Best wooden and plastic planer boards for fishing reviews 2023

While fishing in a sea or big water resource, many users rely on trolling. And planer boards are a convenient supportive accessory while trolling. You can have a better reach of the fishing line by using planer boards.

Also, it becomes a lot easier to find fish and baits in deep or shallow water by using these boards. Our first pick is Yellow Bird Fishing Products Totally Redesigned New 8” Medium Planer Board. There are lots more boards available in the list, where some are lime green, and some are orange colors.

Mostly, you will find two sizes for the boards, one in regulation and another one is bigger. There are a lot more discussions about this in the buying guide section.

Best planer boards for fishing

Top picks

Yellow Bird Fishing Products Totally Redesigned New 8” Medium Planer Board: It comes with a durable ABS plastic construction. It also has a red tattle flag.

Krazywolf Planer Board (P007, P009), Includes Spring Flag System: It comes in a highly visible yellow color with adjustable tension springs and five tension spring holes.

Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Board: It has an OR16 red clip and OR18 black release. There is a red stationary flag included.

Opti Tackle 593 Medium planer board w/corkscrew right, Multi: This visible lime green planer board has the stationary, foldable flag, and extra-wide clips.

Gator Board Planer Board: It comes with gator grip clips and a strike flag kit. There is an LED light available for night fishing.

Church Tackle The Walleye Board: It is a lightweight board, which has a visible orange color and can cover more water.

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Best planer boards for fishing

1. Yellow Bird Fishing Products Totally Redesigned New 8” Medium Planer Board

Yellow Bird Inline Planer Boards


Brand: Yellow Bird Planer Boards

Weight: 0.55 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used durable ABS plastic to construct the planer board.
  2. It is an eight inches longboard.
  3. There is a working tattle flag available with the latest additions of an enclosed back.
  4. It has an adjustable weight system.
  5. The board comes with two new quick grip snap releases.
  6. It has a red for port and a green mark for starboard.

Durable board: The manufacturer has put importance on durability and used quality recycled ABS plastic to construct it. Through this construction, they also ensured a longer lifespan of the planner board. The user won't find problems like Styrofoam deteriorating, popping, breaking, or becoming brittle.  The backstays are secure with the enclosed design.

Design & Size: It is a rectangular board, and it measures 8 inches long. The length is enough for regular angling by any angler. The makers included a tattle flag on the board surface.

Inclusions:  It is undoubtedly a complete planer board for the fishers as it comes including crucial things like tattle flag and enclosed back. However, it also has an adjustable weight system and new quick grip snap releases. Also, it has a red mark and green for ports and starboards.


  1. The ABS plastic construction makes the board durable and long-lasting.
  2. With the light marks, the user always stays focused on which side he needs to run the board.
  3. It allows the user to control buoyancy for light and heavy baits due to the adjustable height.
  4. It is easy to assemble and start fishing baits.
  5. The board keeps the lure in the best position to catch fish.

2. Krazywolf Planer Board (P007, P009), Includes Spring Flag System

Krazywolf Planer Board


Brand: Krazywolf

Weight: 1.19 pounds

Key features

  • The board comes in a highly visible yellow color.
  • It measures 8 inches in length and 3 inches in width.
  • It has keel weight with adjustable positions.
  • There are five holes at the front for tension spring.
  • It is equipped with a red flag six inches above the board.
  • The front clip is 4.625 inches long.

Design: It is a regulation-size planer board, which has a highly visible color pattern of yellow. The board is 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. The increased visibility of the board makes it an appropriate choice for any freshwater trolling and fishing.

Adjustable tension springs: One of the loved sides of this planer board is the adjustability of the tension springs. Before you are ready to catch the baits, you need to sense their size. It helps any user to adjust the spring tension depending on the bait size.

Also, there are five holes designed at the front of the board for the tension springs and let the user adjust them.

Spring-loaded flag: There is a red flag situated at six inches in height on the board. The tattle flag comes spring-loaded, which alerts the user when you catch baits or fish.


  1. The high visibility of the board provides convenient freshwater trolling.
  2. With the spring-loaded flag, the user remains alert about when to strike. 
  3. You can adjust the spring tension depending on the bait size.
  4. The pressure lock snap offers a snug hold on any type of fishing line.
  5. There is a wrench to attach the clips.

3. Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Board

Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Board


Brand: Off Shore

Weight: 0.71 pounds

Key features

  1. The planer board comes with a stationary red flag.
  2. It has an OR16 red clip on the end of the board with a split ring.
  3. It also includes an OR18 black release with a lock nut.
  4. It measures 12 inches in length and 6 inches in width.
  5. There is an instruction manual available in the package.

