Best ATV winch synthetic rope and cable for better ride in mud and mount

When your ATV is stuck into a muddy or snowy road, you need a winch to pull up the vehicle. But a winch is of no use if you don’t have a synthetic rope or cable with high pulling strength. The rope you are using also needs to be UV-protected, abrasion, rust and wear-resistant.

You need to check out the buying guide to know more about what things you need to consider before buying. Meanwhile, there is a discussion of the top seven winch ropes in the Best ATV winch synthetic rope and cable review. Let’s have a watch at these products at a glance through a table.

Best ATV winch Rope

Best ATV winch rope

Synthetic atv Winch Rope




key features


Best overall rope

FieryRed Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100' - 23,809 Ibs Winch Line Cable Rope

Tensile strength up to 23,809 pounds
Protective sleeves

Best protection

50 ft AmSteel-Blue Synthetic ATV/UTV Winch Cable/Rope

12-strand single braid design
Proprietary Samthane coating 

Best winch cable

WARN 15236 Replacement Wire Winch Rope

2,500 pounds weight rating
Galvanized coating 

Best cost-friendly

Ranger 6,000 LBs 3/16" x 50' UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope

6,000 pounds breaking point
Stainless steel tube thimble 

Best costly

ZESUPER 3/8" x 100ft Synthetic Winch Rope

Breaking strength of 23,000 pounds
Strong forged hook 


Smittybilt 97704 19/64" x 30' Synthetic Winch Rope

Special coating
Non-rotational rope 

 4,000 lb. capacity

Best for aftermarket winch

SuperATV 50 ft. Synthetic Winch Rope

3,500 pounds of tensile strength
Compatible with aftermarket winches

1. FieryRed Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100' - 23,809 Ibs Winch Line Cable Rope


Brand: FieryRed

Weight: 6.9 pounds

FieryRed manufactured this synthetic winch rope with extreme tensile strength, which comes with an impressive breaking capacity from 9,000 pounds to 23,809 pounds. It comes with a 12-strand and a special polyethylene construction. Because of the extended tensile strength, you can also repair it on the spot by using the proper braided technique. It comes with an extra length of up to 100 feet that lets it reach the far anchoring point conveniently. The user will have higher density and greater loads because of the compact diameter.

It is a lightweight and highly resistant rope that doesn’t store any kinetic energy when it is under load. There is a 5 feet enhanced UV and chemical-resistant protective sleeve, which provides ultimate resistance against heat, rust, abrasion, chemicals and excessive sun rays. Moreover, it is coated with multi-functional urethane to enhance protection. There are a 3/8 inches electro-galvanized forged steel hook for superior durable performance along with the spring-loaded latch, which also provides better safety for increased weight. The strengthened aluminum eyelet ensures easier replacement.

Key Features

  1. Tensile strength ranges from 9,000 to 23,809 pounds
  2. Extra length up to 100 feet
  3. UV and chemical resistant protective sleeve
  4. 3/8 inches forged steel hook.

2. 50 ft AmSteel-Blue Synthetic ATV/UTV Winch Cable/Rope


Brand: MotoAlliance

Weight: 1 pound

This winch rope from MotoAlliance comes with average tensile strength. The rope is has a breaking strength of a maximum of 5,400 pounds, which is enough for pulling a medium-weight ATV. The rope is 50 feet in length, which is also the most common length of winch ropes found in the market nowadays. Like most synthetic ropes, it measures 3/16 inches in diameter that makes it perfect for attaching on any winch.

The manufacturer has used a 12-strand single braid design to construct the rope. You can carry it and use it in rough weather conditions as well because it has a proprietary samthane coating. This coating ensures resistance from abrasion, wear, snug and fray. Besides, this feature also prevents the intrusion of water, salt and sand. The rope will also remain protected in the rough surfaces because it includes five sheaths as the protection.

Key Features

  1. Maximum breaking strength of 5,400 pounds
  2. The rope is 50 feet long
  3. Constructed with 12-strand single braid design
  4. It has a proprietary Samthane coating and five sheath protection.

3. WARN 15236 Replacement Wire Winch Rope


Brand: WARN

Weight: 1 pound

You can use this rope from WARN as a replacement to WARN ATV winch. The rope doesn’t come with high tensile strength as the breaking capacity of the rope goes up to 2,500 pounds. However, it comes with a conventional diameter and length like the other winch ropes found in the market nowadays. It is designed with 3/16 inches of diameter and the rope can be used conveniently to pull your ATV as it is 50 feet long.

