Best BDU Pants for man and women reviews 2022

Best BDU Pants reviews

When you have to carry several things while traveling, you don't need blue jeans pants; rather tactical pants. And BDU pant is one of the loveliest pants among tactical pants. These pants have a lot of built-in pockets that provide versatility and ample storage.

BDU pants can come in camouflage design or solid design like our first pick in the list Rothco Tactical BDU Pants. The pockets either have button closure or hook and loop closure mostly. These pockets sometimes also have flaps. These pants have an adjustable waist with leg closures to ensure a snug fit.

For an easier and correct choice of BDU pants, you shouldn't make any final decision without checking the buying guide.

best BDU Pants

BDU pant size chart

Most manufacturers construct pants from XS to 5XL. However, some popular brands also include 7XL size in their list. Let’s have a clear idea of BDU pant size by the following size chart.


Waist measurement

Hip measurement


~ 27 inches

40 inches


27 to 31 inches

44 inches


31 to 35 inches

48 inches


35 to 39 inches

52 inches


39 to 43 inches

56 inches


43 to 47 inches

60 inches


47 to 51 inches

64 inches


51 to 55 inches

68 inches


55 to 59 inches

72 inches


59 to 63 inches

76 inches


63 to 66 inches

80 inches

The height of short-length pants ranges from 63 to 67 inches. For regular pants, this measurement is 67 to 71 inches. And longer pants are 71 to 75 inches long.

Our Top picks

Rothco Tactical BDU Pants

Cotton and polyester combined construction. There are a total of six pockets available in the pant.

Rothco BDU Uniform Set

Cotton and polyester rip-stop construction. The shirt has four, and the pant has six utility pockets here.

Propper Men's BDU Tactical Trouser Pant (black)

It has cotton and polyester construction. There are drain holes in the two bellowed pockets.

Propper Women's Tactical Pant

Teflon fabric coating on the polyester & cotton construction. It has belt closures with extra-large loops.

TRU-SPEC Men's Rip-Stop BDU Pant

It comes with a 100% cotton construction. It has two adjustable waist tabs with four bar-tacks.

Men's Woodland Camouflage Poly/Cotton Military BDU

High-quality and durable poly and cotton twill construction. It has six pockets with button closures.

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro Lightweight Performance Pants

It comes with a mechanical stretch tactile fabric construction. There are a total of eight pockets included.

1. Rothco Tactical BDU Pants


Brand: Rothco

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Key features

  1. This tactical pant has 55% cotton and 45% polyester combined construction.
  2. It comes with a total of six pockets including slash and cargo pockets.
  3. It has a classic button fly design.
  4. It has double-stitched seams with a reinforced seat and knees.
  5. There are belt loops and an adjustable waist tab available in the pant.
  6. It comes with adjustable ankles ties.

If you have measured your waist and length of the legs, then you don’t have to worry about finding the best fit from these pants. It offers the wearer a versatile use by adding six pockets in the pant. It has two front slash pockets, two button-down pleated bellow cargo pockets, and two button-down back pockets.

You can also find a perfect fit around the waist area by adjusting the waist tabs. With the drawstring ankle ties, one can ensure a more snug fit. The pant comes in solid color. The reinforcement of the seat and knees ensures the wearer will have adequate comfort with freedom of movement.


  1. The use of quality cotton and polyester construction ensures maximum durability.
  2. It supports regular rough and tough uses.
  3. The pant fits properly as it runs true to size.
  4. With the reinforced seat and knees, you can constantly kneel if necessary.
  5. It is an ideal BDU pant in this decent price range.

2. Rothco BDU Uniform Set


Brand: Rothco


Key features

  1. Both shirt and pants of the set come with durable 55% cotton and 45% polyester rip-stop construction.
  2. The pant has a reinforced seat and knees.
  3. It has a total of six utility pockets including slash, back, and cargo pockets.
  4. The shirt has reinforced elbows and adjustable button tab cuffs.
  5. There are a total of four button-down bellowed pockets added to the shirt.

Instead of purchasing a single BDU pant, it would be great to purchase a complete uniform set like this. This one provides a proper BDU pant with six utility pockets, and you will get a size variation from XS to 7XL.

There are two front slash pockets, two button-down back pockets, and two cargo pockets in the pant. However, you will also find four button-down bellowed pockets in the front of the shirt with flap closure. To find the perfect fit, the shirt also offers sizes from XS to 5XL.


  1. The buyer gets huge size collections in both shirts and pants.
  2. It is easier to move and kneel with the reinforced seat and knees design.
  3. With the six utility pockets, the pant provides versatile use.
  4. The shirt fits perfectly with the adjustable button tab cuffs at the end of the sleeve.
  5. The whole uniform set is durable and ideal for long-lasting usage.

