Best FID bench reviews 2022

Maintaining your body fitness by some home workouts is not a big deal when you have an FID bench. You can adjust the positions of these benches from decline to flat to incline and have versatile workout sessions. They are capable of carrying your whole body weight along with the lifting equipment you are using.

After long research, I have included the top seven FID benches in the Best FID bench review. After reviewing all the items again, I found D1f Adjustable Weight Bench performs better than the rest and so I have kept it on the top. Don’t skip the buying guide section if you want to spend your money on the right FID bench.

Best FID bench

What does FID bench mean

The word FID stands for flat, incline and decline. In simple words, the FID bench is a homework bench that can be adjusted in different positions. These are benches are rarely found in professional gyms. However, it is great for homely use as it offers the users to adjust the height and angle and do the exercises they want to improve their fitness.

FID bench

Best FID bench

FID benches you might love for maintaining fitness.

1. D1f Adjustable Weight Bench


Brand: Day 1 Fitness

Weight: 83.8 pounds

You can now have long-lasting workout sessions in your home by purchasing this well constructed, adjustable weight bench from Day 1 Fitness. The bench is made of heavy-duty steel to ensure durability and maximum weight carrying. It comes with the ability to carry weight up to 1,000 pounds. As the bench is adjustable, you can set up it flat, incline, or decline position depending on the type of exercise or muscle building you require. The backrest of this bench has 6 adjustable angles.

You can adjust the height of the backrest from 17 inches to 50 inches. In the incline position, it can create an angle up to 85 degrees around and in decline position, around -20 degrees. Three adjustable heights in the seat range from 17 inches to 21 inches. This adjustable seat allows you to situate your lumbar, neck and spine into favorable positions during different exercises. The manufacturer has also ensured comfort and durability by using 2 inches thick padding on the seat. It has two high-grade wheels on the back and one pushing handle on the front for easy maneuvering.

Key Features

  1. Constructed with heavy-duty steel
  2. Adjustable backrest from 17 inches to 50 inches
  3. Adjustable seat from 17 to 21 inches
  4. There is 2 inches thick padding on the seat.

2. FLYBIRD Weight Bench, Adjustable Strength Training Bench



Weight: 28.4 pounds

You are going to have a full-body workout through this adjustable weight bench from FLYBIRD as it comes with a total of 10 positions in combining the seat and backrest. The bench is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, which can carry up to 620 pounds of weight quite comfortably. There is a total of 7 adjustable positions in the backrest, which range from -35 degrees to 95 degrees. The backrest of the bench is 10.6 inches long.

Again, you will find three adjustable positions in the bench, which also allows setting up the bench depending on the type of exercise you are going to use it for. It comes including automatic bolts for an easy and secure setup process. The automatic bolts allow you to adjust the positions and set the bench up within 30 seconds. The seat is made of leather and there is 2 inches thick foam padding on it for ensuring more comfort during the workouts. Also, there are two-foot pad positions in it.

Key Features

  1. Made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel
  2. 7 adjustable backrest positions
  3. 3 adjustable seat and 2-foot pad positions
  4. The seat has 2 inches thick foam padding.

3. Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench


Brand: Rep Fitness

Weight: 85 pounds

Use your dumbbells, smith machines, power racks, or cages to do your workout sessions lying on this heavy-duty adjustable fitness bench from Rep Fitness. The bench is constructed using steel and vinyl, which ensures the durability of the product. It can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight with ease. You will find 7 adjustable positions on the bench that ranges from -20 degrees decline and 85 degrees incline. The backrest is 11.5 inches wide on the shoulder area.

Except for the backrest, you will find 4 adjustable positions on the seat to have more versatility in your workouts. When you have set up the bench flat on the surface, it will be 17.5 inches from the floor. The user will have a maximum level of comfort as there is 2.5 inches thick, firm padding on the nicely vinyl textured surface. The pad and foot roller covers of the bench are made of ultra-grippy fabric to prevent unwanted slippage during the workouts due to sweat.

Key Features

  1. 7 adjustable backrest positions from -20 degrees to 85 degrees
  2. 11.5 inches wide shoulder area
  3. 2.5 inches thick and firm padding on the surface
  4. The pad and foot roller covers are made of ultra-grippy fabric.

4. Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench


Brand: Fitness Reality

Weight: 35 pounds

Whether you are looking for a weight bench to improve your fitness through yoga or other workouts, you can choose this one from Fitness Reality as it comes with a total of 12 adjustable positions. It is made of strong powder-coated tubular steel frame construction and so it can hold up to 800 pounds of weight quite comfortably. Through this adjustable feature, you can find both flat, incline and decline positions and set them according to your need.

The backrest is adjustable from -20 degrees in the decline position and 80+ degrees in the incline position. There is a detachable 3 position adjustable leg hold-down bar on the bench. The backrest is 2 inches wider to ensure better back support during the exercise and the seat is also 2 inches to go well with the backrest. The transportation is easier with the built-in transportation wheels on the back and you can also easily store it as it comes with a foldable feature.

Key Features

  1. Made of strong powder-coated tubular steel frame construction
  2. Backrest adjustable from -20 degrees to 80+ degrees
  3. 2 inches wide backrest
  4. There are two transportation wheels on the back.

5. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Adjustable Weight Bench



Weight: 38.5 pounds

You will get versatility in your workout sessions with this weight bench from RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE as it comes with 7 adjustable backrest positions and three seat positions. To provide more solid construction and stability, the manufacturer has used heavy-duty steel to design the frame of the bench. The bench is great for home workout sessions as it can hold up to 400 pounds.

