Best ATV windshield with Top brands reviews 2022

It becomes difficult to ride on the ATV comfortably when there is extreme wind around you. Your hands become freeze because of the cold wind and the snow, mud, dirt or insects are always disturbing the ride. All these problems have one common solution and that is installing a windshield on your ATV.

In this Best ATV windshield review, I will discuss the top windshield available in the market that can protect you from the rough weather. But more importantly, you need to choose the right size of the shield and know more about the considering facts in the buying guide. Now let’s check out the products briefly on a table.

Best ATV windshield

Windshield size and measurement

There are various sizes of windshields available, which are suitable for any specific ATV model or they are universally fit. However, the length of the windshield measures from 14 inches to 22 inches typically and the width measures from 20 inches to 36 inches.

You need to take the right measurement before purchasing it and the main thing you need to measure is the height of the shield.

  • Take a cloth measuring tape for the measurement.
  • Place one end of the tape on the top of the cutout towards the topmost point of the shield. That’s going to give you the proper measurement of the shield.


Product name


Key features


Best overall

Polaris Lock & Ride Tall Windshield - clear

19.25 inches tall
Highly visible clear design 

Best price

Black Boar ATV Wraparound Windshield

Durable clear acrylic construction
Wrap-around design 

Best for Kawasaki brand

Kawasaki ATV100-054 ATV Windshield

Hard-coated polycarbonate construction
14 inches high 

Best protective

National Cycle Lexan ATV Windshield

Steel mounting brackets
Protective rubber trim edge 

Best for universal fit

PowerMadd 24574 ProTEK Windshield for ATV

Optical-grade polycarbonate construction
Double mounting options 

Best for Honda 

New 2005-2016 Honda TRX500 TRX 500 Foreman ATV Windscreen Windshield

Sleek design
Integrated Honda tool less-clamp mount system 

Best height

Maier USA Universal ATV Windshield

22 inches tall
Polycarbonate plastic construction 

Best ATV windshield

1. Polaris Lock & Ride Tall Windshield - clear


Brand: Polaris

Weight: 6.1 pounds

You are going to have enhanced protection while driving your ATV on rough weather conditions by installing this windshield from Polaris. The windshield comes with a lock and ride feature that allows you to install it quite comfortably and make yourself ready for the ride. However, you can also remove the shield if you want within a few seconds and also without requiring any additional tools support. This windshield is compatible with Polaris ATVs.

The windshield is 19.25 inches tall, which is enough for protecting the rider from the wind, rain, or other off-road hazards. The lock and ride mount allows you to adjust the height and the angle of the shield before starting the ride. It comes with a clear design, which provides clearer visibility in such rough weather conditions. Overall, as you can easily mount and remove it, so it can be a good option for protection in the windy condition.

Key Features

  1. 19.25 inches tall windshield
  2. Easy installation and removal without requiring any tools
  3. Clear design for high visibility
  4. Adjustable height and angle.

2. Black Boar ATV Wraparound Windshield


Brand: Black Boar

Weight: 6.7 pounds

Black Boar has constructed this windshield with a wrap-around design to ensure the maximum protection of the rider. This wrap-around design covers up the face, torso and hand of the rider. This keeps the cold wind away from the crucial part of the body, which is very necessary for safe driving. You can easily install the windshield onto the handlebars of the ATV within a quick succession of time.

The shield is made of durable clear acrylic, which ensures high visibility in the off-roads. The durable construction also ensures that you will have long-lasting safety from it. Unlike the first windshield in the list, it requires several mounting hardware. But the great thing is that the windshield comes with all the mounting hardware needed so that you can quickly and conveniently install it on your ATV. It keeps rain, mud, dirt, or small insects away from the rider for providing a comfortable and safe ride.

Key Features

  1. Covers the face, torso and hand with the wrap-around design
  2. Constructed with durable clear acrylic
  3. Highly visible windshield
  4. All the needed mounting hardware is included.

