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What if you can't reach the ground directly from the boat while it is on the trailer? Or what if the trailer step you are stepping on the foot is slightly slippery? In both cases coming out from the boat gets risky for you.

And the same thing can happen while getting into a boat while it is on a trailer. There’s a common and perfect solution for both this problem and it is to use a boat trailer step with non-skid texture. Our first pick Guide-ON Step, Short Guide/Step, Std Mount can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

However, several trailer steps can take a load up to 300 pounds as well. Check out the buying guide for more details.

best Boat trailer steps

How to choose a boat trailer step?

Don’t you think choosing a boat trailer step is an easier task? Yes, indeed it is an easier task as long as you know how you need to choose one. So here are the things you need to consider before you decide which trailer step is ideal for your use.

  • The trailer step should have a heavy-duty, durable construction.
  • Large size is required fofeetfeet9feetfeet.
  • It should accommodate the load of the user.
  • It must have a non-skid surface.
  • You should find it quick and easy to install.

Now let’s break into the details, which will ease the buying process for any new buyer.

Construction and quality

The first and foremost feature every buyer should look at while buying a boat trailer step is quality. And the quality depends on the construction, so as the durability. Different manufacturers use different materials, but make sure the strength of these materials.

The most common construction materials for trailer steps are aluminum, anodized aluminum, steel, die-cast steel, etc. These materials ensure the strength and durability of the steps, but extra-coating adds strength. Most manufacturers rely on a powder-coat finish to enhance strength.

However, some rare models have a chrome-plated finish on aluminum or steel-constructed steps. These coatings make the construction rust and corrosion resistant in most cases, which play a crucial role in increasing the lifespan. Ultimately the user finds a durable trailer step for the boat.

Suitable sizing

There isn’t any definite size for a boat trailer step. Through the size, it means the dimension of the platform. While choosing the size, a buyer should think of the average foot size of the users. It should accommodate the largest foot size.

A small platform can measure around 5 inches by 2 inches. However, a large platform can go on measure around 9 inches by 5 inches as well. But none of these measurements are definite as it depends completely on the manufacturing brand.

Choosing the wrong or small size platform can also make it slightly risky for users with large feet.

Load capacity

The strength of the step is directly related to the load capacity. The stronger it is, the more load it can carry. The minimum load carrying capacity of a boat trailer step should be 250 pounds approximately. However, this is not appropriate for heavyweight users.

For heavyweight users, you should look for a trailer step that can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. Sometimes the platform size also impacts how much weight it can carry. Depending on the average weight of the users, you need to choose the load capacity of the step.

Non-skid surface

When it comes to the safety of the users, you need to check out the steps' surface first. It must come with a non-skid texture, which must prevent slippage. A slippery, non-textured surface is neither safe for a heavier person nor a lightweight person.

Most manufacturers design the platform with a non-slippage texture. In some rare cases, the platform comes with a non-skid, non-slip protective pad. In both types of platforms, the main purpose is to ensure the safety of the user by making them non-slippage.

Regardless of the size and weight carrying capacity, every boat trailer step must have a non-skid platform surface. When you have ensured safety, you can purchase it without any second thought for sure.

Installation process

When you are almost there to purchase the trailer step, you need to stop a bit and think about the installation process. You might not want to spend your valuable money on a product that takes a lot of time to get ready for use.

Try purchasing a boat trailer step that comes with all required installation hardware. It simply makes the installation process hassle-free and quick. It saves time and makes it quickly ready for usage.

On the other hand, some trailer steps come requiring completely no assembly as they are pre-assembled by the manufacturers. These steps are the most time-efficient ones.

The number of steps

If you are buying a boat trailer stair instead of steps, you need to count the number of steps it has. Well, in a simple boat trailer step, there is only one step available. But a stair can come with two or three steps in most cases.

The more steps, the higher it will be, and you will get a better reach as well. If the trailer hitch or boat is at moderate height from the ground, you might love to go for two steps. But for a higher one, three-step is the recommended option.


When someone is not sure what height or size, or angle he requires, then he should look forward to buying a trailer step with adjustability. From different manufacturing companies, there are trailer steps with adjustable angles, lengths, and height.

Adjustable angle lets the user find the perfect fit on the boat according to his need and usage. By adjusting the length and height, he can find the most suitable position for easy access inside the boat and also an easy departure from the boat. 

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Best Boat trailer steps

1. Guide-ON Step, Short Guide/Step, Std Mount (ONE Pair)


Brand: Guide-ON Step

Weight: 28.9 pounds

Key features

It is suitable for trailer frames measuring around 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall with rectangular tubing.

  1. There are carpeted boards.
  2. The surface comes with a non-slip texture.
  3. It can take a load up to 250 pounds.
  4. It offers to lock into trailer mode feature.
  5. The manufacturer added galvanized bolts with the step.

