Best kinetic and solar wind spinners for your yard and garden 2023

Decorating the backyard or your garden with a wind spinner can be a great idea indeed. For this, you should select from the best kinetic and solar wind spinners for your yard and garden reviews. The wind spinners included in the list can produce double direction movement.

They can also collect the sunlight and store it, then transform it into electricity for lighting up your garden at night. SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner obtains the top position in the list, and there are plenty more. But you must also not miss the buying guide section for selecting the right product.

If you want some excellent decoration in your garden, I think you will regret, if you skip the wind spinners I have included in the list.

Best wind spinner

Are wind spinners beneficial?

Wind spinners are nice decorative objects in your backyard and garden. As a user, you might want to know whether installing these spinners is beneficial or not. And as a user like you, yes, it is beneficial indeed.

  • A nice ornament for the garden: As it is a decorative object, it will work as an ornament to your garden. It will extend the beauty of the garden by its twisting, spinning nature.
  • Lights up your garden even in low light: Solar panel wind spinners will save the sunlight and emit it as LED light during the night, which will ultimately light up the garden's whole environment.
  • Saves your trees and fruits from birds: You can keep the fruits from the bite of birds and also not let them create their nests in the garden by setting up a few wind spinners.
  • Attractive to kids: Kids might find these spinners attracted and instead of going away, they will love to play in their backyard. This also provides a great relief to the parents.
  • One site is similar to kinetic wind spinner and sundial clock set up in the backyard.

Difference between kinetic and normal wind spinner

Although it looks likes normal and kinetic wind spinners are the same, but they are actually not. Normal wind spinners come with a single bearing, which only offers movement in one direction. However, kinetic wind spinners come with double bearings. This allows the movement of the spinner into opposite directions.

The blades of the spinner can be designed on the same side or opposite sides. There are two bearings used for both bearings. When the wind blows, the blades move in the opposite direction of each other. They might also produce a 360-degree movement if there is a third bearing.

Best wind spinners

1. SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner (best solar)


Brand: SteadyDoggie

Weight: 4 pounds

SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner

This wind spinner from SteadyDoggie is a wonderful addition to your garden as it lights up at night by changing the jewel's color tone. It is not only a Solar wind spinner but also a kinetic one as it has dual wind motion with solid metallic construction. The solar panel of the wind spinner converts the sunlight into electricity and it provides ambient color-changing LED lighting at night.

The wind spinner measures 8 by 14 by 75 inches. Moreover, it comes with a stability stake at the base that makes it stand strong even in rough windy conditions. The wind blades of the spinner have a bronze brush-coated finish. The crackle glass balls are 3.5 inches in diameter and sit well between the two tiers of the blades and provide up to 8 hours of lighting.

Key Features

  1. Dual motion
  2. Solid metallic construction
  3. Bonze brush coated finish spinning blades.
  4. The glass balls are 3.5 inches in diameter.

2. Flybold Kinetic Wind Spinner (best kinetic)


Brand: Flybold

Weight: 10.7 pounds

flybold Kinetic Wind Spinner

Add additional beauty to your garden by installing this kinetic wind spinner from Flybold. As the name indicates, the spinner comes with a double blade with double bearings. This helps the spinner to produce spin by the two blades in opposite directions simultaneously. However, the entire blade assembly rotates 360 degrees around the axis of the spinner. The blade is 22 inches in diameter and it is 84 inches long.

Again, there are three-pronged bases, which are 10 inches long and they remain stable even under heavy windy conditions.  The thicker base frame carries a load of double blades without any chances of bending. It will operate at low wind speed because of the low friction bearings. The blade is designed with water and rust-resistant paint coating.

Key Features

  1. The entire blade assembly rotates 360 degrees
  2. Low friction bearings
  3. Water and rust-resistant paint coating
  4. Three stable, pronged bases.

3. Stanwood Wind Sculpture: Large Kinetic Copper Dual Spinner (most expensive)


Brand: Stanwood Wind Sculpture

Weight: 40 pounds

Stanwood Wind Kinetic Copper Dual Spinner

Stanwood Wind Sculpture used heavy-duty construction to build this kinetic wind spinner. They used pure copper and brass for the construction. Compared to our top products, this is a much heavier one. The dual bearings offer the movement of both the spinners in opposite directions. It has low friction bearings that offer movement on a slight breeze.