This adjustable bench is great for leg lifts, crunches, twists with a variety of dumbbells. Both the backrest and the seat are made of leather. The manufacturer has tried to ensure the maximum comfort and support of the users by filling the backrest and seat with 2 inches thick soft foam padding. Besides, the high-density large foam has been used in the leg down bars. It comes with non-slip rubber fits that ensure excellent sturdiness during the workouts.

Key Features

  1. 7 backrest and 3 seat adjustable positions
  2. The backrest and seat are filled with 2 inches thick soft foam
  3. Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  4. There are non-slip rubber feet.

6. XMark Adjustable FID Weight Bench


Brand: XMark Fitness

Weight: 77 pounds

If you are searching for lifting heavy things and do some workouts, then this FID weight bench from XMark Fitness can be a good choice for you. The bench is constructed of an 11-gauge steel mainframe and with dual rail back support. All these are coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish. The manufacturer used single, thin rails in the weight bench that can twist and fail under stress.

Because of the heavy-duty, strong construction, it can hold up to 1,500 pounds of weight. The backrest of this bench offers 7 adjustable positions and there are 3 more adjustable positions in the seat. Both the backrest and seat are made of sweat and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl and they are completely cushioned with the extra thick 3 inches of Duracraft padding and cover. The bench also has a foothold down. You will also find built-in transport wheels in it for quick and easy storage.

Key Features

  1. Constructed of 11-gauge steel mainframe with dual rail back support
  2. Hold up to 1500 pounds.
  3. Cushioned with extra thick 3 inches Duracraft padding and cover
  4. There are built-in transport wheels.

7. HF-5165 7-Position Weight Bench, Multi-Position


Brand: Hoist Fitness

Weight: 77 pounds

This commercial-grade weight bench from Hoist Fitness can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight. You can set up it and have flat, incline and decline positions depending on the type of your exercise. The backrest comes with the adjustability of 7 different positions that range from -20 degrees decline and 80 degrees incline.

If you want you can also adjust the position of the seat in three different angles from 0 to 20 degrees in 10 degrees increments that allow accommodating in various positions regarding your height demand. The manufacturer has used thermoplastic polyurethane-covered back pad adjusters to reduce the wear. It is also easy to transport and store as there are an integrated handgrip and wheels that provide tilt and roll capability.

Key Features

  1. 7 different backrest positions range from -20 to 80 degrees
  2. Three adjustable seat positions
  3. Thermoplastic polyurethane-covered back pad adjusters
  4. There are integrated hand grip and wheels.

Buying guide: You shouldn’t skip

You can compromise the quality and the features when you are buying equipment that is related to improve your fitness and that’s why you need not skip this section.

Durable construction

To ensure durability and an excellent performance from the FID bench, you need to look for high-grade, heavy-duty materials like commercial-grade steel, steel pipe, or heavy metal as the frame construction. However, most manufacturers use vinyl to construct the rest of the parts of a weight bench. As the FID benches are adjustable, you must also check the bolts whether they are heavy-duty or not. Due to frequent movements, the bolts can wear out and it can hamper the durability of the item.


 As the name FID indicates, you can adjust the positions of your bench anytime you want. When you are looking for a weight bench, you should purchase an adjustable one instead of a flat one. An adjustable bench offers you versatility, which you are not going to get in a flat bench for sure. There are three positions, you will find in the FID bench, flat, incline and decline and it is defined by the adjustable angles.

Weight carrying capacity

 It is also an important factor to check out before purchasing. Most heavy-duty benches are capable of carrying weight from 500 to 1,000 pounds. However, there are a few benches that have a capacity of carrying around 1,500 pounds. You need to think that, whether the bench is capable of carrying your weight and the weightlifting equipment weight at the same time or not?

Padding and comfort

 There should be a minimum of 2 inches thick padding on the surface of the seat and backrest. Some benches may also include padding and covering up to 3 inches. This cushioned padding is needed to ensure the comfort and support of the user.

Easy to maneuver

 An easy to grip handle on the front under the leg down bar and two heavy-duty wheels on the back are enough for easy maneuvering after every usage.

FID bench size

It’s very crucial to choose the right size of FID bench to have the best workout experience inside your home. The minimum height of the bench should be 17 to 18 inches approximately and then you can increase the height as seats of FID benches are adjustable.

The same thing goes for the backrest part. When it is flat, it should be around 17 inches from the floor and you can decrease or increase height depending on your want. The body also needs to fit well on the surface of the bench and for this; you need it to be at least 2 inches wide.

Advantages for using FID bench

For home workouts, the FID bench should always be my first recommendation and there’re a few reasons behind this.

  • Finding various angles: The backrest and the seat of FID benches are adjustable at different angles. Typically the adjustability of the backrest ranges from -20 degrees up to 90 degrees.
  • More workout spaces: From conventional flat workout benches, you will get more spaces here because of the seat and backrest part. When you set up both these parts in a flat position, the workout area will be larger of course.
  • Versatility in the exercises: Due to the adjustability, you can perform different types of exercises on this bench, which you need to improve your fitness.

How much does an FID bench cost

The cost of FID benches depends on the manufacturing companies and the weight carrying capacity, build quality, features, etc things. And depending on all these, the cost ranges from as low as $60 to $400. Cheaper products are more affordable, but come with a lower build quality and they can also carry less weight compared to the expensive ones. I prefer buying a bench with a better build quality that can at least carry 500 pounds of weight.


So are you ready to begin your homework out session? Choose an FID bench from the list and set it inside your home to work with your fitness. You can have versatile exercises through these benches with the adjustability they offer.

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