Best ATV riding goggles reviews 2022

It is obvious to get interrupted with dirt, mud, debris while you are out for an extreme off-road ride. But you can ensure protection from these things from the best ATV goggles reviews. The high-grade lenses of these goggles are mostly scratch-resistant and also impact-resistant.

Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Goggles also features an anti-fog construction that provides you a clearer view of the outside. You need to select goggles with a wide frame design. There are few other things you need to consider before the final choice and all you will find here. Now let’s have a quick look at the products.

Best ATV goggles

Why do you need goggles while riding an ATV

Protecting your eyes from various harmful objects during off-road rides is the main reason why ATV riders use safety goggles. Before buying, you of course need to know about the reasons in detail.

Keeps the eyes safe: Off-road rides are never pleasant when you don’t have any protective gear on your eyes. A quality pair of goggles will always keep your eyes safe from mud, dirt, and debris, small pieces of rocks or stones, small flying insects, and so on.

Keeps UV ray away: The extreme sunlight is a disturbing element on your way. It interrupts the clear vision of your eyes. But you can solve it by wearing a UV-resistant pair of goggles.

Deals with the rough conditions: You don’t need to be surprised if you fall in extremely snowy, windy, or rainy conditions on the way, and then it becomes a lot hard to drive the ATV with protection fewer eyes. That’s where you need ATV goggles to deal with the rough conditions.

Adding a bit of style: The least purpose of using a pair of goggles is adding a bit of style. Choose a colorful and well-designed one that marks you a lot better than your fellow riders.

mud ATV goggles




key features


Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Goggles

Lexan lens
Triple-layer face foam

Fox Racing Vue Dusc Goggle-Navy

Polycarbonate hard lens
TruLock system 

FLY Racing Focus Goggles

Wide frame design
Two-layer face foam 

Typhoon Adult ATV MX Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo

Anti-scratch lens
Woven strap 

Oakley O Frame 2.0 PRO Youth

Plutonite lens
Low profile frame design 

Fly Racing Zone Goggles

Engineered frame design
Double buckle strap 

GLX YH15 Anti-Fog Impact-Resistant Kids Youth ATV

Polycarbonate lens
Flexible TPU frame 

Best ATV goggles

1. Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Goggles


Brand: Oakley

Weight: 3.9 ounces

Protect your eyes with this pair of goggles from Oakley, when you are out for an off-road drive. This pair of goggles comes with an impact-resistant Lexan lens, which ensures 100% protection of your eye and also provides high visibility during the ride.

Another great advantage of this pair of goggles is that it is constructed with scratch-resistant materials. So when you are even riding in extreme conditions, it will keep your eyes safe from dirt, mud, debris, and so on. Moreover, you can breathe in comfortably with these goggles on and it will create no fog inside. The anti-fog nature of this pair of goggles also makes it a suitable one for high visibility.

You will never feel sweaty or uncomfortable wearing this pair of goggles, as it comes with triple-layer face foam fleece. This helps to soak the sweat and ensure your comfort throughout the ride. It also has a flexible O Matter frame, which is optimized for maximum comfort and fit of the ride and also provides an excellent peripheral view.

Key Features

  1. Used impact-resistant Lexan lens
  2. Anti-fog construction for higher visibility
  3. Soaks the sweat away with triple-layer face foam
  4. Flexible O Matter frame ensures comfort and fit.

2. Fox Racing Vue Dusc Goggle-Navy


Brand: Fox Racing

Weight: 5.6 ounces

This pair of goggles from Fox Racing comes with an injected-molded polycarbonate hard lens, which provides the rider a distortion-free optical clarity during the ride. It also has a pre-curved design with increase impact-resistance. There is a wide viewport in the goggles that provides an exceptional peripheral view.

Now you can replace the lens quickly and also with ease as the pair of goggles come with a TruLock system. The soft TPU faceplate is made to suit the rider's face and provide him/her the maximum comfort during the ride as one would possibly like to have. The ABS or nylon outer frame of the goggles is designed as a resistance to the roost.

It is an anti-fog pair of goggles that provides 360-venting to keep the rider cool all the time. It can also soak away the sweat with the 3 layers of molded foam construction to ensure a comfortable fit. The rider will have an excellent helmet grip as it comes with a 45 mm strap with backing silicone stripes and it also has reflective threads on the strap.

