Best Rand McNally truck GPS review 2022

What if you suddenly meet unwanted traffic congestion, even though there is an alternative way to reach your destination? This wouldn’t have happened if you had installed a truck GPS before starting the journey. This device would show you the best route with the alternative one and also inform you about the traffic congestion.

You can set such customizable warnings in Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS, which I have kept on top of this Best Rand McNally truck GPS review. Read the buying guide before making the final choice. Now let’s have a quick look at our listed products.

Best Rand McNally truck GPS

Why use Rand McNally truck GPS

Rand McNally truck GPS

Without having some benefits you won’t possibly use a truck GPS. And there before going onto the product discussion, let’s get through some of its benefits.

  • Find specific routes for your truck: A truck GPS will show you a suitable route depending on the size and weight of your truck.
  • Get alerts: Whether there is heavy trafficking or not, what changes the weather will bring, such information can be found in real-time in the GPS device.
  • Locate nearby truck services: You can easily locate the truck servicing center to refill the fuel through this device.
  • Easy to use: Compared to the conventional paper maps or mobile apps, these are specifically designed for mounting on the truck for ease of use.



key features


Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

Customizable warnings
7 inches display 

Rand McNally TND 540 LM 5in GPS Truck Navigator

Lifetime map updates
Manual search option 

Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro 8" Truck GPS

8 inches screen
Equipped with SiriusXM

Rand McNally TND550 Truck GPS with a 5" Display

In-depth weather overlays
3D mapping 

Rand McNally TND Tablet 85 Truck GPS with Built-in Dash Cam

Customized truck routing
Built-in dashcam 


Rugged & secure mount
Hands-free Bluetooth service 

Rand McNally Road Explorer 7 GPS Device

Advanced lane guidance
Fuel logs 

Best Rand McNally truck GPS

1. Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS


Model: TND 740

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Rand McNally is a renowned brand in manufacturing truck GPS to help truck drivers find the fastest route and drive safely towards the destination. This GPS tablet provides you truck-specific routing for finding the suitable route for driving the truck. You can also set customizable warnings in the GPS as like speed limit changes, sharp curves, or distances.

You will lifetime map updates for free here. It comes with a large 7 inches vibrant display that lets you have a clear view of the map without interrupting the driving. There is a driver scorecard in the system that shows miles, MPGG, idling and vehicle fault codes. It also enables the truck drivers to route their device sound through their truck audio system.

The GPS also features advanced lane guidance and lane assist. It provides you HOS alerts and warnings. You will also get over the map air updates in the GPS tablet. This will also provide you electronic driver logs and vehicle inspection reporting. There are two USB ports available for diagnostics.

Key Features

  1. Find the right route with truck-specific routing.
  2. Customizable warnings setup
  3. A vibrant 7 inches large display
  4. There are advanced lane guidance and lane assist.

2. Rand McNally TND 540 LM 5in GPS Truck Navigator


Model: TND 540   

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Compare the route between primary and alternative and decide which one is suitable for your truck to move forward with this GPS truck navigator. It provides you map updates for a lifetime. Unlike the first product in the list, it comes with a 5 inches clear display, which doesn’t distract your concentration from the route while driving.

The GPS navigator allows you to set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves, distance warnings and so on. Another great side of this navigator is that it shows the current weather condition and the weather forecast as well. It also offers you choices of 10 different map overlays that include precipitation and wind speed.

You will also get a service and maintenance alert for your truck from this GPS navigator. This also shows the fuel prices around you on the map. However, you can manually get the fuel price by searching fuel type or brand. You can also search local businesses or restaurants by the name or keywords and find them easily.

Key Features

  1. Shows current weather conditions and forecast
  2. Lifetime map updates
  3. 5 inches clear display
  4. Manual search option for fuel prices, local businesses, or restaurants.

3. Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro 8" Truck GPS


Model: 4330261747

Weight: 3 pounds

You can move towards your destination with his truck GPS navigator by getting real-time updates. You can choose the find out the traffic on the way, to avoid that route. The navigator will keep you updated about the weather condition around you that will not surprise you in sudden rough weather.

If you are out of fuel, you can refill easily as you will be frequently updated with the fuel prices in real-time from the navigator. It comes with a giant screen of 8 inches, which is larger than the above two products and provides you a clear view of the route you are going through. It also features truck POIs, advanced lane guidance, toll costs, warning and so on.

There is a driver connect logbook app included in the navigator. You can have a complete electronic logging solution by connecting the app to the ELD 50 device that comes ready in the navigator. It allows you to play satellite stations as it is equipped with SiriusXM. It also provides Bluetooth hands-free calling and texting with Google now voice assistant.

Key Features

  1. Provides real-time updates about route, weather and fuel prices
  2. Giant 8 inches screen
  3. Includes a driver connect logbook app
  4. It is equipped with SiriusXM.

4. Rand McNally TND550 Truck GPS with a 5" Display


Model: TND550

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Find better tuck routing with all new maps from this GPS navigator. It will keep you updated with real-time traffics that will help you to choose the best route to move your truck or even if you get stuck in traffic suddenly, you won’t be surprised as you are already aware of this happening.

The navigator will also inform you about the weather conditions around you in real-time to keep you updated and move your truck safely or stop in somewhere to avoid the rough weather. It features 3D buildings and landmarks and you will have a realistic feel of the route in the 5 inches LCD display with this 3D view.

This also provides you information about the fuel prices, in case if you run out of fuel. So you can easily track the fuel purchases and mileage to calculate fuel economy. You can also set warnings in the navigator for safe driving such as speed limit changes, sharp curves and so on.

Key Features

  1. Provides real-time traffic updates
  2. Shows in-depth weather overlays
  3. Informs about the fuel prices
  4. Shows 3D buildings and landmarks.

5. Rand McNally TND Tablet 85 Truck GPS with Built-in Dash Cam


Model: TND85

Weight: 2.9 pounds

The GPS navigator provides customized truck routing depending on the size and weight of the truck you have. You will get live traffic updates with a lifetime update feature in the navigator. It comes with large 8 inches LCD screen for a clearer view of the route you are moving through.

You will also get access to current weather map overlays, which keeps you informed about the weather condition around you. It also gives you alerts on upcoming bridge heights on the way, speed limits, weight limits, or so on. It comes with crowdsourced and rated POIs to provide you with updated content. There are enhanced driver tools including new mileage and fuel logs.

It features a built-in dash cam with an automatic G-sensor and loop recording. The angled lens doesn’t compromise the visibility of the driver and takes a clear picture of the route upfront with efficiency. There are 2-watt speakers built-in the navigator to keep you alert of the changing directions with crystal clear sound.

Key Features

  1. Customized truck routing depending on the size and weight of the truck
  2. 8 inches large LCD display
  3. A built-in dashcam
  4. Get crystal clear sound with a 2-watt speaker.



Model: OverDryve 7C

Weight: 12 ounces

Mount this GPS unit and move along wherever you need to go. This GPS unit ensures a rugged and secured mounting without requiring any hard and tough wiring. Just simply plug the magnetic mount into your power source and you are ready to go.

It features hands-free Bluetooth services, which lets you make calls, read and send texts, navigate and so on. The GPS units also allow you to stream music, podcast, or satellite radio on the way and listen to these with a crystal clear sound quality with the car’s stereo speaker.

There is a built-in dashcam in the device, which offers you to record a video of the road ahead of you with efficiency. It comes with a large 7 inches IPS LCD panel display. There is 32 GB internal storage capacity in the device. Moreover, it can also work as a daily life tablet for you when you are out of the car.

Key Features

  1. Ensures rugged and secure mount
  2. Provides hands-free Bluetooth service
  3. Built-in dashcam
  4. It comes with a 7 inches IPS LCD display.

