Best rope splicing kits: Splicing rope is a better alternative than knotting

Splicing can keep the usual strength of the rope stay even after connecting the strands between two different ropes. But the problem is that you can never get the rope spliced in the right way.

It's because of the lack of an ideal rope splicing kit, and we’re here to let you provide the best ones in the market. Aluminum or stainless steel fids are mostly suitable for the process.

However, a well-constructed pusher is necessary too to get through the rope. High-quality fids can work with both hollow and double-braided ropes.

Except looking for individual tools for splicing, getting a complete kits package is the wisest thing for sure.

Best rope splicing kit

Why connecting ropes with splicing kits is better than knotting?

Both splicing and knotting are the rightful way to connect two or more ropes. But the main question arrives in the users' mind is which one reduces the rope's strength most?

The simple and quick answer to the question is knotting. In such circumstances, splicing is always a recommended option over knotting.

So why should one choose to splice over knotting for connecting two ropes?

  1. Splicing reduces a maximum of 10% strength.
  2. Sometimes knotting can take down the strength to half.
  3. Splicing is a permanent way of connecting ropes.
  4. It’s hard to untie the spliced ropes.
  5. A temporary option is knotting.

Sitting on the ice fishing chair, you can quickly knot two ends of two different ropes. But the knotting can come off real quick that can ruin your project as well.

On the other hand, you may need to spend a few more time splicing and need some specific tools. But if there isn’t any intention of untying the spliced ropes, then it’s the most reliable option you have.

Best rope splicing kits

Do you have ¼ inches diameter rope or 5/8 inches diameter rope? Well, that's a kind of crucial question you need to ask yourself before choosing any splicing kit. The splicing fids are not universal.

Therefore, you need to go for the right one to ensure; it can successfully terminate two ropes and connect. Maybe the words are a bit confusing, and that's why the following list is here to remove all of your confusion.

1. Factor 55 Fast FID Rope Splicing Tool

Key specifications


Factor 55


4.8 ounces

Construction material

Billet aluminum


Anodized for corrosion resistance


Compact two-piece design

Usable synthetic rope diameter

3/8 inches to 5/8 inches


Unique wire grip at the end


With an integrated measuring scale


Cordura carry pouch with belt loops

Users experience after using it

It's a must-have product for synthetic ropes as it is really convenient to use. The build quality is satisfactory to the majority of users, which leads to a simple and clean performance.

Tying loops and blunt ends on the double braided ropes has now become a super-easy task with this splicing tool. Although it appears to be a bit pricier for a few users, the performance level was up to the mark.

It has quickened the entire splicing rope process. A tool is a great tool that is simple to use, and it ensures the broken rope gets connected again with proper reliability.

The great little tool saves a lot of the time of the user, which turns out handy for most of them while they are in a rush. Overall, you can ignore the pricing if the need is reliability and strength on the spliced rope.

More details about the splicing tool

The manufacturer used billet aluminum to construct the fid tool. However, they also added a measuring tool with it that lets the user find the correct measurement anytime during the process.

One noteworthy thing about the tool is the corrosion resistance, which keeps the usability up in the long run. Also, you need no extra tools or tape to hold the rope end while splicing with it.

With the compact design and gripping, it has become a worthy one to go for. Again, storing it inside the pouch can extend longevity.

Things we liked

  1. It takes only a few minutes to repair the rope.
  2. The splicing tool ensures a reliable performance.
  3. It has a corrosion-resistant design.
  4. Needs not using any extra tool or tape.
  5. It’s simple and easy to use.

Things we disliked

The price is a bit on the higher side.

2. Samson Rope Splicing Kit

Key specifications


Samson rope  



Construction material



Make splices in double-braided ropes

Available fids

Five different fids


A small pusher




A storage tube

Users experience after using it

The construction is good, and with the provided instructions, the users could easily splice the braided ropes. Also, the inclusion of different fid sizes makes it convenient to let one get the correct measurement of the splice length.

However, there has been a different point of view from several users. According to them, it's a lot of cheap products but didn't maintain the quality for reliable performance. Another downgrade is the extra length of the pusher.

It often makes it tough to get it through braided fiber and get the job done perfectly. On the other hand, following the instructions made it extremely easy to ensure proper rope splicing in real quick time.

More details about the splicing tool

What else do you need for splicing when you have so many splice fids options in a single package? The manufacturer has included five different fids in the package including the smallest one measuring 5 mm.

Again, it has 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm fids as well. Moreover, you will get a small pusher in addition to these fids inside the storage tube. The storage tube makes it convenient for any user to keep these tools secured.

The splicing fids let one work like a pro. However, you should also know that it’s not suitable for core-dependent, double-braided constructions.

