Best Humminbird IceTransducer Reviews 2022

A transducer is indeed a necessary thing to any anglers as they are using a fish finder to locate fishes underneath the water. There are a lot of brands that are offering some excellent transducers; one can surely enjoy adequate service from the Best Humminbird transducer.

Except for normal transducers, there are ice transducer, extension cable, and transducer bracket included in the list and it starts with Humminbird 710201-1 XHS 9 HDSI 180 T (HD Side Imaging) Transom Mount Transducer. However, no one should choose a transducer blindly and so there is a buying guide containing the crucial things needed to consider.

Cost of Humminbird transducer

Typically, Humminbird transducers are one of the budget-friendly products in the market. The cost of these transducers ranges from $110 to $180. However, depending on the features they offer, and their functionality the cost sometimes goes down to $70 as well. And a few high-end transducers can cost you around $250 or up sometimes.

What does a transducer do

The main task of a transducer is to send signals beneath the water in one form and receive signals in another form. It is used by the anglers with the fish finders to locate fishes underneath the water. This electronic device sends the electric pulses under the fishing water surface transforming it to sound waves first.

Then, the sound waves come back to the user as echoes. The echoes inform the user about the depth of the water and also inform how far the target is there.

Best Humminbird ice transducer


product name


key features


Transducer with temperature sensor

Humminbird 710201-1 XHS 9 HDSI 180 T (HD Side Imaging) Transom Mount Transducer

•20 and 60 degrees dual-beam angles
•Side imaging sonar included 

Transducer with 7-pin plug

Humminbird 710198-1 XNT 9 20 T Single/DualBeam Transom Mount Transducer

•Built-in temperature sensor
•Single and dual beam transducer

Dual spectrum transducer

Humminbird 710274-1 XNT 9 HW T HELIX Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducer

•Narrow and wide beam
•Three different operating frequencies 

Transducer with extension cable

Humminbird 411580-1 MEGA 360 Imaging Universal Fish Finder Transducer

•Two sonar sources options
•Power cable and extension cable included 

Ice transducer

Humminbird XI 9 20 Ice Transducer

•8 feet cable
•Nautical type mapping

Extension cable

Humminbird Transducer Extension Cable

•10 feet long cable
•14-pin design 

Transducer bracket

Humminbird Mhx-Xnt Transducer Bracket

•Designed for the marine environment
•Bracket plug included

Best Humminbird transducer

1. Humminbird 710201-1 XHS 9 HDSI 180 T (HD Side Imaging) Transom Mount Transducer


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The transducer operates on 83, 200, 455, and 800 kHz frequencies.
  2. It comes with a dual-beam transducer 20 and 60 degrees beam sonar.
  3. There is a side imaging sonar included that is equipped with two 84 degrees beams.
  4. It is compatible with the 997c SI combo fish finder and other side imaging Humminbird sonar system.
  5. It includes a 20 feet cable.
  6. There is a built-in temperature sensor included with the transducer.


  1. The new design of the transducer makes it more secure.
  2. The transducer is less prone to kick up at the high force of waves because of the optional lockdown screw.
  3. It provides the user with an improved running angle.
  4. The user can mount it on both transoms and the back of his boat.
  5. It includes all necessary hardware to let the user begin the process quickly.
  6. It provides a clearer picture than most compact transducers.

Make your fishing trip more comfortable with this transducer from Humminbird. The transducer comes with the required hardware to start locating the fishes underneath the water efficiently. Also, the beam angle produces a larger coverage area beneath the water, which enables the user to find his cherished fish and baits.

If you have a Humminbird sonar system, you can make the transducer compatible with it. Another thing, the users will like about it is the clear picture quality. Compared to another transducer in this price range, this one creates a much better view under the water and informs the user about the condition of the fish there.

2. Humminbird 710198-1 XNT 9 20 T Single/DualBeam Transom Mount Transducer


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. The transducer operates on 83 and 200 kHz frequencies.
  2. This single and dual beam transducer comes with 20 degrees and 60 degrees cone angles.
  3. It is compatible with many Pmax, Matrix, and number series Humminbird sonar systems.
  4. There is a built-in temperature sensor included with the transducer.
  5. It has 20 feet cable and a 7 pin plug.
  6. There is all the necessary hardware included in the package.


  1. The addition of all necessary hardware makes the installation easier for the user.
  2. The design of the transducer provides extended security.
  3. At high force waves, the transducer is less prone to kick up.
  4. The single and dual beam angles provide the user with an improved running angle.
  5. It informs the user of regular conditions underneath the water with the built-in temperature support.
  6. It can be mounted on the transom and back of the boat keeping close contact with the water.

This transducer is pretty similar to the first transducer included in the list but has an extra feature. There is a 7 pin plug included alongside the 20 feet cable in the package, which is missing in the first listed product.

The user finds this transducer very helpful when it informs frequently about the water temperature. It allows him to find a suitable spot and time for fishing. The beam angles produce a large coverage area for easier and clear reach to the fishes.