The ball bearing of the spinner is made of stainless metal and it is covered by brass hardware. The spinner head of it measures 36 inches in diameter and the whole sculpture is 9 feet long, which is definitely a larger one. There is a third bearing included in the spinner, which allows the spinner to swivel at 360 degrees.

Key Features

  1. Pure copper and brass construction
  2. Stainless metal ball bearing covered with brass hardware
  3. The third bearing offers 360 degrees swivel.
  4. The spinner head is 36 inches in diameter.

4. Bits and pieces Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner


Brand: Bits and pieces

Weight: 7.5 pounds

bits and pieces Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner

Light up your garden at night with the colorful tulip from Bits and pieces. This tulip wind spinner is designed with two nice metal petal tiers. Both these metal petal moves into opposite directions as there are dual bearings in the spinner. The petal measures 27 inches in diameter. Moreover, there is a solar glass ball situated just in the middle of the petal.

This solar glass ball measures 3 inches in diameter and emits colorful lights at night. Under the sunshine, it converts the sunlight into electricity and produces light at night. The spinner is 74 inches tall. Also, there is a powder-coated fork to securely place the spinner on the ground and it is 10 inches tall.

Key Features

  1. Two tiers of metal petals
  2. 3 inches solar glass ball in the middle of petals
  3. Dual bearings lets movement in both directions
  4. 10 inches powder-coated fork.

5. MAGGIFT 57 Inch Solar Wind Spinner with Metal Garden Stake



Weight: 2.8 pounds

This wind spinner from MAGGIFT features two colorful tier blades and they use solar power to shine at night. The wind spinner is made of durable metal. The manufacturer has used bright and rust-resistant paint on it. The blade measures 12.6 inches in diameter and is 57 inches in length.

Moreover, a colorful LED crackle glass ball is secured at the middle of the blade, which emits colorful lights for up to 8 hours. The spinner has a high-quality waterproof solar panel and each solar panel includes an AA 600 mAh NIMH rechargeable battery. There is an on/off switch behind the solar panel and it needs to be turned on before the panel starts receiving energy from sunlight.

Key Features

  1. 12.6 inches diameter two colorful tier blades
  2. Made of durable metal
  3. An LED crackle glass ball
  4. Waterproof solar panel.

6. Fonmy Stainless Steel Wind Spinner


Brand: Fonmy

Weight: 14.8 ounces

It doesn't matter if you use it indoors or outdoors, this wind spinner from Fonmy will provide you a nice 3D view in all conditions. It is made of durable stainless steel material. The manufacturer has used laser cutting technology to provide the spinner a vivid shape and thus they also make it flexible and strong.

It is designed with reflective gilt powder materials, which provides a sparkling, captivating, and magical 3D vision. It is a hand-made wind spinner and has an epoxy protective coating, which makes it weather and rust-resistant. There is a hanging hook on top of the spinner, which swivels in breezy conditions. Moreover, it is easy to open that lets you hang it anywhere you like conveniently.

Key Features

  1. Used durable stainless steel material
  2. Laser cutting technology for vivid shape
  3. Hand-made spinner has an epoxy protective coating on
  4. A swivel hanging hook.

7. Bits and Pieces - Magnificent Jupiter Wind Spinner


Brand: Bits and Pieces

Weight: 14 pounds

Bits and Pieces designed this wind spinner with blades on both sides. There are two bearings with both blades, which let the blades spin in opposite directions after meeting windy conditions. This two-way kinetic wind spinner is made of weather-proof metal. The blades are colorful and measure 22 inches in diameter.

It has a powder-coated steel stake built-in, which provides a sturdy setup in the ground and it is 67 inches long. However, the manufacturer has also added an 11 inches fork at the bottom of the spinner, which makes it sturdier. You can use it as an excellent decorative thing in your garden, without worrying more.   

Key Features

  1. The spinner is made of weather-proof metal.
  2. Colorful 22 inches diameter double blades
  3. Powder-coated 67 inches steel stake
  4. Sturdy 11 inches fork.

8. Decoroca Kinetic Wind Spinners Outdoor Wind Catchers


Brand: Decoroca

Weight: 9.3 pounds

This wind spinner from Decoroca is a wonderful addition to your garden as its blades are designed with a combo finish of paint and foil. The manufacturer has ensured this colorful combo finish is long-lasting. It comes with solid metal construction with easy spinning copper blades. The spinner can operate even in low windy conditions as it is designed with premium low friction bearings.

