Best pop-up and brass impact sprinkler 2023

Whether you have a large or smaller yard or lawn in front of your home, you must want to maintain a greenery look. So watering is the only solution for this and the Best pop-up and brass impact sprinkler can make the watering task a lot easier than doing it manually.

Repeating the same task manually becomes a tougher one, often it doesn’t reach the destination you aimed for. But like Rain Bird AG-5 All Gallonage Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler offers you larger area coverage. The other items included in the list also have some specialized features.

Best pop-up sprinkler

Why use pop up and brass impact sprinklers

Instead of watering the lawn manually, one can use a pop-up and brass impact sprinkler to turn the whole process a lot easier. Some major reasons enhance the user to use pop-up sprinklers.

Saves time: The first thing that most sprinkler users find helpful is the time-saving process. In a manual process, it needs a lot of time to collect the water and then water the whole lawn manually. But this complete process is done under an automated system in sprinklers.

Easier process: You have to move around the lawn and water it completely in a manual process, whereas the process is automatically done with easiness without needing your direct engagement.

Proper watering: It is tough and sometimes almost impossible to supply water in every corner of the lawn. However, the sprinkler does the task quite easily and efficiently with 360 degrees and longer reaches.

Customization: The user can enjoy customized water reaching, spray pattern, spray distance while watering the lawn with sprinklers.

Things need to consider before buying

It is a bit difficult task to choose the right pop-up and brass sprinkler for your intended use when you don’t know what basic features you need here. So here are some basic things you need to check out before purchasing a sprinkler.

Build quality: The first and most important feature, you need to look at before buying a sprinkler is the build quality of the product. Most sprinklers nowadays are constructed with plastic. They are also easier to install and for convenient service, heavy-duty ABS plastic construction is enough.

However, some older models or even some rare models come with steel, bronze, or other metallic construction. Although they are a bit stronger than plastic, they tend to rust or corrode when kept unused. Also, they are tougher to install.

Pop-up height: To cover the large area and also reach the taller grasses on the lawn, it is necessary to have an adequate pop-up in the sprinkler. The minimum requirement for efficient watering is 3.5 inches of pop-up height. However, the height should be extended depending on the size of the grass.

Coverage area: What kind of lawn you have is the matter when choosing the coverage area of the sprinkler. Most common sprinklers can cover up to 25 to 45 feet area in diameter. However, if you have a larger area to cover, you should look for one with extended capacity.

The radius of the coverage area can also go up to 85 feet depending on the lawn size. The buyer should look for purchasing one with adjustable coverage area option.

Spray pattern & distance: No matter which sprinkler you are buying, it must spray full 360 degrees direction on the lawn. But, not every time you need 360 degrees service. So the spray pattern should allow a full circle of 360 degrees coverage and a part circle of 20 to 340 degrees coverage.

The capacity of covering the whole lawn area also depends on the spray distance. The minimum spray distance of a pop-up sprinkler should be 20 feet and it can go up to 45 feet as well.

Operating pressure: The operating pressure is closely related to the water pressure of the area from you are going to water the lawn. The operating pressure of pop-up sprinklers typically ranges from 20 to 80 psi. Whether you need low operating pressure or high operating pressure depends on the water pressure of the resource.

Clog-resistance: If the user collects water from secondary or dirty water resources like ponds or canals, the system might receive blockage due to the dirt. For this, before buying one needs to ensure that the sprinkler is resistant to any sort of clogging and it works efficiently even with secondary water.

Extra nozzles: Most high-end pop-up sprinkler comes with extra nozzles, and with different color coding. This allows the user to interchange the nozzles whenever they want to bring some versatility or a new look to the sprinkler.

Best pop-up sprinkler

1. Rain Bird AG-5 All Gallonage Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler


Brand: Rain Bird

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler comes with a double-weighted arm.
  2. The user can adjust the spray distance from 24 feet to 45 feet.
  3. The user can adjust the spray arc from 20 degrees to 360 degrees.
  4. The sprinkler offers a full circle of 360 degrees and a part circle of 20 degrees to 240 degrees of coverage.
  5. The package comes including 5 interchangeable color nozzles.
  6. The sprinkler has 3.5 inches pop-up height.