3. Propper Men's BDU Tactical Trouser Pant (black)


Brand: Propper

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used 60% cotton and 40% polyester twill to construct the pant.
  2. It comes with a four-button flap pocket and two slash pockets.
  3. It has drain holes in the bellowed pockets.
  4. It has felled seams design and reinforced seat & knees.
  5. The pant has a button fly-front design.
  6. There are adjustable waist tabs and durable drawstring leg closures available.

Note: Rothco Tactical BDU Pants vs. Propper Men's BDU Tactical Trouser Pant

The main difference: The first one has stitched seams design, whereas the second one has felled seams design.

It has the basic structure of a BDU pant but added one extra feature. The button-down bellowed pockets have drain holes, which is an exquisite thing. There are two more button-down back pockets with front slash pockets available in the pant.

The design of the pant always keeps the wearer ready for duty. The addition of six pockets allows storage of the required gears conveniently. The sharp design of the pant with the durable construction gives a professional look to the wearer. You don’t have to worry about the snug fit with the leg closures and waist tabs.


  1. The functional design of this BDU pant provides a clean and professional look.
  2. It is fade, shrinks, and wrinkle-resistant pant.
  3. With the reinforced seat and knees, the manufacturer ensured maximum durability.
  4. The wearer can have a comfortable and secure fit with the waist tabs and leg closures.
  5. It comes at an affordable price to maintain the quality.

4. Propper Women's Tactical Pant


Brand: Propper

Weight: 1 pound

Key features

  1. The pant comes with 65% polyester and 35% cotton construction.
  2. It has a Teflon fabric protector finish for water resistance.
  3. It comes with a belt closure and extra-large belt loops.
  4. The manufacturer added a YKK zipper and Prym snap in the pant.
  5. It has two hook & loop back pockets with two hidden coin pockets.
  6. There are internal openings for knee pads available.

This BDU pant is specially constructed for women wearers. And the design, structure, and quality of the pant won't disappoint any of its users. It is highly water-resistant with the adding of Teflon fabric coating. It has a belt closure with a stretchy waistband, which ensures a perfect fit.

With the setup of the pockets, it provides a classy and professional look to any user. Moreover, it lets the user gather everything inside the pockets before she is ready to go. You can also easily take care of the pant after every use with a simple machine wash.


  1. The pant is fade, shrink, and wrinkle-resistant.
  2. The Teflon fabric coating repels any kind of water or liquids.
  3. With the stretchy waistband, the user will get a perfect fit.
  4. The inclusion of seat knees ensures convenient movement.
  5. It can carry all the necessary gear with safety.
  6. The design of the pant provides a professional look.

5. TRU-SPEC Men's Rip-Stop BDU Pant



Weight: 1 pound

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used 100% cotton to construct this BDU pant.
  2. It comes with a 4-button fly closure design.
  3. There are two adjustable waist tabs with four bar-tacks.
  4. It has slash pockets with two rear inserted pockets.
  5. It also has two bellowed, and three pleated cargo pockets with drain holes.
  6. There are adjustable leg closures available in the pant.

Hearing the name of BDU pants, you may dream of the conventional military pants. And this pant is going to make your dream true as it comes in camouflage color. The manufacturer has added enough pockets to let the user conveniently store and carry his necessary equipment.

Also, the flap design on the pockets ensures the security of the items inside. There is nothing to worry about the fitting of the pant as it is a true-to-size one. Moreover, with the adjustable waist tabs and leg closure, any user can ensure a snug fit. A noteworthy addition in the pant is the drain holes.


  1. The cotton construction provides a lightweight feel to the wearer.
  2. It can produce a snug fit using adjustable leg closures.
  3. You can keep any necessary things in the pockets included in the pant.
  4. The pant is true to size.
  5. The snag-proof pocket flaps ensure the safety of the things inside.

6. Men's Woodland Camouflage Poly/Cotton Military BDU


Brand: Army Universe


Key features

  1. This military BDU pant comes with high-quality, durable polyester and cotton twill construction.
  2. It comes with reinforced rear and knees.
  3. It has a 3-button fly structure.
  4. There are six pockets with button closures.
  5. It has a durable, adjustable drawstring closure at the bottom.
  6. The pant comes with an adjustable waist design.

You might worry every time you put the necessary items inside the pocket as they are not fully secured there. But the manufacturer has added button closure with all the pockets in the pant to improve the security of the inside items.

But without a proper fit, the pant will never come to your use. So it has an adjustable waistband and drawstrings at the bottom to let you find a perfect fit. It is undoubtedly a durable pant because of the twill construction. Also, the extra stitching increases the durability a lot.


  1. The reinforced rear and knees improve the longevity of the pant by reducing the chance of tear.
  2. The inclusion of button closures in the pockets ensures the inside items won’t get lost.
  3. You can find the perfect fit by adjusting the waistband.
  4. Securing the pant is easier with the bottom drawstrings.
  5. The extra stitching enhances the durability of the pant.
  6. It is appropriate for both men and women users.