Things we liked

  1. Easy to splice with the added instructions.
  2. It’s an affordable splicing fids package.
  3. The storage tube keeps the fids and pusher secure.
  4. The package includes five different fids.

Things we disliked

  1. The pusher seems too long than usual.
  2. The tuck hole seems undersized because of the aluminum construction.

3. Ronstan Splicing Kit

Key specifications




7.04 ounces

Construction material

Stainless steel


Highly polished

Available fids

Five different sizes


Double and hollow braided lines

Usable diameter

1/8 inches to 9/16 inches


Three strandline or twine up to 1 1/8 inches

Users experience after using it

The stainless steel fids provide a superbly perfect fit to the braided lines. According to the majority of the users, it was pretty easy to use the splicing tools. However, the main complaint regarding the package is the extra price.

Most of the users have ensured that it could have included a pusher in such price range, which it doesn’t have. Another major issue is that the fids are not fitted with small lines or ropes.

However, the users loved the design that appeared to be better than most other fids in the market. At the same time, the sizing doesn’t seem much perfect. The uneven sizing often makes it difficult for the users to go for the right one.

More details about the splicing tool

You can now get started with splicing the rope without thinking about the size anymore. The package includes five different sizes of fids with a quality stainless construction. The smallest one is 4 mm, whereas 13 mm is the largest one.

Except for these two sizes, 5.5 mm, 7.5 mm, and 10 mm, fids are also available in the package. Also, the manufacturer has polished the exterior to extend the performance efficiency. The fids are suitable for both hollow and double braided lines.

Things we liked

  1. The fids are super easy to use.
  2. Each of the fids comes with a praiseworthy design.
  3. These are well-made fids for long-term service.
  4. It is much easier to splice the rope now.
  5. A quality-maintained and right tool for the job.

Things we disliked

It appears to be an overpriced splicing fids package without a pusher.

4. Ronstan D-SPLICER Kit

Key specifications




2.24 ounces


Modern synthetic fibers and rope construction


Unique double-needle clamps

Sizes availability

2 mm to 4 mm


Machined alloy handle with anchoring loop


A storage tube

Ideal usage

For making soft shackles

Users experience after using it

The use of the splicing kit makes the entire process much cleaner and easier than ever. Moreover, most of the users found the tool useful for other common splices as well. It can get the job done in real quick time.

This lovely tool makes splicing a joyful process, which most users look for. Moreover, the quality of the tool seems incomparable to any other splicing kits out there in the market.

However, it turned out a bit tough for a few users to use it. According to those users, the splicing kit requires a bit of practice for easiness.

More details about the splicing tool

Whenever the need is for a splicing kit, you can always trust Ronstan without any second thought. People often worry regarding the balance of quality and price, but not when the kit is from Ronstan.

It has a machined alloy handle with an anchoring loop. The kit is compatible with 2 mm or 1/16 inches to 4 mm or 5/32 inches size splicing ropes.

It is an ideal needle for making soft shackles to pull over plaits into the core for making tapered sheets. The unique double clamp needle makes it easy to pull through. Using the pull-through operation, anyone can splice the rope.

Things we liked

  1. The splicing becomes much easier and faster with the kit.
  2. Incomparable quality with other small splicing tools out there.
  3. It is easy to use for making soft shackles.
  4. The performance is worth every spent penny.
  5. Ensures a comfortable grip with the machined alloy handle.

Things we disliked

It needs a bit of practice before using the kit.

5. West Coast Paracord Splicing Fids and Pushers

Key specifications


West Coast Paracord



Construction material

Stainless steel


Wooden handle

Pusher size

14 inches and 21 inches long

Usability (14 inches)

For ¼ to ½ inches diameter rope

Usability (21 inches)

For 5/8 to 1-inch diameter rope

Ideal usage

With diamond braid polypropylene rope

Users experience after using it

The pusher goes through the braided rope with ease and grace making it easy to splice the rope and get ready for your job. With the assurance of usability with different sizes, the pusher seems to meet the public demand.

According to the majority of users, it is easy and comfortable holding the pusher with a wooden handle. Moreover, the stainless steel part does its job pretty gracefully.

More details about the splicing tool

The manufacturer has added 14 inches and 21 inches long stainless steel pushers in the package. The user needs to decide which pusher length is ideal for his project. Moreover, it is usable with different rope sizes.

According to the manufacturer, the 14 inches pusher is compatible with ¼ inches to ½ inches rope. However, the 21 inches pusher is compatible with 5/8 inches to 1-inch ropes.

As it comes with a wooden handle, you won't have to bother experience while using it. Moreover, the most specific usage of the pusher is with diamond braid polypropylene rope.

Again, you can get the pusher for marine usage, general home appliances, garden maintenance, and any commercial job.