The manufacturer used galvanized coating on the rope to prevent corrosion and also increase the durability of it. This rope is compatible with two WARN ATV winch models. You can attach it with A2000 and A2500, but need a steel drum for the attachment. The rope includes short Allen head bolts in the pack for easier installation when you need to pull the ATV immediately. You will find swaged loop on one end of the rope and a wire rope terminal on the other end.

Key Features

  1. It has 2,500 pounds of the weight rating
  2. Galvanized coating to prevent corrosion
  3. Includes short Allen head bolts
  4. It includes swaged loop and wire rope terminal.

4. Ranger 6,000 LBs 3/16" x 50' UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope (cheap)



Weight: 6.4 ounces

If you are searching for ultimate tensile strength from a synthetic winch rope, this rope from RANGER ULTRANGER can be a good option to have. It comes with a breaking point of 6,000 pounds. The length of the rope is like most other winch ropes, 50 feet and it is 3/16 inches in diameter. The manufacturer used pre-stretched and heat-treated synthetic fiber to construct the rope. To ensure superior eye protection, there is a heavy-duty stainless steel tube thimble.

The manufacturer has also put a lot of importance on the longevity and durability of the rope while constructing. There are double protective sleeves designed on the rope for ensuring protection against wear and chafe. First, it has a 22 inches red jack drum end protective sleeve designed. Then there is 40 inches black protective sleeve to enhance the protection. Both these sleeves ensure protection from excessive heat and abrasion. According to the manufacturer, you may need to cut or remove the eye lead for a warn winch.  

Key Features

  1. It has a breaking point of 6,000 pounds
  2. Used pre-stretched and heat-treated synthetic fiber
  3. Heavy-duty stainless steel tube thimble
  4. There are double protective sleeves, red and black.

5. ZESUPER 3/8" x 100ft Synthetic Winch Rope (costly)



Weight: 5.4 pounds

ZESUPER has constructed this synthetic winch rope from heavy-duty UHMWPE. The rope comes with an extreme level of breaking strength up to 23,000 pounds. It is made using a proprietary synthetic braided line. You can have a flawless and convenient setup of this rope with any type of winch. Except for the rope, there are heavy-duty snap shackle and rubber stopper. You will get superior eye protection with the heavy-duty stainless steel tube thimble with a gusset.

This relatively lightweight and easy to use rope has two durable attachments. On one end, there is a stainless steel ring and on the other end, there is an aluminum buckle. However, you can remove the terminal end from the rope if the winch doesn’t demand it. You can pull your ATV steadily and forcefully as there is a strong forged hook at the end of the rope. It comes in bright red color for better vision and there is a heavy-duty protective casing that protects the rope from wear, overheating and slippage.

Key Features

  1. Has a breaking strength of 23,000 pounds
  2. It is constructed with proprietary synthetic braided line
  3. Heavy-duty stainless steel tube with gusset
  4. There is a strong forged hook at the end.

6. Smittybilt 97704 19/64" x 30' Synthetic Winch Rope (best capacity)


Brand: Smittybilt

Weight: 1 pound

You can purchase this lightweight winch rope from Smittybilt without worrying about the resistance as it comes with high-grade resistance from UV rays and abrasion. The rope has a pulling strength of 4,000 pounds. It’s not as long as the other most commonly used synthetic ropes as it measures 30 inches in length and the diameter of the rope is 19/64 inches. It weighs 1/7th of the same sort of steel cable.

It’s a medium duty synthetic rope to pull medium size ATVs. The rope comes with a special coating that prevents slippage from the winch drum under any circumstances. It requires minimal stretch and the rope is non-rotational. It is also pretty easy to use as you don’t have to deal with any kinks, curls, or wire splinters. The lightweight nature of the rope enables it to float even in the water, which also defines that it is usable in rough weather conditions as well.

Key Features

  1. It has a pulling strength of 4,000 pounds
  2. 30 inches long and 19/64 inches in diameter
  3. Slip-resistance special coating
  4. It is a non-rotational rope.

7. SuperATV 50 ft. Synthetic Winch Rope


Brand: SuperATV

Weight: 2 pounds

The users will have a safe and easy to use performance from this synthetic rope manufactured by The rope comes with a tensile strength of 3,500 pounds. Like most other synthetic ropes, it comes with a diameter of 3/16 inches and 50 feet in length. The winch is also compatible with most aftermarket winches well.

