What is better : Can-Am or Polaris? With Comparison chart

The rivalry between Can-Am and Polaris is ongoing for more than 70 years. Yet, it is still hard to determine the best among these two brands. The Polaris lover would claim that Polaris is the best item to have, whereas the Can-Am lover will always backup Can-Am.

In this article, we will try to remain neutral to find out the best among these two. You just need to be a disinterested observer to find out the appropriate meaning. That is what we will try to be in this article. First of all, let us begin with the history of rivalry between Polaris and Can-Am

Can-Am vs polaris atv

Can-Am and Polaris: History of Rivalry

Can-Am first started its journey as a motorcycle brand in early 1972. The manufacturer first launched its all-terrain vehicle in 1998. After that, it has never stopped making people please with numerous ATV, UTV, side-by-side, and motorcycle lineups.

On the contrary, Polaris started its journey as a snowmobile manufacturer in 1954. The company first released its snowmobile in 1955. Gradually, it introduced the consumers to various ATV, motorcycle, and side-by-side vehicles.

For more than 70 years, these two manufacturers are creating extreme hype among the consumers. Both the manufacturer is a brand of emotion for many of its consumers. You would notice people bargaining all the time to prove their products' worth. Truly speaking, both the manufacturer tends to produce the equivalent product. You would notice slight differences between them. We are here to clear out all these distinctions. Let us dive deeper.

What is better?

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We will find the answer in the later section of this article. For now, let us dissect some of the essential characteristics that everyone would look at while purchasing a product from these manufacturers.

Speed: while buying an ATV, UTV, or a side-by-side vehicle, one of the essential things that everyone looks at is speed. What do you think? Which brand delivers more speed? Truly speaking, you can expect a little more speed from the Can-Am. We have tested some popular ATVs from both brands to determine the ATV speed.  In most cases, Can-Am will remain a little ahead of Polaris.  Although this is true for most cases, some of the Sportsman ATV can surpass Polaris to a great extent. Who is the winner here then? Well, arguably it is Can-Am. Don't lose your hope Polaris lovers. We have got something for you, too.

Price: You may love having a product, but you may not love the price. You may not buy a product because of the price. Sportsman ATVs are more affordable than Can-Am. When the price is a concern, Polaris will be the easiest winner. Indeed Can-Am ATVs come with decent features, but they cost you a decent amount too. Affordable should not mean devoid of quality. Polaris ATVs ensure high-end features with an affordable price to make their consumers happy.

Suspension: Suspension is what makes the riding more enjoyable. It absorbs the impact to ensure a smooth riding experience. With industry-leading smart Shox technology, Can-Am will ensure a smooth feeling in any bumpy terrain. On the other hand, a sportsman ATV will use FOX shocks to reduce the impact. Which one is more convenient? Well, we need to keep Can-Am a little ahead of Polaris. The most recent models of Can-Am have better suspension mechanisms than Polaris.

Engine efficiency: Well, this section will be a draw. Both Polaris and Can-Am tend to ensure enough engine efficiency to keep you going on the terrain. The perfect CC level and horsepower production will give you the freedom to accelerate your speed and pace according to the environment. When you are talking about engine capacity, both manufacturers tend to come with the equivalent engine. Whatever brand you choose, this section will give you less pain in the longer run.

Horsepower production: Some of the most recent Can-Am lineups like Maverick Max tend to generate more horsepower than most Polaris lineups. More horsepower means better acceleration. Can-Am will remain slightly ahead in this section too. Some of the Polaris ATVs undoubtedly provide better acceleration with better horsepower, but Can-Am will remain ahead on average.

Weight: a bulky weight always creates problems while riding on extreme terrain. A lighter body is neither ideal. A balance between the engine capacity and body is the perfect way to choose better ATVs. What do you think? Who is the winner of this section? Polaris it is. Yes, Sportsman ATVs will come with a decent weight ratio. Don't bargain here Can-Am fans. We didn't say that Can-Am is bulkier. It's just the typical comparison.

Length: Can-Am will be the winner of this section, too. You can expect to get larger space with Can-Am lineups. An equivalent Can-Am model will be 5 to 10 inches larger than the Polaris model. A larger space means more facilities. Can-Am lover can pat yourself on the back.

Comfort and stability: let us talk about comfort and stability. We will not disappoint any brand in this section. With enough features and technologies, both Polaris and Can-Am will ensure stability and comfort.

Extra storage: An ATV is not for excitement only. You can use it in multiple productive works. An additional storage system allows you to use the vehicle in different chores. If you want a better storage system, which brand do you think will ensure better storage? We are sorry, but Can-Am will be the winner here, too.

Tires:  convenient tires mean better control over the vehicle in the rough place. Both Can-Am and Polaris will provide high-quality tires to provide enough traction on bumpy surfaces. That is why we have marked this section as a draw, too.

Comparison chart









Engine efficiency


Horsepower production






Comfort and stability


Extra storage




Who is the winner?

Among ten different features, Can-Am has won five individually. On the other hand, Polaris has won two places. The rest of the four places came out to be a draw. This seems like Can-Am has won by remaining slightly ahead. This should be the reality all the time. Some Polaris products will remain far ahead of Can-Am. This is the typical comparison to give a little insight.

Final words

We have already said that both the manufacturers tend to produce equivalent products. If any product remains a little higher than others, it would be because of a little marginal difference.  We always encourage people to discern the necessities first. As a result, you will be able to make a more precise decision. Finally, we want you guys to keep going with the arguments. That is what makes you a true lover.

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