Best Traffic Cones Reviews 2022

There are numerous numbers of vehicles plying on the road daily and it’s a very crucial thing to maintain the safety on the roads of the pedestrians. There are several types of equipment and measures to ensure safety on the road and also increase it. And among them, traffic cones are very much important.

So I have come with a review of the nine best traffic cones and the list starts with Sunnyglade 15.5 inch Collapsible Traffic Cones. Don’t forget to read the specifications of the other products and the buying guide to purchase the right type of cones for your use.

Best Traffic Cone

What is a traffic cone and why it is needed

A traffic cone is typically a cone shape marker that is used in the road to temporarily redirect the traffic more safely. Expect in the roads or footpaths you can use this thing in other places to control the flow of the crowd and maintain the safety.

It is mainly used to ensure the safety of a particular spot, road, or wherever you are using it. To inform people about any hazardous situation you can use it. These cones are also used in fields during practice sessions. The different colors of traffic cones indicate their different uses.

Best Traffic Cone

1. Sunnyglade 15.5 inch Collapsible Traffic Cones


Brand: Sunnyglade

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. High visibility
  2. Collapsible design
  3. Large bottom for sturdiness on the road
  4. The interior is made of superior PP with seven collars.

You can see the presence of these collapsible traffic cones from Sunnyglade standing from 800 feet away. It is a pack of four cones and all of them come in brilliant fluorescent orange color that makes them visible from any angle and even at night. The manufacturer has used two high-intensity grade silver reflective bands to increase visibility.

The cones are collapsible and they collapse down to 1.38 inches for providing easy storage. The maximum height of these cones is 15.5 inches. The cones firmly grip the road with the sturdy and thicker bottom. The bottom of these cones measures 9.8 by 9.8 inches. The interior of them is made off superior PP that comes with seven collars. So you can use them in both hot and cold conditions on the road.

2. Cortina EZ Grab Delineator 45"


Brand: Cortina

Weight: 26 pounds

Key Features

  1. They measure 45 inches
  2. Two high-intensity reflective stripes of each delineator
  3. Made of 100% impact-resistant polyethylene
  4. They are UV-resistant.

Grab and easily set up these road safety blockers from Cortina. It is a set of two delineators. Each of them is tall in length as they measure 45 inches. They are lightweight products, so you will not find any difficulty to carry them wherever you like.

The delineators are made of 100% impact-resistant polyethylene. On the surface of them, you will find two high-intensity reflective stripes on each delineator. The orange color makes it visible to the pedestrians from far away. They will stand sturdy on the road because of their strong base and as they are UV-resistant, you don’t need to worry about using them in extreme sunshine.

3. Honeywell 18" Orange Traffic Cone


Brand: Honeywell Retail

Weight: 0.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. Premium quality polymer traffic cone
  2. It comes in a bright fluorescent orange color
  3. High density, a weighted base
  4. There is a hole on the top.

Grab this premium quality polymer traffic cone from Honeywell Retail that is durable and long-lasting. You can use it even in rough weather conditions as it is weather resistant. It comes in bright florescent orange colors that create high visibility in the traffic and you can have a safer journey. The color of this cone will not fade away as it has a UV stabilization system.

The cone is made of plastic and it has a high density, weighted base. This strong, sturdy base ensures the cone doesn’t knock over or blow away. Besides, the flexible and semi-soft material rebounds from impacts to remain upright. There is a hole on the top that is designed for convenient finger grip and carrying. It comes to you after meeting all the specifications of MUTCD.

4. Work Area Protection 18PVCS Polyvinyl Chloride Standard Traffic Cone (cheap)


Brand: Work Area Protection

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is made of polyvinyl chloride
  2. It comes in bright fluorescent orange
  3. Flow molded base
  4. It can resist heat up to 160 degrees.

If you are looking for a cheaper traffic cone with the same sort of high visibility on the road as the expensive one, you should grab this one from Work Area Protection. It is made of Polyvinyl chloride and comes with a flow-molded base. The anti-fade, fluorescent orange color makes it visible to the pedestrians from far away.

The broad base of the cone ensures it will stand on the road with enhanced sturdiness and it measures 11.375 inches in diameter. Besides, it is heat resistant and it can resist heat up to 160 degrees. You will get permanent stenciling in it and there are 4 inches VSB reflective collars designed on the surface.

5. CJ Safety 28" Premium PVC Traffic Safety Cones


Brand: CJ Safety

Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The cones are made off premium PVC
  2. They are durable and flexible
  3. Heavy-duty rubber base to withstand the windy conditions
  4. Comes in a fluorescent orange color with two high intensive reflective collars.

If you are worried whether the traffic cones you are using capable of withstanding the windy conditions on roads, then CJ Safety has come to you with a pack of six cones that has this capability. All the cones included in the pack are made off premium PVC. They are quite durable and flexible to use in all weather conditions.

The fluorescent orange color of these cones provides visibility day or night. It has two high intensive reflective collars, which are 6 inches and 4 inches. The heavy-duty rubber base ensures a strong and sturdy position on the road. All of these cones come to you meeting the specifications of MUTCD.

6. Cortina Green Traffic Cone


Brand: Cortina

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. 36 inches traffic cone
  2. It comes with all PVC construction
  3. It has two reflective collars designed on the surface
  4. High-density black color base for maximum stability.

