What size ATV for 8-12 years old?

The average dimension (L x W x H) of a youth ATV is around 60 X 35 X 36 inches. Youth ATVs are the preferable category for kids under 12 years of age. Almost every current manufacturer tends to bring an ATV lineup for the youth category.Kids under 12 years of age require enough protection … Read more

What to wear while ATV mudding?

A true ATV enthusiast does not fear the mud. They love to take the ride to another level by riding on the deep mud. But driving on the wet dirt can give you hard trouble if you do not equip yourself with the necessary gears.Mud riding is all about keeping yourself dry and warm. The … Read more

Best ATV riding goggles reviews 2022

It is obvious to get interrupted with dirt, mud, debris while you are out for an extreme off-road ride. But you can ensure protection from these things from the best ATV goggles reviews. The high-grade lenses of these goggles are mostly scratch-resistant and also impact-resistant. Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Goggles also features an anti-fog … Read more

ATV Battery Types (voltage, amp) With Battery Size

There are several types of batteries used in ATVs like lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and gel cell batteries. Before using one of these batteries, it is necessary to check out the compatibility of the vehicle. Mostly 12 volts size batteries are used in ATVs and 2 amps is the suitable range for charging … Read more

Best ATV riding gloves for all-weather reviews 2022

ATV gloves that are made of extra-thick, well, cushioned, leather are great for winter or snowy roads. However, a racer needs to handle the vehicle efficiently with the hands and the gloves need to be flexible for this. So less thick neoprene is the right material for this.You will find a detailed discussion about the … Read more

Best ATV windshield with Top brands reviews 2022

It becomes difficult to ride on the ATV comfortably when there is extreme wind around you. Your hands become freeze because of the cold wind and the snow, mud, dirt or insects are always disturbing the ride. All these problems have one common solution and that is installing a windshield on your ATV.In this Best … Read more

ATV winch cable or rope – which is better

Both winch cable and rope is better in their fields, so there’s no clear winner of this clash. It will be appropriate to answer depending on the user’s preference. If the user wants to use the winch rarely and also ready to spend a large amount, then winch rope is the right option. However, for … Read more

Best ATV battery charger and maintainer review 2022

You need to recharge your ATV’s battery properly and maintain the charge for having a nice, long trip. But only a quality battery charger can make your journey smooth. The chargers are compatible with lead-acid, lithium-ion and some other batteries. They sometimes have LED indicators and most of them come with automatic float mode.In this … Read more