3. Kawasaki ATV100-054 ATV Windshield


Brand: Kawasaki

Weight: 6.4

If you owe a Kawasaki ATV and searching for a suitable shied to keep you safe from the excessive wind on the of-roads, this windshield can be a nice choice. The windshield is 14 inches in height and 22 inches in width. You need to take the measurement of the shield and decide whether it is compatible with the model of ATV, you have or not. The top of the windshield is 24 inches above the surface of the rack.

The shield is constructed of 6 mm hard-coated polycarbonate to provide strong protection to the rider from any tough off-road obstacles. The shield comes with a unique design and the mounting method is also uncomplicated. The difference between the first two windshields and this one is that here you need a cargo box that is not required in the first two shields. Then mount the shield easily on it for a sturdy installation. However, the cargo box is not included with the shield, so you have to purchase this separately.

Key Features

  1. 14 inches tall and 22 inches wide windshield
  2. Constructed with 6 mm hard-coated polycarbonate
  3. Need a cargo box for sturdy installation
  4. 24 inches above the rack surface.

4. National Cycle Lexan ATV Windshield


Brand: National Cycle

Weight: 6.2 pounds

Choose this windshield to ensure protection from the windy conditions if you have a high headlight featuring ATV. The windshield is 16 inches high and 32 inches wide. You need to measure the front of the ATV, before mounting the shield and confirm it fits the ATV well. The shield is made from Lexan polycarbonate and according to the manufacturer, this construction is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions whether you are in the forest, bush, or cold weather.

It features sturdy, steel mounting brackets that come with black epoxy powder-coating. The makers of this windshield also tried to make it a durable one for providing long-lasting service to the user. In this view, they used a protective rubber trim edge that made it usable under any rough weather conditions and any terrain tracks. Especially the extended width of this shield makes it a perfect choice for using even in the roughest terrain conditions without worrying anything else.

Key Features

  1. 16 inches high and 32 inches wide windshield
  2. It is made of Lexan polycarbonate
  3. There are steel mounting brackets with black epoxy powder-coating
  4. It has a protective rubber trim edge.
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5. PowerMadd 24574 ProTEK Windshield for ATV


Brand: PowerMadd

Weight: 5 pounds

If you are searching for a windshield that provides a universal fit, this shield from PowerMadd can be a good choice, of course. The shield measures around 20 inches in height and 36 inches in width. You can fit the shield with the newest stylish designed ATVs as it comes with a new edgy design. For adding strength to the shield, the manufacturer has added ribs and contours it. It provides the user with two mounting options, rapid release and standard.

It is made of high-quality optical-grade polycarbonate, which features a scratch-resistant surface with a distortion-free optic. With the double mounting methods and easy, quick installation the shield has become a universal one. It comes with a compatibility with ATVs having headlight cut-outs and also not having headlight cutout. It is designed with black graphics. You don’t have to remove the shield for trailing your ATV as long as it faces forward like most other windshield brands.  

Key Features

  1. 20 inches tall and 36 inches wide shield
  2. Made of high-quality optical-grade polycarbonate
  3. It comes with double mounting options
  4. Ribs and contours for added strength.

6. New 2005-2016 Honda TRX500 TRX 500 Foreman ATV Windscreen Windshield


Brand: Honda


Install this windshield from Honda easily and make your off-road ride safer than ever. The windshield is made of using premium polycarbonate materials. According to the manufacturer of this product, this premium construction ensures high impact-resistance. It comes with non-yellowing, non-cracking and UV-resistant properties that are of course a great addition to ensure the safety of the riders on rough terrain roads.

The windshield comes with a sleek design and there is a Honda logo designed on the top of the shield. It comes featuring an integrated Honda tool less-clamp mount system. This makes the installation process a lot easier for the users. You can simply install the shield within a few minutes and make yourself ready for the ride. However, the shield also allows you easy removal. So when you don’t want it, you can simply remove it from the ATV.

Key Features

  1. It is made of premium polycarbonate materials
  2. Sleek design with Honda logo upfront
  3. It includes an integrated installation Honda tool less-clamp mount system
  4. Easy to install and remove.