Things we liked

  1. It’s quite easy and comfortable holding the splicing pusher.
  2. Stainless steel pusher gets through the rope easily.
  3. It’s usable on different sizes of braided ropes.
  4. Two different usable sizes are issued here.

Things we disliked

There’s nothing to complain about the pusher so far.

6. Ronstan Splice Kit

Key specifications






Swedish fid set of five different sizes fids

Small puller

F15 puller for 2 to 4 mm line

Medium puller

F20 puller for 4 to 6 mm line


Five-piece whipping needle set


4 inches ceramic blade knife for cutting Dyneema


1.75 inches for cutting Kevlar and Dyneema materials


Splicing tape


Ronstan splicing bag

Users experience after using it

Having the complete splicing package in hand, the users got delighted. It turns out as the most perfect rope splicing kit package for the majority of the users. Although pricing seems a bit high, the users didn't seem to complain.

With the inclusion of several fids sizes, you never have to look for the correct size for your application. Also, the inclusion tape quickens the splicing process a lot.

Again, it’s a handy job carrying all these things in one specific place with the Ronstan carrying bag. Furthermore, it can easily cut both Kevlar and Dyneema materials efficiently.

More details about the splicing tool

It has been a long time since you are searching for something that can ease the entire splicing process. Well, it’s the third inductee from Ranston in the list, and it's a complete rope splicing package.

Five different sizes of fids are available here including 4, 5.5, 7.5, 10, and 13 mm. On the other hand, get the tape to put the ropes together while splicing them. Moreover, you will get both blade knife and scissors for cutting here.

Also, the inclusion of five pieces of whipping needle set ensures you spend the least for the job. Furthermore, the package gets perfection by including smaller F15 and medium F20 pullers.

Things we liked

  1. It's easy to cut splicing things through blade knives and scissors.
  2. Different fid sizes to fit different needs.
  3. The pricing is perfect compared to the performance.
  4. Quickens the splicing job with the tape.
  5. It's a perfect all-in-one splicing kit set.

Things we disliked

Everything seems okay with the splicing package so far.

Buying guide: Things to consider before buying a rope splicing kit

After a long talk about splicing kits, you're still thinking about which one to buy and which one not to. However, the answer is not amongst the simplest ones to give.

You need to know a few things and go through the right buying process to make a good purchase. Splicing kits can let you add more length to the rope, and the planer board can also travel a long distance in the sea.

Now, here are a few things one buyer needs to consider before purchasing any splicing kit.

  1. Aluminum and stainless steel are ideal construction materials.
  2. Usable rope diameter ranges from ¼ to 1 inch.
  3. Availability of different fids sizes.
  4. Adequate length of the pusher.
  5. Wooden pusher handles for comfortable grip.
  6. Corrosion resistance for longevity.
  7. A storage tube or bag is necessary to keep the kits secure.
rope splicing kits for fishing

Is the construction quality related to durability?

In most cases, the poorly constructed splicing kits fail to do the intended job. Aluminum and stainless steel are the two most common and reliable constructions in this regard.

Whiles pushing the fids through the rope, the less-durable ones can bend. Although the price sometimes can be a bit higher, well-constructed ones ensure better durability and reliability.

What size of rope the kit is suitable for?

Knowing the rope’s size you are working with is mandatory to know whether the fid fits with it or not. Typically, the rope is available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, and 1-inch diameters.

The closely related thing to the rope diameter is the size of the fid size. Most often, a kits package includes five different sizes of fids including 4, 5.5, 7.5, 10, 13 mm.

Check out the size before you decide which one is suitable for the job. This can let you splice the rope even sitting on a Tempress boat seat.

Do I need a pusher?

Without any doubt, to get the splicing job done perfectly, you need to get a pusher. 14 inches and 21 inches pushers are mostly recommended by the experts. Both these can go through the braided rope swiftly.

However, make sure it has a stainless steel construction. Again, the handle can either come with machine alloy or wood construction. On both occasions, the main target is to provide a better hand feel.

What is necessary to have extended longevity?

Check out the finish on the fid and pusher surface. Both these kits come with polished finishes in most cases. However, what you should ensure is having a corrosion-resistant design.

Corrosion-resistant kits won't get prone to rust in the long run. It can keep the performance level up and let the rope spliced in the right way.

How can you keep the kits secure?

By keeping the necessary kits inside a storage tube or pouch, you can ensure security to a great extent. However, the good thing is that renowned brands provide an additional pouch with kits.                                             

What are the different types of rope splicing tools available?

Rope splicing is a good way to connect two ropes by sitting on a Tempress boat seat. It provides a comparatively stronger connection between ropes than knotting. However, it's kind of confusing for a newbie as he is unknown of the tools.