This 36 inches traffic cone from Cortina is great for using on the traffic roads. You can buy it in a single piece or a pack or two, three, or four depending on your need. The cone is made off all PVC construction and it ensures that you can use it in any weather condition,

You don’t need to worry about its durability or flexibility. On the green color surface, two reflective collars are 6 inches on the upper side and 4 inches on the lower side. The high-density black color base creates a low center of gravity to ensure maximum stability on the road. It comes to meet all the specifications of MUTCD.

7. TUFFIOM 6Pcs Safety Traffic Cone



Weight: 10 pounds

Key Features

  1. Comes with dazzling red color and reflective features
  2. Made of high-quality PVC
  3. They are impact resistant
  4. The square base design ensures high stability.

Whether you are looking for some eye-catching color traffic cones or not, I would love to suggest to you this pack of six cones from TUFFIOM. The dazzling red and color and the reflective features of these cones make them highly visible to the pedestrians on the road even from a far distance.

All the cones included in the pack are made of high-quality PVC and this high-grade construction makes them durable and lightweight at the same time. Besides, they are impact resistant. They are difficult to turn over or blown down by wind because of the square base design that ensures high stability. All the cones are 28 inches tall in length.

8. Fragraim 12 Inch Traffic Training Cones


Brand: Fragraim


Key Features

  1. The cones are made of heavy-duty low-density polyethylene vinyl
  2. Each of them measures 12 inches in height and 6.7 inches in diameter
  3. Four holes are designed for attachment
  4. Lightweight and easily portable.

It would be better to select these traffic cones from Fragraim that are made of thicker material than selecting other cheap quality cones. The set includes 12 cones that are made of heavy-duty low-density polyethylene vinyl and this construction ensures long-lasting performance with resistance to fading. Each of these cones measures 12 inches in height and 6.7 inches in diameter.

You don’t need to worry about these cones blowing away by the wind as they come with four holes designed for attachments. The bright colors make them visible to the pedestrians. As the cones are very lightweight you can easily carry them anywhere you like. So there is no problem with portability in these traffic safety cones. You can use them on any surface like on grass, gym floors, cement, or artificial turfs.

9. Cortina Retractable Cone Bar


Brand: Cortina


Key Features

  1. It is a convenient and fast barrier system
  2. It comes in white and orange color
  3. It measures 2 inches in length
  4. Usable with any traffic cones.

If you are looking to have a convenient and fast barrier system, which is unique in design as well then you should look to buy this cone bar from Cortina. The bar is extremely versatile for road and utility worksites to ensure safety.

To increase the level of safety you can use this cone bar in parking lots and pedestrians crossways, which is going to be perfectly working in these spots. It comes in white and orange color. The cone bar is 2 inches in length and you can use this with any traffic cones conveniently. Connect the two ends of the bar with two cones and that’s it.

Buying Guides

If you want to increase the safety on the roads you need the right kind of traffic cones. But without knowing the crucial things you need to check out before buying you can’t assure of buying the right product.

Construction material

 The most common materials used to construct traffic cones are polyvinyl chloride or PVC and rubber. Some manufacturers also use thermoplastic to construct cones. But the thing you need to look at is whether the construction ensures durability or not. You can’t have a long-lasting service from the cone if is not durable enough.


 You must choose such a color of traffic cones that allow pedestrians to see the obstacle from far away. There are different colors like orange, red, pink, green, white, blue, etc are used for different purposes and I will discuss the uses of these colors in the following section. However, orange is the most used color for traffic cones. You might also seem highly reflective collars designed on it sometimes for enhanced visibility.


 The size of traffic cones ranges from 2 inches to 36 inches. The 2 inches cones are mainly collapsible ones. However, 6 inches and 12 inches cones are not made for use in roadways. You can only use 18 inches, 28 inches and 36 inches cones in the roadways. Choose the right size depending on your use.


 There are mainly two types of base you will find in the traffic cones, injection-molded base and flow-molded base. The injection-molded base is great for enhanced stability in windy conditions as it has a firm, durable body and it comes with a two-piece design. On the other hand, the flow-molded base comes with one-piece construction and they are not long-lasting.


 Two things mainly affect the portability of the cones. One is the weight, if it's on the higher side then it will become hard for you to carry. Besides, traffic cones with a collapsible design are easily portable.

Different colors and their uses

There are different colors of traffic cones available in the market and they are used for different purposes (video).

  • Orange: It is used to mark temporary traffic control zones.
  • Lime green: This color of traffic cones are used to signal increased pedestrian activities and mark entryways.
  • Green: It is typically used as markers on track and field courses.
  • Blue: It is used to mark accessible parking and signal overhead wires.
  • Yellow: It is used to make the public cautious in indoor areas like wet floors.
  • Red: It is used to guide indoor machine traffic and block workplace hazards.
  • White: You should use it for valet parking, equestrian sport and sponsor display.
  • Black: In funerals, it is typically being used with orange ones.
  • Pink: It is used in areas where children are celebrating and also used for cancer awareness.
  • Purple: You can use it in sports, parties and other events.


Decide on which purpose you want to buy traffic cones and then choose the color depending on this. I can assure you if you have read the product discussion and the buying guide carefully; you won’t have any more confusion regarding the buying.

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