7. Rand McNally Road Explorer 7 GPS Device



Weight: 16 ounces

This is the last GPS device from Rand McNally on the list and it comes with preloaded maps of the USA and Canada. It comes with a GPS vehicle navigation system and advanced lane guidance. The manufacturer has used a 7 inches long display in the device to provide a clearer view of the route.

It comes with a dual-core processor and 16 GB internal storage. You will get the alert of the changing directions of the route in clear sound quality with the built-in 2 watts speaker in the device. The device also provides you lifetime map updates. It is also equipped with fuel logs and address books.

Key Features

  1. It comes with advanced lane guidance
  2. 7 inches long display
  3. Alert of changing direction with built-in 2 watts speaker
  4. It is equipped with fuel logs and address books.

You should check this buying guide first

How accurate the data you are going to get from the truck GPS largely depends on its features and you need to check out this buying before choosing any of these truck GPS devices.

Reliable mapping

 A map with detailed information and lifetime updates is recommended for every trucker. The name of the street, place, fuel stations, or the name of other necessary roadway things should be included in the map. For more details, it may have a 3D view of the roads, landmarks, or building. And the lifetime updates will allow you to keep pace with the changing ways of the previous route.

Display size

 The bigger the display the easier it becomes for the truckers to track the exact route. The display size is defined here by the length of the screen and it ranges from 5 to 8 inches. I think a trucker should go for a minimum 7 inches display.

Getting alerts

 You should get alerts of the changing speed, sharp curves, traffic congestions, etc. for a sweeter driving experience. Moreover, the GPS unit should also keep you updated about climate change and the fuel cost around you as well.

Customized feature

 To select the most suitable route to reach the destination, you would like to have a customized feature in the GPS device. This customized feature measures your truck’s weight and size to select the exact route for it.  


 The GPS device must be equipped with an upgraded Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to offer you hands-free services. You can text, make phone calls, stream music without interrupting your ride with this upgraded connectivity.


 A safe and secure mounting is necessary for a smooth ride on the truck. However, if you have to hold the device in your hand or it just falls from the mounting place, the ride becomes annoying. So look for a GPS unit with mounting hardware.

How Rand McNally truck GPS works

To get the Rand McNally truck GPS to work on your truck, you have to install it first.

  • Setup the mount on the area, typically the windshield of your truck first.
  • Then, attach the device on the mount and fix it on keeping in mind that it doesn’t create obstacles on the sight of the driver into the road.
  • Now if you want to select a new location, tap on the destination and then again tap on the new location.
  • Then you can find out the location searching by city name, street, house number, city center, latitude, or longitude. There is also an option zip code search for finding the location.
  • Then tap the destination address and begin the route to a destination. You can choose one by comparing between primary and alternative routes.
  • You can also have a 3D view of the route by taping the SE option on the route map window.

Garmin vs. Rand McNally truck GPS

  1. Both Garmin and Rand McNally are the two best brands in manufacturing truck GPS. They have a few similarities as well as dissimilarities.
  2. Display size: Most Garmin truck GPS devices come with a display size of 7 inches. However, you will find 5 to 8 inches display in Rand McNally devices.
  3. Hands-free: Garmin GPS device is good for providing Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free services.
  4. Battery life: Garmin GPS devices have a better battery life, which can be sometimes twice than Rand McNally devices battery life.
  5. Customizable routing: You will get customizable routing in both types of devices.

Cost of Rand McNally truck GPS

The cost of Rand McNally truck GPS devices ranges from $150 to $450. It varies depending on the features and mounting system. You can have basic truck GPS without a good mounting system within $200. However, for better performance and mounting you need to spend something around $300. And go for a premium truck GPS by spending up to $450.

Concluding words

If you are a trucker, you should buy a GPS that is specialized for your daily use. The products I have selected are best in quality and you should consider the factors I’ve mentioned in the buying guide before purchasing.

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