3. Humminbird 710274-1 XNT 9 HW T HELIX Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducer


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 15.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. The transducer comes with dual spectrum CHIRP.
  2. The narrow beam is 25 degrees and the wide beam is 42 degrees here.
  3. It operates in three different frequencies range including full from 150 220 kHz, narrow from 180 to 240 kHz, and wide from 140 to 200 kHz.
  4. It is equipped with a long 20 feet cable.
  5. The maximum depth of the dual spectrum CHIRP is 1200 feet or 365 meters.
  6. It is compatible with HELIX 5 CHIRP G-2 – GPS-equipped models only.
  7. The package includes all required hardware.


  1. The installation process of the transducer is pretty easier.
  2. This dual-beam transducer offers the user to use it in different frequencies.
  3. The lengthy cable provides a better reach underneath the water.
  4. In open water mode, all models can support the transducer as a 2D sonar-only transducer.
  5. The user can enjoy nautical mapping with the transducer.

Unlike the previous product in the list, this one is not compatible with various Humminbird sonar systems; rather it is compatible with a few definite models. The dissimilarity with the first two transducers is that it doesn’t support side imaging and down imaging.

When the user does so, the transducer will only work as a 2D sonar only transducer. However, the dual-beam setup and longer 20 feet cable ensure the transducer will have a better reach beneath the water. It ultimately makes fishing a lot easier and convenient for the user.

4. Humminbird 411580-1 MEGA 360 Imaging Universal Fish Finder Transducer


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. The transducer comes with two sonar source options with 360 imaging mode and side imaging mode.
  2. It includes 50 inches MEGA 360 imaging pod and shaft assembly with power and transducer cables.
  3. There are a 10 feet MEGA power cable included in the package.
  4. It is equipped with 10 feet HELIX transducer extension cable.
  5. It also comes with 10 feet SOLIX transducer extension cable.
  6. The transducer is compatible with Humminbird accessory mounting options including Ultrex MEGA 360 hardware kit and MEGA 360 ice adapter.


  1. The 360 imaging previews a clear and detailed look under the water.
  2. The transducer allows the user to choose his mounting solution.
  3. The user can also share the sonar views on other compatible Humminbird models on the network.
  4. The 3rd party mounting solution provides the user the intended performance throughout the whole trip.

Whereas the first three products in the list come with 20 feet cable, this transducer is equipped with only 10 feet cable. However, the manufacturer has included some extension cables in the package as well to provide more efficiency in the fishing. There are SOLIX and HELIX extension cables of 10 feet included in the package.

It is not like most another transducer as it offers the user to mount the whole system on his personal preference. It also ensures that the user will enjoy the intended performance by mounting it himself. The 360 imaging is an excellent option crystal clear view with a better coverage area.

5. Humminbird XI 9 20 Ice Transducer


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is a single or dual beam ice transducer.
  2. The transducer operates on 83 kHz and 200 kHz frequencies.
  3. This single and dual beam transducer comes with 20 degrees and 60 degrees cone angles.
  4. There is an 8 feet cable included in the package with the transducer.
  5. It is compatible with all 100, 300, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1100, and HELIX series except a few models.
  6. It comes with a nautical mapping type.


  1. The transducer provides a deeper view underneath the icy water.
  2. It works great under any icy conditions.
  3. It can also convert a boat locator into an ice finder.
  4. The transducer also converts helix models into ice units.
  5. It is a budget-friendly ice transducer.

The list was incomplete without including an ice transducer because the anglers also love fishing in the icy conditions so as they love pure waters. The transducer comes with a great capacity to be used with most models. However, it is not compatible with Pmax or fishin buddy systems.

Moreover, if you are in search of an affordable ice transducer, this one can surely come in handy for guys like you. But the manufacturer didn’t compromise the quality of the product to make it an affordable one. The cable is a bit shorter compared to the other cables used in the above-listed products.

5. Humminbird Transducer Extension Cable


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 0.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is a 10 feet long extension cable for transducers.
  2. The cable comes with a 14 pin design.
  3. The manufacturer used quality materials to construct the cable.
  4. The cable is compatible with all HELIX series products and any unit that is manufactured after 2001.
  5. The cable is incompatible with SOLIX, ION, and ONIX models.


  1. The extension cable can provide your transducer model some extra length for a better reach beneath the water.
  2. The cable is the correct choice according to the price level.
  3. It is easy to install by attaching the cable to the transducer wire.
  4. This genuine product perfectly fits the HELIX series models.

You can extend the length of your transducer to ensure a better reach underneath the water by adding this extra cable to the transducer. Not every transducer comes with an extension cable in the package, even only one transducer in the list includes an extension cable as an addition in the length.

But it is necessary to have quicker and efficient reach to the fish and baits under normal water or icy water and only a lengthier cable can help you in this regard. Moreover, the installation of the cable is pretty easier to help you extend the length of the built-in cable of the transducer.

