Best Rain Bird Sprinkler System Controller And Accessories Review 2022

Overwatering the grass, lawn, or irrigation plants will no longer be an issue when you have a convenient sprinkler system on your lawn. But controlling the system will require a convenient controller or timer.

If you have faith in Rain-Bird, there is a high chance that you will get some excellent service in the long run. You will be able to save from 30% to 50% water with an exclusive Rain-Bird controller.

This article contains a list of some best Rain-Bird sprinkler system controllers and accessories to make the irrigation process more dynamic. Before we start talking about the controller and accessories, here is the list of our top pick for all products-

Best Rain Bird Sprinkler System Controller

Our top pick

Overall : Rain-Bird ESP-TM2 Indoor Outdoor Irrigation WiFi Zone Controller

ESP-TM2 is a complete solution for your entire irrigation problem.

For outdoor : Rain bird ESP4ME 120V Modular Outdoor Controller

ESP4ME is a perfect sprinkler controller for installing the outdoor.

For indoor: Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler

If you prefer setting your sprinkler controller indoor, ST8I-2.0 should be the perfect solution.

For in-ground: Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit

This is the perfect in-ground sprinkler system kit with 125ft long distribution tube.

Rain-Bird WiFi Module: Rain-Bird Lnk Link WiFi Module Mobile Wireless Irrigation Controller

Would you like to control your sprinkler system through the internet or from a remote place? This Lnk WiFi module should be the solution.

Sprinkler heads: Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5000 Rotor Sprinkler Heads

The package comes with four exclusive sprinkler heads to ensure dynamic watering.

For easy installation:  Rain Bird SST600IN Simple-to-Set Indoor Sprinkler

If you are fed up regarding the installation, try this one for better convenience.

For budget:  Rain bird ESP-Me Modular Outdoor Mount Controller, 120V

ESP-Me sprinkler controller will ensure budge and quality at the same time.

1. Rain-Bird ESP-TM2 Indoor Outdoor Irrigation WiFi Zone Controller- Overall best



Rain Bird



Key Features

  1. Simple operation.
  2. Three-way schedule planner.
  3. Larger and brighter LCD display.
  4. 14-days delay.
  5. WiFi operation.

Our top pick for a Rain Bird sprinkler system on this list is the ESP-TM2. This one is available in 4, 6, 8, and 12-zone variations. If you have a medium-sized lawn, we recommend you grab the 8-zone sprinkler system.

A dynamic sprinkler system always comes with a simple operating program so that everyone can control the system without facing any kinds of trouble. You will be able to set up a schedule for watering the lawn by following three simple steps. Furthermore, the system includes a larger LCD display so that everyone can read the information with ease. Brighter sunlight will no longer deem the visibility.

On the other hand, the system can delay the watering method up to 14 days. After the completion of 14 days, the device will resume watering again. Moreover, the WiFi operation makes the sprinkler system more versatile by giving you the authenticity to control the watering process from a long distance.


  1. The ESP-TM2 sprinkler system will save up to 50% water waste.
  2. You will be able to water your lawn at a very specific rate.
  3. ESP-TM2 is available in multiple zone variations, allowing you to choose as per your preference.

2. Rain-Bird ESP4ME 120V Modular Outdoor Controller-Best for outdoor


Rain Bird

Key Features

Simplest program

Single way controller.

14-days delay time.

Pre-drilled holes.

Easy installation.

ESP4ME comes with the simplest program to control the watering process with ease. ESP4ME will let your crew control the watering process by maintaining only one simple program.

The single controller mechanism will not provide any burden to maneuver the device. You don’t need to be a professional to learn about the basics of controlling the system. It does not matter whether you are setting the device on a smaller or longer range; a single-way controller will always allow your crew to control the controller without facing any trouble.

Like the previous one, ESP4ME will also allow you to delay the watering process up to 14 days. Take a rest for 14 days and let Mother Nature do the watering for you. Finally, all the pre-drilled holes on the system will allow you to enjoy an easier installation process.


  1. ESP4ME comes with the simplest operation program, making it suitable for a larger group of people.
  2. You can expect faultless operation from this device.
  3. ESP4ME is one of the most best reviewed Rain Bird sprinkler systems on the market.

3. Rain-Bird ST8I-2.0 Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler- Best for indoor


Rain Bird

Key Features

  1. Suitable for indoor.
  2. Automatic water-adjustable feature.
  3. Remote controllable feature.
  4. WiFi accessibility.
  5. Android, iOS, and Alexa compatible.

If you are looking for an indoor sprinkler system to get the most authentic vibe, this Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 sprinkler system should be the perfect choice on all kinds of occasions. ST8I-2.0 is the upgraded version of the previous one, making it more versatile and functional. By the way, you can also think about choosing the outdoor model if you are thinking about setting up a system outdoor.