Functionality: This planer board is not an ideal choice for catching small fish or baits. It is a 12 inches long and 6 inches wide board, which is bigger than the regulation ones. It can pull heavyweight baits underneath the water because of its size and strength.

Also, it’s a great choice for those anglers who love angling in deep water rather than fresh or shallow water.

OR16 and OR18: It comes with both OR16 and OR18 clips. To keep the balance of the board in the middle of the water, the red OR16 clips play a vital role. It is available at the end of the board with split rings. However, by adjusting the black OR18 clips, the user can make it function as a release.

Inclusion of instruction manual: The manufacturer made the installation process more convenient by including the instruction manual. It also lets them know the proper working process of the planer board for deep water fishing.


  1. The stationary flag on the board is fixed but can be folded while stowing.
  2. The OR16 red clip keeps the board stands still on the fishing when the user places the line behind the center pin as indicated.
  3. You can tension adjust the OR18 black clip to function as a release.
  4. It comes in handy for deepwater anglers to pull more weight.
  5. It can keep the balance even in a wavy condition.

4. Opti Tackle 593 Medium planer board w/corkscrew right, Multi


Brand: Opti-2

Weight: 0.64 pounds

Key features

  1. The planer board comes with a properly visible lime green color.
  2. It includes extras wide clips.
  3. It also comes with a light stick feature.
  4. There is a lightweight, red stationary flag available.
  5. There are multiple variations available on the board.

Durable board: When you are purchasing a quality planer board, you need to ensure durability. The makers have made the board highly durable, which can withstand regular rough uses with ease and grace. It doesn't matter what condition you are going through in the water, it will always be supportive.

Foldable flag: Many planer board users feel difficult to store it in a compact place as it has a flag. But you can fold the flag available on this board, and there isn't any issue with the storage. The flag is also lightweight and doesn't increase the weight of the board.

Great for night fishing: First of all, the lime green color of the board offers proper visibility to the users. But it doesn't seem enough to let one go for night fishing. But the manufacturer added a light stick feature in the board to make it appropriate for night fishing. Night fishers will definitely fancy this board.


  1. The board can withstand the harshest conditions in the water with its durability and design.
  2. It lets the user choose from multiple variations.
  3. The board provides clear visibility with the lime green color.
  4. It ensures a better hold with the extra-wide clips.
  5. Night fishing is possible now through the light stick.
  6. The user can fold the stationary and lightweight flag while storing the board.

5. Gator Board Planer Board


Brand: Gator Bait Tackle

Weight: 3 pounds  

Key features

  1. The planer board measures 10 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width.
  2. It comes with two gator clips with a strike flag kit.
  3. There is an LED light available on the board.
  4. The gator clips have oversized pads & a pin in the middle.
  5. It is also equipped with flexible tow arms.
  6. It comes with nylon lock nuts and a wrench.

Sturdy setup: When you are going fishing in a wavy condition, you might think the board will fail to withstand the rough conditions. However, the manufacturer has imposed a robust structure to make it withstand such rough conditions. The flexible wires are also smooth, and they are made of long-time usage.

Easier installation: You don't have to wait long to start fishing with this planer board as it is easier to install. The board has a nylon lock and wrench, which quickens the installation process. Also, you will find a detailed instruction that elaborates the installation process in simple and clear language.

Nigh fishing: Not every planer board offers night fishing, but this one does. If you have an interest in fishing, you should go for it. There is an LED light at the side of the board, which enables the board to be used at night as well.


  1. The user will have an indication when gets on or bait is fouled with weeds through the strike flag.
  2. The flexible wire is smooth and won't crimp even after a long time of usage.
  3. Riding smoothly in waves is possible through the flexible tow arms.
  4. The LED light offers night fishing.
  5. The installation becomes more convenient with the nylon lock nuts and wrench.

6. Church Tackle The Walleye Board


Brand: Church Tackle

Weight: 1 ounce.

Key features

  1. The planer board comes in properly visible orange color.
  2. It is an ideal one for braids, fused, lead core, and monofilament lines.
  3. It can cover more water.
  4. It is a lightweight board.

No problem with visibility: This planer board has a different color than most other planer board models in the market, which is orange. But there isn't any issue with the visibility of the board. Although it's not suitable to be used at night, it can provide enough support to the users in daylight.

Easy to catch fish: There is no use of a planer board that doesn't ease the fish catching process. The board allows trolling the lures to the sides, which enhances the catching process. Finding such an accessory in this price range is definitely not an easy task.

Lightweight design: The compact design and lightweight structure ensure easy transportation of the board. It doesn't matter where you are going fishing, you can always take it on the go and make the fishing time a lot convenient.


  1. The orange color provides enough visibility to the user.
  2. The trolls lure off to the sides of the board.
  3. With the planer board, the user can cover up more water.
  4. It is easy finding the fish with the board.

