Best Industrial Bar Stools Reviews 2022

Decorating your dining or having your precious breakfast or coffee, an industrial bar stool can bring great help. Whether you are looking for some bar stools for decorating your kitchen or dining, choosing from these 9 best industrial bar stools should always provide you the best stool possible. We are confident about our approach because we have done some extensive research before making the list.

Before going into the product discussion section, we would love to mention to you that the Vintage Industrial Bar Stool-Rustic Swivel Bar Stool will remain as our overall best pick among all of the items.

best industrial bar stools

Best Industrial Bar Stools

1. Vintage Industrial Bar Stool-Rustic Swivel Bar Stool

This Vintage Industrial Bar Stool-Rustic Swivel Bar Stool from the LOKKHAN store is our first recommendation and overall pick for today. When it is about buying a stool for decorating your kitchen, dining, or office, looking at the design and outside attire becomes very much important. This one with its bucolic rustic design and attire will please anyone in any place. What can be much more pleasing than a stool that has the capability of swivel? Yes, this one will make your sitting comfortable and movement easier with the 360-degree swivel capacity. The height-adjustable feature from 20 inches to 27 inches will add much more efficiency. The sturdy footrest attached to this item will provide better support for your legs, making the stool comfortable. A fully welded design with anti-scratch and anti-rust construction should be the worth of your money. This stool should be perfect for a farmhouse, kitchen island, or kitchen counter.

Key Features

  1. Brand: LOKKHAN.
  2. Bucolic rustic design.
  3. 360-degree swivel capability.
  4. 20-27 inches of adjustable height.
  5. A sturdy footrest supports your feet.
  6. Fully welded design.
  7. Anti-scratch/ anti-rust.

2. Diwhy Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Tractor Seat Adjustable Bar Stool

In the second place, we have gathered the Diwhy Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Tractor Seat Adjustable Bar Stool from the famous DIWHY store. This one will greatly suit any home or pub environment, making the ambiance more elegant. The cast iron and steel construction of the stool will ensure that this one remains durable even with a heavy load. The powder-coated finishing of this item will ensure that this one remains rust-free, even after long days of use. This one is adjustable, allowing every member of your family to sit with comfort.  Finally, the rustic tractor seat design with the swivel capability should make this one a preferable stool for everyone looking for an elegant item.

Key Features

  1. Brand: DIWHY.
  2. Suitable for home or pub environment.
  3. Cast iron and steel construction.
  4. Rust free with the Powder-coated finishing.
  5. 20-27 inches adjustable.
  6. Rustic tractor seat design.
  7. Swivel capability.

3. Christopher Knight Home Alanis Firwood Barstool

This Alanis Firwood Barstool from Christopher Knight Home is our third recommendation for you if you are looking for a barstool to buy. This black brush silver barstool comes with an iron frame and metal seat material, making it more sturdy and durable to use for a long time. The antique leg finishing of this item makes it quite bucolic to look at. The fir wood material provides extra ease of sitting.  Finally, the dimension of this item is 21.00" deep x 17.50" wide x 39.00" high, making it suitable for every place and every person.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Christopher Knight Home.
  2. Iron frame constrcution.
  3. Metal seat material/fir wood
  4. Antique leg finishing.
  5. Dimension: 21.00" deep x 17.50" wide x 39.00" high.

4. GDF Christal Modern Industrial Wood Bar Stool

This Christal Modern Industrial Wood Bar Stool from Great Deal Furniture is our fourth recommendation for all the people looking for good quality and elegant bar stool. The sleek metal frame makes this one durable and sturdy to withstand heavyweight. The rich, natural wood contrasted by smooth metal provides a vibrant look to make any home environment aesthetic. The complete handcrafted design by the prolific craftsmen adds extra fuel to its eccentricity. This one is also adjustable, allowing you to set the weight from 25 inches to as much as 36 inches. Finally, this one can bring ultimate comfort to your kitchen or home bar with its swivel function.

 Key features

  1. Brand: Great Deal Furniture.
  2. Durable and sturdy with a sleek metal frame.
  3. Natural ACACIA wood.
  4. Handcrafted design with prolific craftsmen.
  5. Adjustable height ( 25 inches to 36 inches).
  6. Swivel function.

5. BokkolikIndustrial Bar Stool

Now, this one is special from the famous furniture manufacturer Bokkolik. This industrial bar stool can be a worthy inclusion to the kitchen island, kitchen counter, or sofa. This one comes with an adjustable height of 15.2 inches to 21 inches, allowing it to be suitable for children to adults. The lockable knob will ensure that you remain secured and tight while sitting. Like always, the sturdy steel frame construction makes this one durable and long-lasting. The 360-degree swivel function makes it more suitable for any given situation. The solid wood top of the stool provides an authentic look that you will not be able to ignore. The two-tone finishing, including brown and gray, adds extra fuel to its aesthetics.

Key Features

  1. Brand: BOKKOLIK.
  2. Suitable for the kitchen island, kitchen counter, or sofa.
  3. Adjustable height from 15.2 inches to 21 inches.
  4. Lockable knob.
  5. Sturdy steel frame construction.
  6. 360-degree swivel function.
  7. Solid wood top.
  8. Two-tone finishing( gray and brown).