Furthermore, the automatic water-adjustable feature will customize the watering schedule to give you relief. ST8I-2.0 will customize the schedule according to the humidity, season, and temperature. On top of that, this device is compatible with iOS, Android, and Alexa. As a result, you will be able to control the sprinkler system from any remote place of the world.

Besides, the WiFi accessibility will be handy to get into the program from a longer distance.  On the other hand, the Rain Bird application will notify you about rain delay, winterization, customized information, and so many features to control the watering with proper proficiency.

Get in touch and make your lawn greener to be more versatile among your neighbors’.


  1. The sprinkler system will automatically adjust the watering according to the humidity, weather, and temperature.
  2. The rain delay mode will prevent overwatering.
  3. You will every little notification on the Rain Bird app.

4. Rain-Bird 32ETI Automatic Sprinkler System Kit - Best for in ground


Rain Bird
In-ground automatic sprinkler system kit.

Key Features

  1. 125ft long distribution tube.
  2. Numerous fittings.
  3. Six high-efficiency pop up rotary sprinklers.
  4. Durable hose end timer.
  5. The system covers from 1000 sq. feet to 3000 sq. feet area.

32ETI is a complete in-ground automatic in-ground sprinkler system kit that will allow you to complete the installation without facing any kinds of trouble. The complete kit includes 125ft long distribution tube, numerous fittings, six high-efficiency pop-up rotary sprinklers, and a durable hose-end timer.

This complete kit will solve your sprinkler system's entire adjustment problem. You don't have to move here and there to make the adjustment. Everything will be near to your home. This entire system will cover almost 1000 sq. feet to 3000sq. Feet distance, giving you enough room to cover your entire lawn area.

The system can operate from 45psi to 75psi, allowing the system to deliver up to 12gallon of water flow rate. Besides, the system is much easier to maintain. The self-draining process will allow the system to drain the water during the winter season. Winterization will be much easier through this 32ETI sprinkler system kit.

Avoid any kinds of hassle and keep your lawn green and smooth through this exclusive Rain Bird sprinkler system kit.


  1. This is a complete kit to solve all of your adjustment problems.
  2. The essential air pressure will deliver optimum water to the entire area.
  3. The self-draining mechanism will prevent the system from freezing during the winter.

5. Rain-Bird Lnk Link WiFi Module - Best Rain-Bird WiFi Module


Rain Bird
Device type
WiFi Module.

Key Features

  1. Lnk WiFi is compatible with the Rain Bird ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me controller.
  2. Onsite control.
  3. Off-site control.
  4. Easy access to the troubleshooting area. 
  5. Automatic weather adjustment.
  6. Temperature monitoring.

This is not a sprinkler system controller rather a WiFi module to control your Rain bird sprinkler system from a long distance. This WiFi module is compatible with the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me controllers. By the way, the controller needs to be manufactured after November 2, 2016.

Lnk WiFi will allow you to control the entire system like a remote control device when you will remain in the area. On the other hand, the internet accessibility through this device will let you control the watering from a remote distance.

Furthermore, installing this WiFi module will give you access to the troubleshooting area. As a result, monitoring the condition and temperature will be more dynamic. Moreover, the automatic weather adjustment feature will be handy to minimize the chance of overwatering. After installing this device, it is possible to save almost 50% more water than previous.

Finally, the device will introduce the system with superior functionality. As a result, you will get more control over the system to ensure an optimum watering process.


  1. You will get more control over the sprinkler system.
  2. The WiFi accessibility will give you the authenticity to control the irrigation from a longer distance.
  3. When you will remain on the site, the WiFi module will allow you to control the watering like a remote control device.

6. Rain-Bird Rotor Heads 5000 Rotor Sprinkler Heads- Best head


Device type
Sprinkler head.

Key Features

  1. 40 degree to 360-degree rotation capacity.
  2. Heavy-duty cover.
  3. Extra durable.
  4. Pressure activated heads.
  5. Each sprinkler heads comes with a nozzle pack.
  6. Moderate spray distance.

Our further recommendation is also not for a sprinkler system controller. In the sixth place, we have added four sprinkler heads to get water supply without any kinds of leakage. 

The rotor sprinkler head can rotate from 40-degree to 360-degree, allowing you to set the direction according to your preference. Furthermore, all the heads come with a heavy-duty cover. As a result, there will have fewer chances of breakage. The device is extra durable to withstand all kinds of rough force.

On top of that, the pressure activated heads with the triple blade construction will confirm essential pop up and retraction. All the sprinkler heads come with a nozzle pack, ensuring maximum safety and protection.  If the water pressure of your system is moderate, you will get enough spray distance through these sprinkler heads. By the way, it is also possible to adjust the spray distance according to your need.

These sprinkler heads come with multi-purpose functionality. You will be able to use these heads for both residential and commercial purposes.


  1. The Rain-Bird sprinkler heads are a complete solution for both commercial and residential purposes.
  2. These sprinkler heads are a multi-functional device for any sprinkler system.
  3. The pressure-activated heads will ensure optimum spray pressure.