Why you choose this one

Weight carriage

If you are a bulky guy and having a problem getting into the boat, then you should check out this trailer step. It can easily carry a load of up to 250 pounds and let anyone get into the boat easily.

Indeed the weight carrying capacity of the trailer step is praiseworthy.


You need to measure the frame you are going to attach steps. These steps are compatible with rectangular frames, which are 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide approximately.

Non-slip surface

The texture on the stepping surface makes it non-slip, which is necessary for safe getting inside the boat. Also, the manufacturer has added carpeted boards to enhance the safety of the hull.


Another great side of the steps is the locking mechanism into the trailer mode. While trailering, the steps won’t vibrate against the hull because of the locking mechanism imposed by the manufacturers.


  1. The strength of the steps can take load a strong and stable person without any difficulty.
  2. It offers a glorious step position.
  3. With the carpeted boards, the hull remains protected and safe.
  4. The steps provide a non-slippage surface with extra safety.
  5. It won’t vibrate against the hull while trailering because of the locking mechanism into trailer mode.
  6. It is easy to get in and go out using the steps.

2. MaxxHaul 70089 Steel Trailer Step, Black


Brand: MaxxHaul

Weight: 7.95 pounds

Key features

  1. The trailer step is suitable for 3 inches by 5 inches trailer frames.
  2. It comes with a non-skid texture on the step surface.
  3. The manufacturer used heavy-duty steel to construct the trailer step.
  4. There is a durable grey powder-coated finish available on the step surface.
  5. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware.
  6. It has a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Note: Guide-ON Step, Short Guide/Step, Std Mount vs. MaxxHaul 70089 Steel Trailer Step

The main difference: The first one has a maximum of 250 pounds of loading capacity, whereas the number is 300 pounds in the second one.

Why you choose this


The manufacturer has thought about the durability and long-lasting performance from the steps. To ensure this, they have used heavy-duty steel for construction. Also, they put on a durable powder-coated finish, which made it rust and corrosion-resistant.


It is never safe to get into the bet through a slippery surface. So the makers have constructed the step with a non-skid surface, which prevents slippage of the users. This also ensures an easy get in and going out.

Easy to install

The buyers don’t have to buy the mounting hardware separately because the steps come included with all necessary mounting hardware included. It quickens and eases the installation process.


  1. The users will have a stable and safe footing on the non-slippage step surface.
  2. The inclusion of necessary mounting hardware makes the installation process a lot easier.
  3. With the durable powder coat finish, the step remains rust and corrosion-resistant.
  4. It provides a maintenance-free service for a long time due to the heavy-duty construction.
  5. The steps came to maintaining the quality.

3. Quality Mark 28800 Bow Step - 3-Step, Port


Brand: Quality Mark

Weight: 45.3 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used high-quality carbon steel to construct this trailer step.
  2. It comes with a non-skid step surface.
  3. All mounting hardware is included in the package.
  4. It is suitable for side trailer tongues or side rails measuring 2 to 4 inches wide and 2 to 5 inches high.
  5. The trailer step is made of marine personal craft.
  6. It offers infinite angle adjustments.

Why you choose this

Angle adjustability

Possibly, it is the most praiseworthy feature of this trailer step. It offers the user to find the most perfect fit for the boat by adjusting the angle of the step as long as it requires adjustment.

Strong construction

Unlike the first two products in the list, it is a bit different in style, so as in construction. The manufacturing brand relied on carbon steel to construct the step. It helps to form a strong and durable structure at the same time.


Without ensuring safety while getting into the boat, no one will risk purchasing a trailer step. Although it has a different design compared to the first two products in the list, it has a similar non-skid surface.

Quick installation

As the package comes full of necessary installation equipment, there isn’t much to worry about the installation. You can quickly and easily have it done.


  1. The user will have a quick and easy installation process with the included mounting hardware.
  2. No worry to get into the boat with the wide and non-skid steps.
  3. You can fold the steps when not in use.
  4. With the infinite angle adjustments, you can make it attachable with the boat and trailer combination.
  5. The carbon steel construction makes the steps durable enough.

4. MEGAWARE FLEXSTEP PRO Adjustable Boat Trailer Step



Weight: 7.65 pounds

Key features

  1. The adjustable boat trailer step comes with 16 different positions.
  2. It can take a load up to 300 pounds.
  3. It is suitable to be installed in 3 inches deep, 5-1/8 inches tall, and 4 inches wide trailer.
  4. The maximum reach of the step ranges from 17 to 21 inches.
  5. The manufacturer used light, high tensile 6063-T6 anodized aluminum for the construction.
  6. It has a quick, spring-loaded pull handle and locking pin system.