The dual ball bearing allows the blades to move in opposite directions and also 360 degrees of swivel. The blade is 20 inches in diameter and the whole spinner is 72 inches long, where 21 inches is adjustable. It also comes with a thicker base frame with three-stage splicing. There are three-pronged bases, which ensure stability even under rough windy conditions.  

Key Features

  1. Blades designed with combo finish of paint and foil
  2. Copper blades with solid metallic construction
  3. Premium low friction bearings
  4. The three-pronged base for stability.

9. In the Breeze Baby Bug Butterfly Wind Spinner


Brand: In the Breeze

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Let your kids have fun by setting up this butterfly wind spinner from In the Breeze in his/her garden. The spinner includes six colorful wings and you need to insert all of these wings into allotted holes of the rotating hub, The wings are made of polyester fabric and they are stain, mildew, and UV resistant.

The colorful wings included in the set measures 12 inches in diameter when it is spanned, and the butterfly's body measures 17 inches. The manufacturer has added a fiberglass pole with the body for a stable setup on the ground and it is also 17 inches tall. You can also use high-strength glue to secure the wings on the hub.  

Key Features

  1. Includes six colorful wings
  2. Made of polyester fabric
  3. There is a 17 inches fiberglass pole.
  4. Easy to assemble.

Buying guide: You should never skip

There are a few crucial factors, which you should consider before choosing to buy any wind spinner. Go through this section for a clearer idea.

yard wind spinner

Ensure the quality

 The quality of the spinner is ensured when you buy one with features like weather-resistant, water-resistant and rust-proof. Metallic wind spinners are great for providing durability and ensure quality. These metallic spinners are mostly constructed with copper and have a powder-coating finish to ensure resistance from rust. However, there are wind spinners made of plastic, polyester, and even wood.


 A kinetic wind spinner must have double bearings and sometimes triple bearings. The double bearings allow the blades to move in opposite directions simultaneously. If there is a third one, that will produce 360-degree swivel movement of the blade. It is great to have low-friction bearings to create movement even in a gentle breeze.

LED lights

 A solar wind spinner comes with a solar panel, which converts the sunlight to electricity and emits colorful lightings at night. The LED lights are typically placed at the middle of the blade as crackle glass balls and they produce various lightings.


 The spinner you are buying must have a heavy-duty, strong stake or pole with it. The length of the pole is not a factor, but the strength is. Three-pronged stakes will go on well for ensuring stability. However, it should also have a fork designed for added stability.

Size of the wind spinner

 The size can be divided into a few categories. The blade typically measures from 12 inches to 36 inches in diameter. Then, if there are LED glass balls attached in the middle of the blade, they will be around 2/3 inches in diameter. Again, the pole or stake measures 57 to 108 inches long. And if there is a fork included with the stake, it will measure 10/11 inches typically.

Color and design

 There are several designs of wind spinners, and the last choice depends on your preference. However, the color is defined by the color of the blades and also the color produced by the LED lights at night.

Easy to assemble

 Last but not least. The spinner should be easy to assemble. Some come pre-assembled and those which don’t should include detailed instruction for easier assembling.

What does a solar wind spinner offer

kinetic wind spinner

A solar wind spinner provides a great view of the spinner even in the night sky and enlightens your garden. It is equipped with a built-in solar panel, which collects the sunlight and transforms it into electricity. The solar wind spinner has a glass ball installed in the middle of the blade, which is used as LED light and lighting up equipment.

The LED light produces various types of lights, which creates an excellent mood in your garden when the sun is down. Most solar-powered wind spinners LED lights glow up to eight hours or a bit more.

What about the cost of wind spinners

A wind spinner's cost depends on the materials used to construct, the features it offers, and the design mainly. Summing all these things together, the cost ranges from as low as $20 up to $160. It might cost you a bit more it includes LED glass lights.

Moreover, metal-constructed wind spinners are a bit pricier than plastic or polyester ones. Again, to ensure a sturdy and strong installation, you need to spend some more money than average. Now, you need to decide which type of wind spinner is compatible with your garden and then purchase it.

Concluding words

In conclusion, I would suggest you guys purchase wind spinners if you want to decorate the garden and look for a solar wind spinner for a more excellent view even at night. Also you can buy kinetic spinner for more fun for your backyard.

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