Key Features

  1. Injected-molded polycarbonate hard lens
  2. TruLock system for easy and quick replacement
  3. Top TPU faceplate is included
  4. Roost-resistant ABS or nylon outer frame.

3. FLY Racing Focus Goggles for Motocross, Off-road, ATV, UTV


Brand: FLY Racing

Weight: 6 ounces

Now you can have optimal protection with this pair of goggles from FLY Racing as it is designed with a polycarbonate lens. The lens has anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for optimal protection. The rider will have a maximum peripheral view with the wide frame design.

It allows you to ride safely and perfectly on any off-roads as it provides a wide view of what is upfront. You can have all day and long-lasting comfort through this pair of goggles because it is equipped with 2 layer face foam and it also provides a tight seal. The lens provides a quick-change opportunity for easy replacement in any condition.

It also has a 40 mm woven strap, which is built for ensuring extra comfort when you ought to ride for a long period and also need to perfect fit. The strap comes with non-slip silicone on the inside part to ensure that the goggle fits nicely onto the helmet and remains in place.

Key Features

  1. Anti-fog and anti-scratch polycarbonate lens
  2. Wide frame design for maximum peripheral view
  3. Ensures tight seal with 2 layer face foam
  4. It has a 40 mm woven strap.

4. Typhoon Adult ATV MX Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo


Brand: Typhoon Helmets

Weight: 3 pounds

It is a combo pack of ATV helmets,atv gloves, and goggles. You can now easily ensure your safety while riding off-roads by purchasing this combo pack from Typhoon Helmets. The goggles come with a hard-coated, anti-scratch, and impact-resistant lens. This goggle is also an anti-fog one, which offers you a clear vision throughout the ride.

There is a 1.75 inches woven strap included in the goggle for easy adjustment on the helmet. Moreover, it also has an anti-slip silicone design inside the straps for a snug fit onto the helmet. The goggles will fit both younger and adult helmets. Meanwhile, the helmet comes with a soft and comfortable interior design.

There are intake vents, channel vents, and exhaust vents that offer maximum airflow through the helmet. The goggles will stay in place with the sculpted shell with a side fraction. It also has a standard chin strap D-ring closure and strap keeper. The gloves come reinforced with a double-layer palm. It is designed with a pre-curved pattern to ensure superior grip with less fatigue.

Key Features

  1. Anti-scratch and impact-resistant lens
  2. 1.75 inches woven strap with anti-slip silicone inside
  3. Sculpted shell with side fraction in the helmet
  4. The glove has a reinforced double-layer palm.

5. Oakley O Frame 2.0 PRO Youth


Brand: Oakley

Weight: 4.4 ounces

This pair of goggles from Oakley is designed for youth and it comes with flexible O Matter chassis that conforms the rider’s face comfortably even in the extreme cold weather. The goggle is nicely compatible with helmets and it also offers high visibility, because it comes with a low profile frame design.

It comes with discreet frame notches at temples, which provides compatibility with the most prescription eyewear. The goggles come with an optically correct injection-molded dual plutonite lens. The lens also has an f3 anti-fog coating it does a great job in ensuring protection from harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

It comes with triple-layer face foam and also there is a polar fleece lining, which soaks away the moisture from your face, and thus it provides you all-day comfort. The rider can ensure a secure fit of the goggles as it comes with a 35 mm wide adjustable strap. There is silicone lining inside the strap for a snug and anti-slippage fitting.

Key Features

  1. It has a low profile frame design
  2. Injection-molded dual plutonite lens
  3. Triple-layer face foam with polar fleece lining
  4. There is a 35 mm wide adjustable strap with a silicone lining inside.

6. Fly Racing Zone Goggles


Brand: Fly Racing

Weight: 6 ounces

Now you can relentlessly have off-roads without worrying about getting unwanted scratches because this pair of goggles from Fly Racing comes with an anti-scratch design. It is constructed with a polycarbonate lens. The lens is not only anti-scratch but also has an anti-fog coating.

It provides a massive peripheral vision by increasing the field of view because it has an engineered frame design. It is constructed with a durable frame, which is lightweight as well. The pre-installed tear-off posts of the goggle come with a quick-change replacement lens. The premium three-layer face foam design wicks away the moisture and provides a tight fit.

You don’t need to worry about the fitting of the goggle with the helmet as it comes with a 40 mm double buckle strap. There is also a non-slip silicone design inside the strap that provides a snug fit of the goggle and makes sure it stays in place throughout the ride.