7. Rain-Bird SST600IN Indoor Sprinkler - Best for easy installation

SST600IN is another indoor sprinkler system controller to make your sprinkler system more functional. If your previous sprinkler system is not providing up to date service, SST600IN should be an excellent tool to upgrade the timer.

This sprinkler timer is suitable for installing the indoor to control the watering with ease. You will be able to set this one inside of your home, garage, or any water poof shed. Besides, the one-touch adjustable feature will be handy to adjust the watering level in different seasons of the year.

Moreover, this one can delay the watering process for more than 3-days. Take some rest for 72-hours and let nature complete the watering process for you. You don't need to re-start the timer again after the delay period. The device will automatically resume the process once the 72-hour delay time finishes.

Furthermore, the built-in surge protection will prevent all kinds of water-flow related damage. On the other hand, the extreme level of durability of the timer will be handy to protect it from deterioration. Finally, the perfect sealing of the timer will protect the intervention of insects and moisture to keep the device safe.


SST600IN will replace the obsolete SST600I. If you are seeking a replacement for your old previous model, consider grabbing SST600I from Rain Bird.

8. Rain-Bird ESP-Me Modular Outdoor Mount Controller, 120V-Best for budget


Rain Bird

Key Features

  1. Upgradable station capacity.
  2. Larger LCD display.
  3. Storage memory compartment.
  4. One-touch manual watering.
  5. 14-day delay timing.
  6. Four independent programs with six independent start times.

Our final recommendation for a Rain Bird controller is the ESP-Me.  This one is an excellent piece of the controller with an upgradable capacity of up to 22 stations.

First of all, the controller comes with a larger LCD display. As a result, checking the information will be much easier than ever before. A great thing about this device is its non-volatile storage memory section that can store information with proper dexterity.

Furthermore, the one-touch manual watering process will allow you to control the watering process with enough proficiency. The controller can enhance the delayed watering process up to 14 days. When the delay timing finishes, the controller will resume the process automatically.  By the way, you can also resume the process manually if the rain goes too fast.

Again, the controller comes with four independent programs to control the watering process with ease. Besides, the six independent start times per program should make the functionality more dynamic. You can also water manually in any specified zones.


  1. The easy programmable mechanism will allow everyone to maneuver the timer with proper efficiency.
  2. The timer comes at a budget-friendly price range.
  3. The memory compartment will keep the memory of the previous setting, making the device more versatile.

How to upgrade the Rain-Bird sprinkler timer?


The only tool we will need to complete the upgrade is a screwdriver. If you have that piece of tool, let us begin the upgrade process-


First of all, you will need to evaluate the old-timer settings. Take a notepad and write down the specific information of start time, run time, and watering days for each zone. We will require all this information when we will re-program the new timer. 

After that, unplug the old time from the power.

Labe each sprinkler wire with a small piece of tape and disconnect all the wires. Once you have done removing the wires, remove the old-timer from the wall.

It's time to mount the new timer on the wall.  Connect all the wires to the same number zones you have labeled previously. After that, attach the power transformer and plug the power adapter.

Finally, set the timer according to your preference to enjoy the most versatile experience.

Buying guides

Here are some of the essential things you may notice while installing a new sprinkler controller-


You cannot run the sprinkler system if you are not aware of the setting. That is why the most basic information you need to know is the setting of the timer. Proper knowledge of the setting will reduce the risk of any future hassle. Read the manual guide that comes with the timer. This will help you to set the timer with proper dexterity.

Indoor or outdoor

The next important thing you need to decide while purchasing a sprinkler system is the place of installation. There are some major differences between an indoor and an outdoor sprinkler timer. Choose the controller according to your place of installation.


Choosing the right display of the timer is more than necessary. The display is the only place that exposes all the information in front of you. Choose a larger and bright LCD display so that discerning all the data becomes much easier.  Besides, a rightly chosen display will allow you to set the device with proper proficiency. 

Delay timer

The occurrence of rain can prevent you from watering your lawn through the sprinkler system. At that particular moment, you will need to stop the watering process for a couple of days. Setting the sprinkler controller to delay mode will do the task for you. A sprinkler system can delay the watering system from 3 days to 14 days. A high-end sprinkler system controller always produces extended delay timing. Choose a controller system that comes with a decent delay timer so that you can prevent overwatering during the rain.

Mounting process

The final thing you should learn properly is the installation process or mounting process of the controller. You may also contact with professional to ensure a swift and convenient installation. The controller may also come with an instruction guide specifying all the information about the installation. Scan through the manual guide to ensure a hassle-free installation.

Final words

A sprinkler system saves your budget by reducing the pressure to a great extent. You don't have to control the watering process by going on the field manually. The sprinkler system will do the job for you. You just need to make the right setting. Rain Bird is one of the most renowned sprinkler system manufacturers among many. You may keep your faith in them for better productivity.

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