6. Humminbird Mhx-Xnt Transducer Bracket


Brand: Humminbird

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. This kick-up bracket comes with a bracket plug.
  2. It is designed specifically for use in a marine environment.
  3. There is also some necessary hardware included in the package to install it in the transducer.
  4. It is compatible with transducers models HELIX 10, HELIX 12, HELIX 5, HELIX 7, HELIX 9, ICE HELIX, SOLIX 10, SOLIX 12, SOLIX 15, 100 series, 300 series, 1100 series, 500 series, 600 series, 700 series, 800 series, 900 series, ION and ONIX.


  1. The transducer bracket is easy to install.
  2. The user doesn’t need to buy any extra hardware for the installation.
  3. The design and functioning of the bracket are excellent.

This transducer bracket keeps your transducer safe even when you are fishing in rough weather conditions. The manufacturer has added the required hardware in the package, which makes it easier for the user to attach it with the transducer.

How does a Humminbird transducer work

A transducer lets you know exactly where the fishes are beneath the water by transforming the signals. It works in a few steps.

  • At first, the transducer receives the sequences of transmit pulses and converts them into sound.
  • The sound then travels underneath the water working as pressure waves.
  • During the travel, when it comes contact to with an object in the water it bounces back.
  • The sound waves are then converted to electric energy to inform the user about the location.

Will a transducer work out of water

A transducer won’t work out of the water, because it is a specialized device that is made for working underneath the sea. The receiving and sending signal work is done in the water, not out of the water. Even while installing the device, you need to stay near the water.

Advantages of Humminbird transducer

Among a lot of transducer brands, there is of course some reason behind suggesting Humminbird. Before buying the transducer, you might love to know the advantages of it.

  • Budget-friendly: Compared to the other transducers in this price range Humminbird offers better features than other brands.
  • Dual-beam angle: Most transducers from this brand come with a dual-beam setup. It allows the user to get both wide and narrow angles according to his need.
  • Extension cable: By adding extension cable with the main cable, they have made it easier for the angler to reach his target even in the deeper sea.
  • Better side-scan: The user will enjoy a better side-scan from the Humminbird transducer.

Don’t skip the buying guides

Choosing any transducer without considering a few crucial factors is nothing but a waste of money. The same saying goes for Humminbird transducers and I’m here to discuss the crucial task and make the buying process a lot easier for you. In market diffrent brand transducer here like germin ice transducer one of them.

Strong construction

 The strength and durability of the transducer depend on the materials used to construct it. There are plastic, bronze, and stainless steel transducers available. However, the construction materials are closely related to the hull, and not each type of material is compatible with any hull.

Plastic transducers are compatible with steel, fiberglass, and alloy hulls. However, bronze transducers are compatible with wooden hulls. And stainless steel hulls are compatible with steel, fiberglass and alloy hulls and it is similar to plastic transducers.

Beam angle

There are typically two types of beam angles, wide and narrow. A wider angle will provide you a better vision underneath the sea. However, sometimes narrow beam angles also come in handy as they create comparatively a better resolution in the picture and provides a clear image of the deeper water resource.

Most transducers from Humminbird come with a dual beam angle setting. The angle can be as low as 20 degrees and as high as 360 degrees. The users also enjoy dual frequencies due to double beam angles. And it lets him use whichever one he prefers in different situations.

Operating frequency

It is always suggested to use a dual-frequency transducer when you are fishing in deep-sea waters, but in normal waters, a single frequency will go well. The operating frequency can be divided into three categories, low, medium, and high.

When the frequency remains under 100 kHz, it is regarded as low frequency and it can be as low as 30 kHz. And the medium frequency remains within 150 kHz. However, the wider the beam angle is the higher frequency one will enjoy and it will go more than 200 kHz. Some high-end transducers also operate on 455 kHz and 800 kHz as well.


Humminbird transducers don’t come with universal fitting to any model. Each transducer is made for some specific models. And what model of fish finder you own is the concern before selecting any transducer. Check out the user manual and make sure whether the transducer is compatible with your fish finder model or not.


To reach underneath the sea and send the signal, it is required to have a long cable. Humminbird mostly includes 20 feet cable with the transducers models. However, some models also come with a bit shorter cable. Typically, ice transducers have a shorter cable compared to normal cables.

Also, some include an extension cable that increases the length of the main cable. It is very necessary to attach an extension cable with the built-in cable when one is fishing in the deep seawater or such environment. There is also an extension cable included in the list for your consideration.

Ease of installation

The installation process becomes easier when the transducer comes with all the included hardware. The users don’t have to buy anything extra for the process and they can thus save a lot of time. Also, the installation manual can help a lot in this regard.

Final words

The final choice is up to, whether you want dual beam for both deep and shallow water resources in an affordable price range or not. But make sure, you read the buying guide properly before deciding which one of these transducers is appropriate for your intended use.

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