7. 5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro Lightweight Performance Pants


Brand: 5.11

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used premium 65% polyester and 35% cotton Rip-stop fabric to construct the pant.
  2. It comes with triple-stitching build quality.
  3. There is a protective Teflon-coated finish available on the pant.
  4. It has a gusseted inseam with a fitted appearance.
  5. There are a total of eight pockets included in the pant with strap & slash seat pockets.
  6. It has YKK zippers, Prym snaps, and a clip loop.  

Most buyers don't worry about how to clean and take care of the BDU pant. But it is a crucial part to enhance the durability of the pant. The manufacturer has added a protective coating on the pant to let one easily wash and clean them.

Meanwhile, the most astonishing side of the pant is the inclusion of eight pockets. It is the highest number of pockets you are supposed to get in any BDU pants. You also don’t need to bother about the fitting.


  1. The stretchy Rip-stop fabric construction makes the pant sturdy and flexible.
  2. It resists stain, soil, and moisture with the Teflon protective coating.
  3. It is easier to clean the pant because of the protective coating.
  4. With the fully gusseted construction, the wearer gets a comfortable fit.
  5. The storage pockets provide ample storage.
  6. The design of the pockets allows convenient access to the items.

How to choose the right BDU pant

Choosing BDU pants is never a difficult task for those who know exactly what to consider before purchasing one. Here you will get the crucial factors to consider before buying BDU pants.

Build quality

The BDU pants available in the list mostly come with a blend of cotton and polyester construction. The ideal combination is to use 55% of cotton with 45% of polyester. Polyester gives a much stretchy feel and also enhances breathability. But cotton turns out the neediest material for extra comfort.

Some pants also come with a 100% cotton build. But for BDU pants, it's not a suggested construction as it takes more time to get dry. A blend of cotton and polyester is the most appropriate construction material. The stitching is also a crucial side to ensure better construction.


When it comes to design, there mainly two designs available. The first one is the military outfit design, which comes in camouflage color. However, the other one comes in solid color. It seems more like a civil dress, and there are many colors for this. The design entirely depends on personal preference.

The number of pockets

A basic design of a BDU pant is to have six pockets. It must have two slash front pockets. Then, there should be two cargo pockets with a button-down design. And lastly two pockets on the back of the pant.

Most BDU pant pockets have a flap design. But to ensure the security of the items inside these pockets, you should look for a button or zipper closure. The number of pockets increases when there are some hidden pockets included. Even one pant of our list has up to eight pockets.

Comfortable fit

It is a mandatory thing to have an adjustable waistband to ensure a comfortable fit on any user's waist. The adjustability on the waist area allows finding the most appropriate fit. Also, some pants have a belt closure system. The waist area of these pants is equipped with loops for the Military Tactical Belt buckle.

Again, the drawstring closures at the bottom of the pant allow any user to snugly fit the pant. It enhances the fitting much strong and also ensures comfort to the wearer.


Not every BDU pant comes with water resistance. Especially when it has 100% cotton construction, it turns out difficult just to dry out the pant. To let the pant resist water or any kind of liquid, they must have a protective Teflon coating.

This Teflon coating over the durable fabric repels any kind of water or liquid. It also prevents any sort of stains or marks on the pant surface. Again, it allows quick-dry and lets you reuse it quickly as well.


By structure, BDU pants are loose-fitting, so there is no problem with mobility. But the inclusion of seats and knees in it enhances mobility a lot. It allows the user to kneel conveniently and move however he wants.


What is BDU pant?

BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform. But that doesn't mean BDU pants are only suitable on battlefields. BDU pants are one kind of tactical pants. And any general public can purchase these pants for casual use. These pants can come in camouflage or solid color design.

Who needs BDU pants?

Anyone who needs more storage while traveling or is tired of doing the regular jobs wearing jeans should try these pants. The lightweight and comfortable structure of the pant makes them a suitable choice for daily uses. Also, it is a reliable choice for you when you are going hiking.

Is BDU pant the same as cargo pants?

You may feel in confusion regarding the difference between cargo, BDU, or tactical pants. Well, tactical pants and BDU pants are almost the same. But cargo pants are different from BDU pants. The reason is the design and usability of BDU pants. However, both pants are now usable by the general people for traveling or hiking purposes with comfort.

What does a BDU pant offer?

The most eye-catching side of BDU pant is the comfort it offers. Unlike the regular pants, it is a lightweight one that is suitable for long-term use. Again, the inclusion of versatile pockets comes in very handy for carrying some required things while traveling. These pants can also repel water and keep moisture away from the body.

Are BDU pants waterproof?

Nope, not all BDU pants are waterproof. If the pants come with cotton construction, they won't be waterproof. If it has a blend of cotton and polyester, it can quickly dry out water but still not waterproof. It will only be waterproof when the manufacturer uses Teflon protective coating on it.

Final verdict

I believe I have cleared all of your confusion regarding the buying of BDU pants with the buying guide. There are also answers to some common queries. Now which BDU pants you would buy depends entirely on you, but make sure you have considered things in mind.

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