6. Christopher Knight Adjustable Barstool

In the sixth place, we have brought another item from Christopher Knight Home, and this time it is the CKH Wood Finish Adjustable Barstool. Like most other bar stool, this one also comes with a sturdy metal frame construction, making the item more durable and long-lasting. The oak furniture finish gives this one a vibrant look the 360-degree swivel feature adds extra comfort to your movement. The rustic design of this item should make the ambiance of your kitchen or home pub more vibrant and elegant to be easily noticeable. Another reason to try this item is that this one requires no assembling before use.

Key Feature

  1. Brand: Christopher Knight Home.
  2. Suitable for kitchen or home pub.
  3. Sturdy metal frame construction.
  4. Oak furniture finishing.
  5. 360-degree swivel feature.
  6. Rustic design.
  7. No assembly is necessary.

7. LOKKHAN Industrial Bar Stool-Bike Pedal Footrest

A unique design is something that most people prefer before buying any particular item. if so, this Industrial bar stool from Lokkhan should be the ideal item you are looking for. This unique bi-cycle bar stool is suitable for both indoor and commercial use. You will be able to rotate the seat 360 around while enjoying your favorite pass time resting your foot on the bi-cycle paddle. The solid pine-wood top of this bar stool makes sitting more comfortable. The high-grade metal iron framing, on the other hand, will provide a sturdy construction that will last for a long time. The adjustable height function design will allow you to minimize or maximize the height from 29 inches to 37 inches. Finally, the rustic design makes this one suitable for placing it in your kitchen,home,bar, cafe, or bistro, making yours or your guest’s leisure more enjoyable.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Lokkhan
  2. Suitable for both indoor and commercial use.
  3. Bi-cycle paddle for a pleasurable footrest.
  4. High-grade metal iron framing.
  5. Adjustable height: 29 inches to 37 inches.
  6. Rustic design; suitable for kitchen, home, bar, cafe, or bistro.

8. Topower American Antique Industrial Crank Stool

This American Antique Industrial Crank Stool from Topower is our eighth recommendation for you. The crank style design of this item gives this one a vibrant look that you can’t ignore. The 360-degree rotating capacity of this item will provide perfect mobility for every child and adult. The solid cast iron connector with heavy duty pipe gives this one moderate strength to withstand a heavy weight of around 200 kg. The multi-functional design and rustic layout make this one suitable for office, party, or any occasion. The solid pine wood top layer of this stool is authentic enough to make your sitting comfortable. Finally, the adjustable-height function allows comfort for all ages of people.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Topower.
  2. Crank style design.
  3. 360-degree rotating capacity.
  4. Solid cast iron connector with the heavy-duty pipe.
  5. Can withstand 200 kgs of weight.
  6. Multi-functional design with a rustic layout.
  7. Solid pine wood top.
  8. Adjustable height function.

9. Signature Design by Ashley Pinnadel Counter Height Bar Stool

As our last and final recommendation, we have brought this Pinnadel Counter Height Bar Stool from Signature Design by Ashley. If you are looking for an item that will provide comfort and versatility at the same time, then this one should be the appropriate item to pick up. The metal framing construction makes this one the most sturdy and durable item possible. Like most other quality bar stool, this one will also have a 360-degree swivel function, enhancing the mobility of the person sitting on this stool. The rustic style with the sculptural metal legs should make this one the worthy item you are looking for in your home or business. Finally, this one comes with a dimension of 17.5” W x 17.5” D x 24” H, making it suitable for any place and any situation.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Signature Design by Ashley.
  2. Comfort and versatility at the same time.
  3. Metal framing construction.
  4. 360-degree swivel function.
  5. Rustic style with sculpture metal legs.
  6. Dimension: 17.5” W x 17.5” D x 24” H.
  7. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Short Buying Guides

There are many things to consider before buying an industrial bar stool. If you are new in this field and require some guidelines, here are the top five things that you need to consider while buying a bar stool (video).

1. Design

If you are thinking about buying a bar stool, then probably, you are thinking about decoring your pub house or kitchen. Anyway, for whatever reason you are thinking about buying the item, the first and the most essential thing that you need to look at is the design of the stool. If the design is not compatible with your expected ambiance, it will be a complete waste for sure. Make sure the item you are aiming to buy has a bucolic or rustic design so that it looks appropriate and elegant in any situation.

2. Frame construction

The second thing that you need to ensure is whether the frame of the stool is sturdy enough or not to withstand the weight and environmental wearing. A steel frame with powder-coated finishing should always be ideal because along with durability, this one will also provide the frame anti-rust feature to prevent weathering.

3. Top of the bar stool

Another most important feature that you should not miss looking at is the top of the bar stool. Make sure that the wooden top has a colorful finishing so that it can enhance the beauty of your kitchen or house. As people mostly will stare at the top of the stool, ensuring a good colorful top might enhance your reputation as well.

4. Adjustable height

Looking at the height of the stool is another most essential thing that you should be looking at. If the height of the stool is not adjustable, people sitting on the stool might not feel comfortable. For ensuring comfort zone, an adjustable height with a locking knob is a must-have item.

5. Swivel

The final thing that you need to look at is whether the stool has a swivel function or not. Having a 360-degree swivel function enhances the movement capacity of every individual sitting on the stool to a great extent. Besides, it a swivel enable stool enhances the beauty or elegance greatly that you can’t avoid loving.

Final words

Whether for decorating your house or business, an industrial bar stool can bring great convenience. There are many things that you need to consider while buying a bar stool which may not all the time possible. We are here to do the task for you. The items that we have discussed throughout the article are all verified to give you a comfy and durable feature at the same time. We believe all of our hard work is going to make your experience great and loveable.

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