Key Features

  1. Polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch and anti-fog design
  2. Massive peripheral vision with engineered frame design
  3. Premium three-layer foam face soaks the moisture
  4. There is a 40 mm double buckle strap.

7. GLX YH15 Anti-Fog Impact-Resistant Kids Youth ATV


Brand: GLX

Weight: 3 ounces

Kids and youth are now ready for an off-road ride with these goggles manufactured by GLX. The goggle is designed with a polycarbonate lens. The lens comes with an impact-resistant and anti-fog feature. This also provides clarity in vision.

The younger ones don’t need to worry about the discomfort of wearing the shield all day long, because it provides active ventilation all the time. The goggle is constructed with a flexible TPU frame with built-in airflow technology for this.

The goggle features dual-layer face foam, which ensures moisture-wicking with ease. It provides a fog-free and comfortable fit to the younger riders all day long. The kids can find their best fit quickly and easily with the easy strap adjustable system.

Key Features

  1. It comes with an anti-fog and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
  2. Flexible TPU frame with built-in airflow technology
  3. It has dual layer face foam
  4. It has an easy strap adjustable system.

Buying guide: You shouldn’t miss

Choosing the right kind of goggles turns out to be an easy task when you know what things you need to consider before buying and that’s why I’m here to help you.

Lens construction

 This is the first and foremost thing you need to consider before buying ATV goggles. The lens should be made of high-grade materials like polycarbonate, which is also the most used material used in the goggle lens. Next, it should be scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and also anti-fog. Moreover, it also needs to ensure the rider's eyes are protected from harmful UV rays.

Flexible frame

 For a clear view of the outside area, you need a goggle with a wide frame design. This also provides you the maximum peripheral view while you are riding. Goggle frames should be made out of lightweight and flexible materials. Without having enough flexibility, it will make you feel disturbing after a few moments. And the flexible design also provides compact storage.

Comfortable fitting

 You should always choose an ATV goggle that has adjustable straps. The adjustable design of the goggle allows making the fitting depending on the rider's comfort zone. Moreover, most straps have a silicone design inside for a snug fit onto the helmets.

Enough ventilation

 For long-term riding on ATVs, you need to ensure protection as well the comfort. The goggles you are going to choose must provide enough ventilation. It would be perfect if it is constructed with airflow technology.


 The sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking feature is an excellent addition to the ATV goggles. Most of the goggles come with a double or triple-layer face foam design. This soaks away the sweat and wicks moisture to ensure the comfort of the rider during a long period of ride.

Wearing goggles with a helmet

Wearing goggles with a helmet is totally unnecessary when the helmet you are using is full-faced and a full-faced helmet surely comes with a face shield and visor. These two things protect the eyes and you don’t need to wear additional goggles anymore.

On the other hand, a half-faced helmet doesn’t protect the eyes and that’s when you need to put on goggles also.

Wearing a helmet over goggles: In this method, you need to put on the goggle first and fit this perfectly. Then put on the helmet and of course, you need to buy a bit larger helmet for this.

Wearing goggles over a helmet: I prefer wearing goggles over the helmet because almost every goggle comes with adjustable straps. So you can put it on the helmet and then make it fit by adjusting the strap. You can also use perfect atv windshield for off road and mud race riding.

How to clean your ATV goggles

There are three crucial parts of ATV goggles that you need to clean, the frame, the lens, and the face foam.

Cleaning goggle lens: You can use a microfiber soft cloth to scrub away the dirt from the lens.

Frame: You can wash the frame of the goggle with mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

Face Foam: The most difficult part is the goggles to clean. Use mild soapy on the foam and let it soak the dirt, mud, or whatever inside properly and then wash it with clean water again.

Pricey or cheap: Which goggles you should choose

There are both pricey and cheap goggles available on market. The cheaper ones don’t come with scratch-resistant lenses. They don’t have comfortable face foam for your comfort. Also, there is no adjustable strap in these goggles and they cost something around $15. However, spending around $20 to $35 will provide you a well-designed, well-constructed, and featured ATV goggles for sure.

Concluding words

That’s right, as an ATV rider you must need to wear goggles. But you also need to avoid the cheaper ones and look for the best ones as I mentioned in the article. Don’t forget to read out the buying guide before choosing.

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