7. Maier USA Universal ATV Windshield


Brand: Maier USA


Mount this 22 inches windshield on your ATV from Maier USA to ensure safety from freezing wind, dirt, mud, or insects that might work as interruptions in your ride. The shield is 33 inches wide and with the extended length, it is a perfect choice for off-road. It will universally fit most ATVs that come with frame-mounted headlights. The shield is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic.

The shield can withstand the wind up to 55 mph of speed and it is better to remove all the fairings when the speed exceeds the limit. It comes with a complete mounting hardware set that provides the user an easy installation before he is ready to go. For removal of the fairings, simply remove the larger nuts situated outside from the threaded rods and leave the brackets attached to the fairing assembly.

Key Features

  1. It is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic
  2. 22 inches tall and 33 inches wide shield
  3. Includes a complete mounting hardware set
  4. Easy installation and removal.

You should never skip the buying guides

I hope you don’t want to spend your valuable dollars on a product, which doesn’t provide you the same service you intended to have. So read out the below factors carefully for choosing the right ATV windshield.

Construction materials

There are mainly three types of materials used to construct ATV windshields, polycarbonate, acrylic and Lexan. Polycarbonate is the first choice if durability is your first concern and also it is a lot stronger than the other two materials. On terrain roads, you need an indestructible shield and polycarbonate is such one. However, for extended clarity acrylic is the right choice. It is far stronger than glass and also stiffer than other plastics.

Fixed or removable

It completely depends on the user’s preference. However, most windshields found in the market provide easy removal option with easy installation. This feature allows the user to easily remove the shield from the ATV when it not necessary. You might go for a removable windshield over a fixed one because it will be easier to clean it after removing not while it is fixed on the vehicle.


 Whether you will have great visibility or not largely depends on the materials used to construct the shield and also on the scratch-resistance. Acrylic is a transparent plastic that provides optical visibility to the riders. Moreover, the surface is UV resistant and also scratch-resistant that makes it a much better choice for high visibility.

Ease of installation

 Some windshield requires no tools for installation and some require hardware. It’s pretty good if the shield doesn’t need any tools for installation. But it should come equipped with the mounting hardware if these are needed for the installation. There are also a few windshields that need cargo boxes for the installation.

Withstanding the speed

 Not every windshield can withstand the same sort of wind speed. But on average, it can withstand from 55 to 70 mph. You need to make the choice depending on the type of rider, experience, or amateur.

How to install an ATV windshield

To install an ATV windshield, you need to mount the fairing on the handlebars first and then install the windshield.

  • First, loosen the screws from the front pod and remove the front pod cover.
  • Then attach two U clip speed nuts and mount the fairing support bracket.
  • Reinstall the pod cover on it and install the fairing mounts on both sides of the windshield fairing.
  • Use screws again and install slider fairing mounts onto main fairing mounts on both sides, but keep it loose.
  • Now with the help of the slider mounts insert the fairing mounts onto the handlebars of the ATV for installing the windshield fairing.
  • At last, install the windshield on the windshield fairing and tighten the inserted screws into the allotted holes for completing the installation process.

Removing the scratches from the ATV windshield

Scratch on the surface of the windshield reduces the visibility power and creates discomfort to the rider. So you need to remove the scratch as soon as possible.

  • Use a mixture of hot water and non-abrasive detergent or soap, which is not harmful to plastic for cleaning the windshield surface.
  • Now use a soft and dry piece of cotton cloth to rub on the scratch spot gently. Don’t apply this when the shield is wet, so make it dry first.
  • You can also use make the windshield look like before by using a polishing compound on the scratched spot or the whole surface.

ATV windshield weight

ATV windshields are made of plastic materials like polycarbonate or acrylic. So they are likely lighter than conventional glass windshields. ATV windshields weigh around 5 to 7 pounds, whereas glass windshields are heavier a lot weighing more than 20 pounds.

ATV windshield cost

The cost of the ATV windshield depends on the materials used to construct it, the size of the shield, the design and also the manufacturing brands. Summing all these factors together, the cost ranges from $60 to $150. Polycarbonate windshields are a bit costly than acrylic ones.

So, are you ready to purchase a windshield to make your ATV ride safer? Select the exact size of shield that suits your ATV and before purchasing don’t skip the buying guide.

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