Why you choose this


If it seems difficult for you to get into the boat and get out from it, you can have the problem solved by this adjustable trailer step.

High-quality construction

The performance of a trailer step depends largely on the construction and durability. However, the manufacturer has ensured a strong and quality construction by using anodized aluminum.

Load capacity

It doesn't matter if you are the largest guy in the team to get into the boat as long as you are using this trailer step. With the highest quality construction, it can also accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. And without any doubt, it is more than enough.

Install on your own

It is easy to install and stow the trailer step within minutes. After choosing the suitable location, you need to align the mounting plate, secure backing, and insert a step into the receiver to complete the installation.


  1. The trailer step provides easy and convenient entry and exit.
  2. It is easily removable for safe and easy stowing.
  3. It is easy to install, and you can do it yourself without any difficulties.
  4. With the anodized aluminum construction, the manufacturer ensured the highest quality.
  5. The 16 different positions allow the user to install the step wherever he likes.

5. Extreme Max Gray Standard 5001.5781 Steel Trailer Step-5” x 9”


Brand: Extreme Max

Weight: 7.9 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used quality aluminum to construct the trailer step.
  2. They put on a powder-coat finish on the aluminum construction.
  3. It comes with a load-carrying capacity of 300 pounds.
  4. The platform measures 5 inches by 9 inches.
  5. It is suitable for rectangular trailer frames measuring around 2 to 3.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall.
  6. It has a non-slip rubber pad on the stepping surface.

Why you choose this

Durable construction

No matter how pricey or good-looking the trailer step is, it should be well constructed. Except for quality construction, you can't expect a durable and long-lasting performance. The manufacturer used quality aluminum with powder-coat to enhance the structure quality.

Ease of installation

When a trailer step comes with all required hardware, the rest task can be completed within few minutes. And the same thing happens with this trailer step. Put the carriage bolts in the right place and finish off the installation process.

Non-slip design

Undoubtedly, many of the buyers don't pay proper heed to this feature, but the manufacturing company does. To ensure the safety of their users, it is necessary to make sure they don't slip while getting in or coming out. Unlike the other listed products, this step comes with a non-slip rubber pad on the surface.


  1. It is easy to install with all the mounting hardware included.
  2. The inclusion of a non-slip rubber pad makes it safer for the user to get in and come out.
  3. With the powder-coated finish, there is an enhancement in durability.
  4. It becomes easy to climb into the boat.
  5. It is a value for money product.

6. Buyers Products - FS2797CH Large Folding Step


Brand: Buyers Products

Weight: 4.96 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used die-cast construction and stainless steel springs to make the folding step.
  2. It also has a durable chrome-plated finish for a custom look.
  3. It is a large trailer step measuring around 7.25 inches by 6.75 inches.
  4. It is usable for trucks and trailers.
  5. The steps meet all NFPA specifications.

Why you choose this

Heavy-duty construction

The manufacturer used die-cast, heavy-duty stainless steel to construct the step. It creates a suitable surface to be used on large vehicles like trucks. The construction also meets the specifications imposed by NFPA.


It is often seen that even a quality product doesn't last long because of not having rust and corrosion resistance. Although there isn't any information about rust resistance, the trailer step is corrosion-resistant, and it enhances the lifetime without any doubt.

Large size

Even if you have larger feet, you can still get into the boat without any confusion. The extra-large size of the trailer step allows for accommodating large feet without any problem. It makes getting inside and coming out easier.

Non-skid design: The design of the trailer step itself proves it to be a non-skid one. No user has to worry about slippage while getting into the boat.


  1. Meeting NFPA specifications, it became usable for emergencies to be used on trucks and large vehicles.
  2. The large platform can accommodate larger feet and heavier boots.
  3. With the chrome-plated finish, the trailer step becomes much durable.
  4. It also offers a custom look with the chrome-plated finish on the die-cast construction.
  5. The step surface is corrosion resistant.
  6. The die-cast stainless steel construction helps to keep the step firmly open and closed.

7. CR Brophy Machine Works RHS2 Black Receiver Hitch Stair with Two Step


Brand: CR Brophy Machine Works

Weight: 17 pounds

Key features

  1. This receiver hitch step comes with a load-carrying capacity of 250 pounds.
  2. It comes with strong and convenient construction.
  3. It requires no assembly.
  4. The step comes with three adjustable lengths of 0.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 6.5 inches.  
  5. The stair has two steps.

Why you choose this

Adjustable length

The most eye-catching side of this trailer stair is the adjustable length. The general length might not be appropriate for every user and thinking so, the manufacturer used three different lengths. The different lengths include 0.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 6.5 inches.

Easy to use

When you don’t have to spend extra time to assemble or get ready a product for the work, it is definitely easily usable. The same thing happens with this stair. There is no requirement of assembly, which makes the stair always ready to go.