  1. The sprinkler provides slower rotation and increased distance of throw.
  2. It retracts out of sight for high traffic areas.
  3. The pop-up height helps to clear the tall grass.
  4. The combination of bottom inlet and side female connection offers flexibility in the installation.
  5. It also prevents grass and weeds from growing into heads.
  6. No tool is required to change the nozzles.

If you are searching for a reliable component for your home watering system, this pop-up sprinkler from Rain Bird can be a good choice. The manufacturer has made the sprinkler easy to install and operate. They have also ensured the durability of the sprinkler and make it suitable to work with both heavy and well water.

There are interchangeable coloring nozzles included with the sprinkler. And if you wish to change it, you can do it without requiring any extra tools.

2. Orbit 3 in. H Adjustable Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler


Brand: Orbit

Weight: 0.75 pounds

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler comes with a pre-installed 35 feet spray distance nozzle.
  2. It has a flow-thru design.
  3. It has a fully adjustable spray pattern with a full and part circle.
  4. There is 0.5 inches threaded side or bottom inlet included with the sprinkler.
  5. The operating pressure of the sprinkler ranges from 20 to 80 psi.
  6. The manufacturer constructed it using ABS plastic.


  1. The sprinkler offers excellent spray coverage in low-pressure situations.
  2. The multiple inlets offer multiple installation options to the user.
  3. The universal design fits with most brands.
  4. It is an ideal option for dirty water as it provides superior clog resistance.
  5. The sprinkler won’t rust or corrode.
  6. It is easy to install and operate.

Whenever you are thinking of watering the lawn, you want something trustworthy. Orbit has specially made this sprinkler that retains your trust in the product. You can make the sprinkler fit with any other brands as well because it comes with a universal design.

However, the user can have a quick and hassle-free installation before starting using the sprinkler. And he can use it in dirty water as it is rust and corrosion-resistant.  

3. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 20° - 360° Pattern


Brand: Rain Bird

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler comes with bronze, brass, and stainless steel construction.
  2. It comes with an adjustable coverage area with full 360 degrees or part 20 to 340-degree pattern adjustments.
  3. There is an adjustable deflector flap that adjusts the spray distance from 20 feet to 41 feet radius.
  4. It comes providing high gallonage output.
  5. The sprinkler comes with ½ inches male pipe thread connection.
  6. It is equipped with traditional classic impact sound.


  1. The heavy-duty construction makes it more long-lasting than its competitors.
  2. It is easy to install and also adjust.
  3. The controlled stream prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways.
  4. The user can create smaller and larger water droplets depending on his preference.
  5. The classic sound assures that the lawn is getting enough water that it needs.  

If the choice of sprinkler is improper, then you can never assure of making it a long-lasting one. However, Rain Bird has used some heavy-duty materials here to construct the sprinkler and made it a superbly durable one. The user can also change the water droplet size, to have adequate watering.

While watering the lawn, the water may affect the sideways sometimes. But with the controlled stream setup of this sprinkler, it is not a matter of worry for the user.

4. Orbit 55201 Pulse XL Pop-Up Impact Rotor Sprinkler


Brand: Orbit

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler waters up to 45 feet area in radius.
  2. It comes with an adjustable spray pattern with full or part circles.
  3. It is equipped with dual ¾ inches and ½ inches threaded bottom inlets.
  4. There is also ½ inches side inlet included in the package.
  5. The sprinkler comes with a full-thru and universal design.
  6. The manufacturer has also included extra nozzles here.


  1. The universal design replaces most impact and gear stream heads.
  2. The extra nozzles ensure both high-pressure and low-pressure irrigations.
  3. It provides superior performance in dirty water.
  4. The sprinkler is easy to install and use.
  5. It covers a larger area for convenient watering.

If you are thinking to use the same sprinkler, during both high-pressure and low-pressure irrigations, this one from Orbit can help you superbly. The universal design of the sprinkler makes it suitable for any brand. The most loved side of the product is that it can work well in dirty water.

Moreover, the user doesn’t have to worry about the installation process as it is easy and convenient to install. Also, there is flow different flow attachment included, which you can use to reduce the amount of water being used.