Things to consider before buying

You can only get a good performance from the planer board when you purchased the right one. And purchasing the ideal board is only possible when you know what things make a perfect planer board. There are not a lot of things you need to consider before choosing.

Decide whether a regulation size or extra-large size board you need.

  1. The visibility of the board does matter.
  2. If you are a night fisher, the board must have an LED light.
  3. Having a stationary flag is necessary.
  4. Look for durable and long-lasting construction.

Now let’s break deep into things to make the buying process a lot more convenient for you.

Size: There are mainly two different sizes available in the planer board that includes moderate size and extra size. Most buyers fancy going for a moderate-size board, which measures around 8 inches in length and 3 inches in width. It is ideal for small fishes and baits, not for heavier ones.

However, you like angling big fishes and baits, you should look for an extra-large planer board. Typically, these boards measure around 12 inches in length and 6 inches in width. There is another less used size available, which measures 10 inches long and 4 inches wide approximately.

Visibility and color: Visibility is directly related to the color of the board. There are mainly three colors found on the boards, and you will find every three colors in the list. The most used color is yellow, which is also the most visible one.

In terms of visibility, you will find lime green standing at the second position. However, there aren’t many planer boards of this color available. The third color is orange, and it's the less visible one according to most users.

Night fishing: If you are a professional angler, you might be used to night fishing. If that is the case, you need a supportive planer board that has something special for night fishing. For night fishing, you must purchase a board that has an LED light or light stick.

It will provide clear visibility in the night sky and let you catch fish much conveniently. Also, the color of the planer board is a crucial thing in this manner. The most visible one is appropriate for night fishing.

Stationary flag: Every planer board comes with a stationary flag. But the problem comes when you need to store the board in a compact place. That is why you need to ensure the flag is foldable. It will help you store it easily wherever you like.

Also, you should ensure that the inclusion of the flag doesn't make the board heavier or bulky.

Construction: Well, you might think it's down in the list, so it might not be a really important thing to consider. But it is indeed a crucial thing, although there isn't much difference in the structure of these boards. The majority of boards come with plastic construction, and ABS plastic is mostly used material.

Assembling process: If it takes too much time to assemble a product, it will get easily disgusted with it. Purchasing a planer board that takes the least time to get ready for fishing is the wisest thing.

It should include a wrench and other installation materials to quicken the process. Also, look for the installation guide in the package.

Made for rough conditions: When the planer board can keep balance in the rough, windy, and wavy conditions, you should take it in such situations. A durable and sturdy structure is the key that makes it capable to withstand rough conditions. Also, a bigger and heavier board is suitable for these situations.

What are the different types of planer boards?

Depending on the size and materials used there are two categories in the planer boards. The first one refers to two types of boards regarding the construction material.

  • Plastic planer boards are sturdy, long-lasting, and a bit pricier.
  • Foam planer boards are lightweight, affordable but offer a shorter lifespan.

There is another category, which is made depending on the size of the boards.

  • Moderate size planer boards are easy to take on the go, and they take less space.
  • Large planer boards are heavier and can store big & more fish.
  • With a dual floating structure, there are double planer boards.

How to use a fishing planer board?

planer boards

There are some necessary things you need to know that will help to get a proper advantage from a planer board.

  • Keep the rod tip high in the rod holders to allow the lines to run straight to the planer board.
  • To prevent sliding use wrapping on the fishing line and clips.
  • To get indications from the line, use tattle flags on the board.
  • Before getting out for the fishing spot, you should set up the planer board first.

How much do fishing planer boards cost?

There are both cheap and expensive planer boards available. Also, you will find boards as a single product and sometimes in the package. The price of a single planer board ranges typically from $20 to $50. However, a package of planer boards can cost you up to $120 as well.

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Are planer boards great for fishing?

Yes, planer boards are great for fishing indeed. There are some advantages it offers that make it a good fishing companion.

  • It allows spreading fishing lines to cover a long area.
  • It offers fishermen to fish using multiple lines.
  • It makes night fishing much convenient for professional anglers.
  • As it is easy to use, it increases the fish catching rate.


Are planer boards necessary for trolling?

Yes, planer boards are necessary for trolling as they cover extra-area.

How deep can you fish with planer boards?

Typically, one can fish down to 30 feet deep inside the water using planer boards.

How deep a number 2 planer goes?

A number 2 planer goes 10 to 20 feet deep.

How deep is an 8 planer?

An 8 planer can go down 15 to 50 feet deep approximately.

How far back one should run planer board lines?

One should run planer boards lines 75 feet far on each side.

Final words

So, have you decided which one of these planer boards you need to for the next fishing trip? You don't have to think of the first pick on the list as the best one. The one that fulfills your need is the right choice for you, and you can purchase that without any doubt.

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