It comes with a two-step design. Although it is not an appropriate design for higher trailer hitches, a suitable one for moderate trailers. Also, as the stair is easy to use, buyers will fancy choosing.

Weight and texture

It is not suitable for heavyweight users because of the less weight carrying capacity, which is 250 pounds. However, it is safe for anyone to get into the boat through this stair. It has a grip texture on the surface, which prevents any sort of slippage of the users.


  1. The trailer stair is an economical product for easier camper entry.
  2. It is easy to use as it needs no assembly to get-go.
  3. The weight carrying capacity is enough to take the load of a normal person.
  4. You can find you comfort with the three adjustable height of the stair.
boat triler steps

Why use boat trailer steps

use boat triler steps

Indeed, you need steps for your boat when it is on a trailer. The reason is that it is beneficial in many ways. Most users find it useful for safety, but several more benefits make it useful.

  • It becomes easier to get in and come out of the boat using trailer steps.
  • It is safer to haul goods into the boat through the steps.
  • The legs don't touch the water while using trailer steps.
  • Even a heavyweight guy can get into a boat easily.

It doesn't matter whether the boat is in a higher position or a moderate position; it is always risky to get on the board by jumping or climbing. If you have a trailer step set up alongside the trailer, it becomes convenient to reach the boat and also getting down.

Taking goods on the boat also becomes convenient when you have steps to go up. Especially with two or three-step stairs, the thing becomes much efficient. The same saying goes when you need to get the goods down from the boat.

The steps have small to large platforms, which can take a load up to 300 pounds. This means a heavyweight person can also get easy access into the boat without worrying about his weight. Moreover, you always have chances to get your legs wet.

But the chances of getting wet become less when you are using a trailer step. You don't have to jump or do risky things to get into the boat, and you don't have to get wet. All in all, it makes going up into the boat and coming down from the boat safer and easier for everyone.

Cost of boat trailer steps

The cost of boat trailer steps typically ranges from $80 to $150. However, you will find steps cost as low as $40 and as high as $220 as well. The cost mainly depends on the design, structure, and features it offers.

Different manufacturing brands use different materials to construct the steps, and some of them also put coating to extend the lifespan. However, there is a huge difference between simple trailer steps and trailer stairs. Trailer steps have only one step.

On the contrary, trailer stairs have two or three steps. This also makes a bit difference in the price section. Also, the inclusion of a protective, non-skid pad on the platform surface increases the price.


Is trailer steps are a useful addition to a boat?

Yes, trailer steps are a useful addition to a boat in terms of safety and easiness to get access inside while it is on a trailer.

What is the weight carrying capacity of a boat trailer step?

Typically the weight carrying capacity of a boat trailer step ranges from 250 pounds to 300 pounds. 250 pounds is adequate for moderate users, but you need 300 pounds capacity for heavyweight users.

Whether I need a 3-step boat trailer or a 4-step boat trailer?

It depends on what height the boat is situated on the trailer, and then you can decide whether you need a 3-step or 4-step trailer.

Do these steps fit trailer hitches on the back of a car?

Yes, some of these trailer steps can fit on the back of a car. But in most cases, they are appropriate for large vehicles.

Are they free from theft?

If you install them properly, they might not be easy to remove and take away. But as there is no dedicated locking mechanism available to keep it safe from theft, it is not completely free from theft.

How many types of boat trailer steps are available there?

According to the listed trailer steps, there are mainly two types available. One is normal trailer steps with a single step, and another one is the trailer stair. These stairs contain two to four steps.

Final verdict

I will neither suggest you buying the first product on the list nor any other because the choice always depends on your need. Whichever one from the list seems to work well for you should be the one you need to purchase.

Our Top picks

Guide-ON Step, Short Guide/Step, Std Mount (ONE Pair): It can take load up to 250 pounds on the non-slippage surface. There are galvanized bolts available.

MaxxHaul 70089 Steel Trailer Step, Black: It comes with a load-carrying capacity of 300 pounds. The manufacturer used heavy-duty steel to construct it.

Quality Mark 28800 Bow Step - 3-Step, Port: The makers used quality carbon steel for the construction. It has infinite adjustable angles.

MEGAWARE FLEXSTEP PRO Adjustable Boat Trailer Step: It comes with high tensile anodized aluminum construction. It has a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Extreme Max Gray Standard 5001.5781 Steel Trailer Step-5” x 9”: It comes with a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds. It has an aluminum construction with a powder-coated finish.

Buyers Products - FS2797CH Large Folding Step: It comes with a die-cast steel construction and chrome-plated finish. The surface is corrosion-resistant.

CR Brophy Machine Works RHS2 Black Receiver Hitch Stair with Two-Step: It can carry up to 250 pounds of weight. The stair comes with three adjustable lengths.

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