They are available in four different colors, red, blue, orange and charcoal. Except for this conventional size, this rope has another variant. That larger variant is capable of pulling with more strength. The larger rope is designed with a ¼ inches diameter and the length remains the same. The pulling strength of the enlarged rope ranges from 4,500 to 6,000 pounds. This synthetic rope is often compared to the steel cable in case of strength.

Key Features

  1. Tensile strength of 3,500 pounds
  2. 3/16 inches in diameter and 50 inches long
  3. Compatible with most aftermarket winches
  4. It comes in four different colors.

ATV winch synthetic rope vs. steel cable

There are a few crucial things to consider between the synthetic rope and steel cable to distinguish the difference.


 Though, it looks like steel is stronger than synthetic fiber, but actually, synthetic rope provides a lot more strength in comparison to a steel cable. Synthetic rope is some 2 times stronger than steel cable.


 Because of using lightweight synthetic fiber, these ropes are far more lightweight and easy to use than steel cables.


 Steel cable is going to provide you a better resistance from rust, wear, abrasion and also protect from the UV ray. However, using protective sleeves increases the resistance of the ropes also.  


 If safety is the concern, synthetic rope is a better option as cables tend to break easily than ropes.


 Synthetic ropes are a bit pricey than steel cables.

You must check out this buying guides

If you are amongst the new buyers of synthetic ropes, you should look forward to choosing the best one by considering a few crucial things.

Tensile strength

 This is the most important factor to consider when you are up for buying a winch rope. Most commonly winch ropes come with a tensile strength from 6,000 to 12,000 pounds. However, there are some ropes with as low as 2,500 pounds of tensile strength and also some high-grade ropes have a strength of 23,000 pounds.

Rope length

 Typically, winch rope comes with 50 feet of length. But if you want some extra strength and also want to cover up more space from the car to the anchor, you might love to have 100 feet in length. However, some ropes are 30 inches long.

Rope diameter

This isn’t a very important factor until you want a rope that allows you to cover attach more rounds or rope on the winch. Typically, winch ropes come 3/16 inches in diameter. Some thicker ropes also measure ¼ inches in diameter. So the ultimate choice is yours.

Construction material

 Synthetic ropes are constructed using synthetic fiber and cables are made of aircraft-grade steel. The synthetic construction makes the synthetic ropes lightweight than steel cables and the steel cable also has better chances of breaking.


 If you want a durable winch rope, you must put importance on the protection used on the rope. The rope should come equipped with single or double protective sleeves and it may also have galvanized coating for added protection. All these protective features will prevent rust, wear, abrasion and also protect from UV and chemicals.


 The color is the least important one as it mostly depends on the user’s preference. However, try to buy a highly visible colored rope for a greater view at night.

What size of synthetic winch rope used for ATV

Talking about the size of synthetic ropes, I have to divide them into two categories, the length and the diameter. The most common length used on the winch for pulling ATV is 50 feet or something within 50 feet. And the ropes are typically 3/16 inches in diameter.

There are also ropes of ¼ inches, 5/16 inches, 7/16 inches, or 3/8 inches, etc. The thinner the rope, the more you can wrap it around the winch drum.

How to attach a synthetic rope to an ATV winch

If you follow the steps below and work accordingly, you can easily attach a synthetic rope to an ATV winch.

  • First, remove the winch hook and the front of the winch to make show the attaching spool.
  • Then if there is already any rope or cable attached to the winch, remove it immediately.
  • Then remove the Allen from the spool, where are you going to insert the rope.
  • Now insert a bit of the rope into the spool through the hole and rotate it.
  • Make a simple knot and rotate the spool a bit backward.
  • Tighten the knot and turn on the auto reeling to create the thread of synthetic rope on the winch.
  • At last, attach the front of the winch and the hook as well to finish the process.

How to replace the cable on the ATV winch

There are a few steps for replacing the cable on the ATV winch. Follow the steps for a proper replacement.

  • You need an Allen wrench, socket wrench, pliers and safety gloves for this.
  • Now, first of all, you need to disconnect the winch hook.
  • You need to get access to the winch drum and for this; you need to remove the fairlead.
  • Now you have to turn on the free spool position and you have to disconnect the winch motor.
  • Then grab the old winch cable and pull it until it comes out of the winch fully.
  • At last, follow the steps for attaching synthetic rope for replacing the winch cable.

Concluding words

Now you need to decide, which one of these synthetic cables is suitable for your use. But before purchasing any one of these, you should read the buying guide section carefully.

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