5. Orbit 55034 Sprinkler System Satellite Brass 2-1/2-Inch Pop-Up Impact Canister


Brand: Orbit

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler comes with an adjustable coverage area from 25 feet to 45 feet through the diffuser pins.
  2. The spray pattern of the sprinkler is adjustable from 20 degrees to 360 degrees.
  3. The sprinkler pops up at 3 inches of height.
  4. It comes with dual ½ inches and ¾ inches dual inlets.
  5. The sprinkler comes with an impressive flow-thru anti-clog design.
  6. It is engineered with a heavy-duty, long-lasting brass spray.


  1. It is possible to shorten and lengthen the distance of the sprinkler.
  2. The construction of the sprinkler provides durable and long-lasting service.
  3. It is an excellent choice for dirty or secondary water conditions.
  4. It replaces or works with most canister style impact sprinklers.
  5. It provides easy replacement without moving pipe.

When you are worried about having a lengthier service from the sprinkler, you can check out this one from Orbit. The heavy-duty brass construction of the sprinkler lengthens the durability and lifetime of it and the user can enjoy a long-lasting service.

However, the adjustable distance provides you control the coverage area and have an efficient performance from the sprinkler.

6. Rainbird Part/Full Circle Maxi-Paw Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler


Brand: Rainbird

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The sprinkler comes with a heavy-duty plastic case and is reinforced with a sturdy ribbed design.
  2. The manufacturer made it with a straight-through flow design.
  3. There are five interchangeable and color-coded MPR nozzles with standard trajectory included.
  4. It has an adjustable spray pattern of full and part circle.
  5. It also offers easily adjustable, two interchangeable low-angle nozzles.


  1. The sprinkler provides better coverage to the user.
  2. The sprinkler is pretty easy and convenient to install.
  3. It comes with a reliable time tested design.
  4. The spray pattern is easily adjustable by switching between the provided color-coded nozzles.
  5. The user needs no tools to change the nozzles.
  6. It performs superbly in dirty water.

With this pop-up sprinkler, you can easily water your lawn. The manufacturer designed the sprinkler suitable to work on dirty surfaces with efficiency as well. The installation and nozzle changing of the sprinkler is a pretty easy job as it requires no extra tools.

However, the user won’t find interchangeable nozzles with standard trajectories as they are sold separately. Also, one has to buy low-angle nozzles separately as well.

7. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod


Brand: Orbit

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Key Features

The sprinkler covers up to 85 feet area in diameter.

In a full circle setup, it covers up to 5,670 square feet area.

The manufacturer used heavy-duty and durable zinc materials to construct the sprinkler.

The spray distance is adjustable from 20 feet to 42 feet.

There are deflector shields and diffuser screws for altering the stream.

It comes with an anti-backsplash arm.


  1. The sprinkler provides a large coverage area for watering the lawn.
  2. The heavy-duty construction makes the sprinkler a durable and long-lasting one.
  3. It allows the user to water in a consistent pattern and the desired direction.
  4. The water flow remains clog-free even when someone uses dirty water.
  5. It is possible to create both smaller and larger water droplets here.

When you adjust the sprinkler in a tripod, it can water up to 90 feet area in diameter. Through this large coverage area service, the user can change the size of the droplets into smaller or larger depending on his preference. Also, he can enjoy consistent water flow from the anti-backlash arm.

How does a pop-up sprinkler works 

The working process of a pop-up sprinkler might seem difficult to you, but actually, it works through an easier process. The body part stays underneath the ground with a platform and it is screwed with a hose. And when you turn on the screw, the water will be sprayed on the lawn through the upper nozzle part of the sprinkler.

How long do pop up and brass impact sprinkler last

The lifetime of pop up and brass impact sprinklers depends on the quality it offers to the users. In most cases, they last for around 10 to 15 years. However, taking proper care of the sprinkler after installation can also prolong their lifetime.

Cost of pop up and brass impact sprinklers

Likewise, the lifetime, the cost of pop up and brass impact sprinklers depend largely on the quality of the product. However, as most sprinklers nowadays are plastic build, they cost around $5 to $20.

Now you can make the watering task in your lawn a lot easier by purchasing sprinklers from the list. But before choosing anyone, check out the buying guide carefully.

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