy. You need to spend only around 50 bucks to have this universal remote control in your grab. In this price range, the features it offers it definitely praiseworthy.

It lets the user control two doors from a single device at the same time. The programming of the device is also easy to program following instructions included. So what more do you need in such a price range? Without any doubt, this remote is worth buying for those who want extra security in the garage.

Why Clicker Universal remote doesn’t work

There are several common reasons why your Clicker Universal remote might not work.

  • The most common reason is the dead battery.
  • If there is any kind of corrosion inside the remote.
  • If you are standing outside of the frequency range.
  • Without electricity, it won’t work.
  • If someone closed the door manually.


  1. What battery does the remote use? 

The remote uses a CR2 lithium cell battery, which is included in the package.

2. How to get the battery out from the remote? 

Put your thumb on the arrow designed below the button and pull it downward.

3. Is the remote usable as a gate opener? 

Yes, the remote is usable as a gate opener alongside a garage door opener.

4. Is it a waterproof remote? 

As there is no information regarding this from the manufacturer, it is better to keep it away from water.

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