To finish your rope splicing job rightfully, you must get several tools.

  1. Three different types of fids are available.
  2. The toss splicing wand comes with a spiked edge.
  3. Marline spike prevents the fibers from unintentional snagging.
  4. Scissors are useful to make it a convenient process.
  5. Both large and small needles can come in handy.

Fids used for rope splicing

Three different types of fids include wire fid, Swedish fid, and tubular fid. Wire fid is the most versatile one, and it's easily gettable as well. Being available in different diameters, you can use it for different purposes too.

Splicing of 3-strand ropes becomes convenient by using Swedish fid. It has a different design to wire fid as the penetrating part comes with stainless steel construction. On the other hand, the handle has wooden construction.

You may have already worked with a screwdriver, and after seeing a tubular fid, you will surely compare it with a screwdriver. However, a tubular fid is way more versatile than the screwdriver to get the splicing rope job done.

Toss splicing wand

The toss splicing wand has a long spiked end that goes inside the fiber strands smoothly offering a quicker job. Even if the rope has 16 strands, the wand can pass through in real quick.

Marline spike

Marline spike does the job of pulling the tight fibers from the double braided ropes. When you are out there for marine times, it’s one of the handiest tools making the rope splicing job quicker.

Small or large needle

What would you like to use for stitching the tight spaces of the ropes? Well, a small or large needle comes in really in this respect. However, it can also work as a worthy replacement for the splicing wands.

Scissors for hassle-free operation

Having different sizes of scissors does make the entire splicing process a lot more convenient for the user. A different size is required because every rope may not have the same number of strands.

How to tie a short splice knot?

tie a short splice knot

For tying a short splice knot, you need to make up to five sets of tucks between the two selected ropes. Well, making three tucks are also allowed, but modern rules support making five tucks.

However, if you are new in this field, the job may be a hassle as you don’t know the right way to do this. Therefore, follow the below steps and get the short splice done quickly.

  1. Select the length of untying the strands on both ropes.
  2. Mark the ends on the ropes.
  3. Tape the marked position.
  4. Now, untie the strands from both the ropes.
  5. The ropes have several untied strands now.
  6. Attach these untied ends.
  7. Put a tape again in the middle.
  8. Now, make three tucks on one side.
  9. Make three more tucks on the other side.
  10. You can remove the tape.
  11. Complete creating other tucks to finish up the process.

Is rope splicing tools expensive?

Nope, the tools aren't the expensive ones in the market. However, the price of the splicing fids varies from $50 to $65. Again, the splicing pushers are available from $30 to $35.

On the other hand, you must go above 100 dollars mark to get a complete package to finish up splicing the rope. Therefore, the pricing has three categories.

  1. Splicing fids cost from $50 to $65.
  2. Splicing pushers cost from $30 to $35.
  3. A complete package of splicing tools costs more than $100.


What is a rope splicing tool used for?

To connect two ropes or create an interconnection between the strands of the same rope, a rope splicing tool is used. Coming out of the traditional knotting system, splicing ropes is a reliable way for connection between two or three ropes.

Again, the splicing tool is used to create any eye loop at the end of the same rope. For this, one needs to untie the strands first and make new interconnection to create a loop.

What is the larger rope diameter that a splicing tool can work with?

Checking out the manufacturer's recommendation is the wisest thing to know the rope diameter for splicing tool. However, the thumb rule is the tool should be ¾ of the rope's diameter.

It’s the most ideal measurement for a splicing tool to get the intended service. Typically, the tool can't work properly if the rope diameter is way larger. Therefore, the splicing doesn't get a properly tightened result.  

How strong is a spliced rope?

The spliced rope doesn't decrease the usual strength of the rope, rather maintains the original strength level. In most cases, we have got almost 100% strong ropes even splicing it through a splicing tool.

In fewer cases, there has been a slight strength loss noticeable that is not more than 10%. Therefore, if you compare a splicing rope to a knotted rope, the strength level has a big difference. And a spliced rope comes with the actual strength.

How many tucks are there in a short splice?

Three tucks are available there is a short spliced rope. However, modern short spliced ropes usually have up to five tucks. Whenever one is looking up to make a short spliced rope, we suggest going for a five-tucks option.

Final verdict

It's never a great decision to knot two ropes if you have an intention for a long-lasting or permanent service. The rightful way to get permanent knotting is by splicing the ropes.

However, it often appears to be a tough job for the new buyers to get the right kits for the job. But, we can assure you that guys who have gone through the entire article get what he needs.

  1. Kits have aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  2. Usable rope diameter ranges from 1/8 to 1 inch.
  3. Pushers have machined alloy or wooden handles.
  4. Corrosion resistance for durability.
  5. Secure storage with a storage tube or pouch.

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