How much is a dashcam : Average dashcam cost

You can purchase a dual dashcam or a single dashcam. Also, you can choose a cheaper one and a high-end one. Whatever you choose, the cost of a dash cams will range from $30 to $500. Indeed the costing range is quite big.

Dashcams with dual cameras are a bit pricier than single cameras as they cover a full area around your car. Cheap dash cams are only usable when you are not buying them for professional purposes. To find a detailed discussion about dash cams continue reading.

How much is a dashcam

Why is dashcam used for

A driving video recorder, which continuously records the entire front and sometimes rears driving view from the car, is known as a dashboard camera or shortly dashcam. After installing it on the dashboard of the car, it will record a detailed video and sounds of the outside from the car.

There are many reasons why a dashcam is used and I found them quite handy in one’s day-to-day life.

Collect evidence

Whether you are on the road or in the parking allot, your camera will stay turned one and record everything that happens to your car or around your car. This helps you to collect evidence for someone who suddenly blames you for hitting his car intentionally.

Also, if someone tries doing any harm to your vehicle, you can prove it from the evidence collection your dashcam has.

GPS device comes in handy

If the younger member of your family takes the car and you become worried, you should rather set a dashcam with a GPS device in there. This will keep you alert of his position and also will help him find the best route.

Record your whole trip

When you are out for a long trip with your beloved one, you might want to enjoy the natural scenery again. And it is possible when you have installed a high-resolution dual-lens dash cam on your car. The camera also records videos with high-end sounds.

Ensure extra safety: No one could do any harm to your car or can’t escape by doing something. Because the 360-degree dual-lens will record every moment to ensure your safety.

Cost of dash cam

Let’s check out the cost of dash cam at a glance.


Number of camera




$30 to $100


$80 to $200



$70 to $200


$150 to $500

To repair


$40 to $60

Depending on the usage and quality, there are two types of dashcams, cheap and high-end. Again, depending on the number of cameras, you will find two more dashcam types. The cost of dashcams depends largely on these two things.

Usage and quality


Typically the cost of cheap dashcams remains within $30 to $100. They are a single-camera dashcam, and when they come with a dual camera, they can cost you around $200 as well. The video quality of such cameras is also not up to the mark.

These dashcams shoot videos up to 720P resolution. This is comparatively a poor video quality than 1080P, 2K, and 4K. Cameras in this category are not used for professional purposes, rather for occasional purposes.


The cost of high-end dashcams starts from around $70 and they easily reach $200. Typically they come with a dual camera to provide the user a full view of what’s happening outside around the car. Both front and rear cameras have wider angles for more details.

The cost of these cameras can also go up to $400 as they can shoot video up to 1080P, 2k, and sometimes even 4k. The video resolution also affects the cost of these cameras a lot.

The number of cameras

Single-camera: When you have only one camera on the dashcam and it’s a front-facing camera that means the cam has a single camera. The cost of a single camera won’t go over $200 or a bit up. They only provide you a view upfront of the car.

Dual camera: You can enjoy the full view around your car only when the dashcam has a dual-camera setup, one in the front and the other one in the rear. The cost of dual-camera dash cams will go up to $500. The user will have a 360-degree view with this camera on.

Dashcam installation cost

Not every dashcam requires any extra costing for the installation, because some of them come easy to install by attaching inside the allotted port of the vehicle. However, if the cam requires installation it won’t cost you more than $40 to $60.

Types of dashcam

There are mainly two types of dash cams available, advanced and analog dash cams. The analog one has fewer upgraded features compared to the advanced ones.

Advanced dashcam

Advanced dash cams have two more types, front-facing lens and dual-lens with front and rear lens. Such cams come with GPS tagging, high-quality audio, and accelerometers as well. These cameras are high-grade.

Analog dashcam

It is a basic model of the dashcam, and the most loved side of these cams is the low-costing. