Best sand flea rakes reviews 2022

Catching sand fleas while roaming around the sea beach is a familiar thing and what could be a better companion than a sand flea rake in this regard. This tool is specially designed for catching sand fleas and the Best sand flea rakes review provides you a description of the top products.

In this list I have kept, Exact Design Sand Flea Rake, Anodized Aluminum on the top. Unlike most other rakes, it has sharp and strong teeth design in the basket and you should look for such features while buying a sand flea rake. There are some other factors you need to consider before buying and all are discussed below in the article.

So if you want to catch sand fleas efficiently with a specialized tool, which is made for this work, you need to check this out first.

Best sand flea rake

Why is sand flea rake used

sand flea rakes

Sand flea rake is a specialized tool, which is used for catching sand fleas on beaches. There are some other uses of it also.

  • Catching sand fleas: This is the main use of these rakes and for which are they are actually made. You can quickly and easily catch sand fleas through this one simple rake.
  • Finding treasures from underground: If you have an interest in finding some treasures underneath the sand, you can use the rake as well.
  • Catching other baits: Other than sand fleas, you can also try catching other baits through these rakes.

Best sand flea rakes

1. Exact Design Sand Flea Rake, Anodized Aluminum


Brand: Exact Design

Weight: 5.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The rake is constructed with anodized aluminum
  2. 16 inches wide basket with sharp and strong teeth
  3. 52 inches curved handle
  4. The handle has a padded extra thick design.

If you want to do some sand flea catching with one hand and find more fleas at a time, this sand flea rake from Exact Design is the right choice for you. The rake is constructed with anodized aluminum. Unlike most other sand flea rakes, it comes with a wider basket of 16 inches, which is enough for catching more fleas one time.

Moreover, the basket has a strong and sharp teeth design that allows you to dig more in the sand with efficiency. This teeth design also plays a crucial role in catching more fleas. You see most sand flea rakes have straighter handles. But the manufacturer has designed the rake with an ergonomic handle of 52 inches.

This curved design also puts less pressure on your arm and back. You will also find a better grip on the handle as it comes with a padded extra thick design. This padded design also prevents slippage of the rake now and then. It is easy to assemble the rake by connecting the strong one-piece handle to the basket.

2. Fish-N-Mate 181 Med Sand Flea Rake, 10-Inch


Brand: Angler’s

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. 10 inches basket easily flushes the sand out
  2. It has a 58 inches long removable handle
  3. An A 3/16 inches is D-ring in the handle
  4. The nylon lanyard secures the handle.

This sand flea rake from Angler’s is constructed thinking of the pompano fishermen and also who love catching sand fleas while surfing or walking around the seashore. The rake is designed with a 10 inches basket, which is big enough to catch several fleas at one rake.

The basket also makes it easier for you to flush out the sand and only keep the fleas in there. There is a 58 inches long removable handle in the rake. This longer handle allows you to dig and pull the sand conveniently. Moreover, there are an A 3/16 inches D-ring pin in the rake.

Along with the D-ring pin, the handle is equipped with a nylon lanyard that secures the rake. The handle is a bit curvy on the end, which releases a lot of pressure from your back while pulling. However, it neither has a fully curved handle nor sharp teeth designed basket like the first product mentioned in the list.

3. Garrett Metal Sand Scoop


Brand: Garrett

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. The sand scoop is made with a rugged steel construction
  2. It has a padded handle
  3. It allows sediment to be easily sifted
  4. It is a durable and long-lasting product.

Now you can find whatever you are searching for in the sand with this sand scoop from Garrett. It is a metal sand scoop and it comes with rugged construction to you. The sand scoop allows sediment to be easily sifted. The rugged steel construction provides surety of long time use.

Meanwhile, the sand scoop is designed with a padded handle. The padded handle provides enough comfort to the user without having the chance of slippage. It doesn’t matter, whether you are using the scoop for searching coins in the park, looking for treasures in the surf, or searching for hidden pieces of jewelry along the beach, you can use this sand scoop without any hesitation.

The manufacturer here has ensured the quality of the item as far their concern; you need a quality product to find out treasures, no matter wherever they are. You can go to the beach and find out the sand fleas as well. However, unlike the first two products I mentioned, this one doesn’t have any handle. Not having a handle is definitely a negative side of this product.

4. Shark Tooth Sifter 12"


Brand: Shark Tooth Sifter

Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

The rake has a 12 inches wide basket

The basket is constructed with ¼ inches wire mesh

It is constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum

There is a 48 inches powder-coated handle.

Now you can find out the treasures in the ocean quite easily with this rake. The rake features a 12 inches wide basket. The basket is constructed with ¼ inches wire mesh. The manufacturer has used heavy-gauge aluminum to construct this rake. This heavy-duty, strong construction made the rake durable and long-lasting.

You are going to have easy shipping and better portability with the 48 inches long handle of this rake. The handle is powder-coated and it is strong enough to withstand the roughest sifting. It is also equipped with an adjustable foam grip. You will also have a large sifting area in there, which will be beneficial for finding treasures.

The assembly of the rake is pretty simple with the included nuts and bolts; the nuts and bolts are constructed with stainless steel. You need to insert one end into the other and then attach the pin to make the rake prepare for your work. So find the treasures by simply scooping and shaking.

5. Exact Design Sand Spike with Bait Box Anodized Aluminum


Brand: Exact Design

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. 50.5 inches long spike
  2. The spike goes 17 inches into the sand
  3. The bait box comes with aluminum anodized construction
  4. The rake holder is 1 inch in diameter.

This sand spike from the Exact design comes with a sand flea rake holder and a built-in bait box. The spike is 50.5 inches in length and it goes 17 inches into the sand smoothly. However, you don’t need to worry about the installation process as it comes pre-installed.

The spike comes with a convenient foot push design, which allows you to easily push it into the sand without having much stress. Meanwhile, the bait box comes with an aluminum anodized construction. The box measures 4 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, which can perfectly hold sand fleas, shrimps, or other baits and you don’t have to worry anymore about space.

Also, the bait box is designed with a drainage hole that allows removing the extra water from inside. The sand flea rake holder is 1 inch in diameter and it can hold any rakes conveniently. Moreover, the fishing pole holder fits most rods. However, you won’t get the sand flea rake or rod included in the set.




Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Heavy-duty plastic construction
  2. 11.5 inches or 29.2 cm long trowel
  3. 7.75 inches or 19.7 cm long sifter
  4. The included carrying bag makes it a portable one.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a kid or an adult one, this sand scoop from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is a perfect tool for all ages of people. It is made of heavy-duty plastic construction. This heavy-duty construction allows you to use it in sand, dirt, gravel, and more. You can now easily reveal what the metal detector finds underground.

It is quite a lightweight one, which even a kid can easily handle. The heavy-duty plastic build design makes it durable and long-lasting. The trowel included in there is 11.5 inches or 29.2 cm long. Again, the sifter is 7.75 inches or 19.7 cm long.

If the ground you are digging is harder, then you have got the rugged trowel that is perfectly designed to dig the dirt into your scoop. Use the scoop to dig into the sand and then give a simple shake to it. Thus the sand will fall out through the small holes. There is a red carrying bag included with it to make it easily portable.

7. Sand Dipper - the Big Dipper with 6-inch scooping Basket


Brand: Sand Dipper

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is equipped with an aluminum pole
  2. The pole is adjustable from 34 inches to 64 inches
  3. The basket is constructed with stainless steel
  4. The basket is 6 inches wider.

This scooping basket from Sand Dipper comes with a lightweight and compact design. Its body is made of aluminum and it is collapsible. This collapsible body provides you reach to compact areas as well as to larger areas. The length of the handle starts from 34 inches that makes you reach the close beach treasures.

Then you can adjust the length up to 64 inches, by which you can reach up to 64 inches into the water. It is constructed with an aircraft aluminum pole with stainless steel components. This stainless steel construction ensures that you will have a long-lasting performance from this tool.

The basket is quite large to catch bigger shells and sift more sands as it is 6 inches wide. You can also unscrew the Stainless Steel basket and enjoy the adjustable pole with a walking or hiking pole. Moreover, it is designed with a cork-rubber handle that provides the user a comfortable feel with anti-slippage nature.

You should never skip the buying guides

It turns out to be a difficult task when you don’t know what things you should look at in a sand flea rake. But don’t worry; read out this buying guide and you will not have any confusion.


What materials have been used to construct the rake is the first thing you should consider, because a low-quality rake won’t serve you well as it is not durable enough. Anodized aluminum or stainless steel construction is my recommendation for sand flea rakes. This heavy-duty and high-grade construction makes the rakes durable and long-lasting.


How comfortable you will feel while searching for sand fleas largely depends on the length of the handle. You should typically choose a rake with a handle around 50 inches. Some rakes also come with an adjustable design into the handles, which offer a versatile use of these rakes. Again, you shouldn’t buy a straighter handle; rather look for a handle with a curved design. These curvy handles will put less pressure on the arm and back of the user.


This is the part where you are going to catch the sand fleas and it needs to be big enough. The size of the basket is measured by its width. For an average result, you should buy a rake with a 12 inches basket. However, wider baskets like 16 inches are much better for catching more fleas at once. Also, there are other smaller baskets available, but I don’t recommend you buy them.


Only choosing a wider basket is not enough to have the intended performance on the beach. Rather than buying a basket with a flat design, you should look for sharp and strong teeth design in it. This sharp teeth design helps you to dig into the sand more efficiently and quickly, whereas the flat design takes more time for digging.


You will feel comfortable handling the handle when the handle is equipped with a nice, softer grip. The grip should be designed nicely at a suitable position to ensure comfortable handling. Rubberized grips are my first recommendation in this regard.

Sand fleas catching tricks

It is easy to catch sand fleas with a sand flea rake but becomes much easier when you know some tricks to do this.

  1. Watch for the reflection of the sun: You need to find out the spot by following the reflection of the sun. This reflected sunlight will provide you a clearer view of the spot.
  2. Never dig on a crowded spot: The sand fleas move immediately when they identify any crowd near them. So never try to dig in such spots.
  3. Don’t dig twice in the same spot: Digging twice in the same place is nothing but a waste of time because the remaining fleas will move quickly from thereafter the first attack.
  4. Catch at the best time: The morning and the evening is the best time to catch sand fleas.

How to catch sand fleas with a rake

If you have a sand flea rake, then it is an easy task to catch sand fleas. However, if you are doing this for the first time, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. First, you need to find out the spot, where you going to put and dig the rake. There are a few tricks I will share about finding the right spots in the below section.
  2. Then move the near to spot slowly and insert the rake immediately.
  3. Then scoop it gently to catch the sand fleas and unlikely other ocean baits.
  4. Bring the rake above the water and then release the sands from the basket gently.
  5. There it is; you have caught a lot of sand fleas on the first chance.

Make your own sand flea rake

You can also make a sand flea rake on your own by following the steps.

  1. First, take a piece of wire mesh metal with smaller holes. You need to ensure the sand fleas remain inside it and also the sand falls out.
  2. Then bend the piece of mesh metal.
  3. Put a sheet of metal on each end and attach these with rivets.
  4. Now make holes and then put the rivets in to make a bucket like a rake.
  5. Lastly, attach a metal bar as the handle of the rake.

Concluding words

This is a nice tool if you like fishing or catching baits on the seashore. Check out the products and the buying guide before making the final choice.

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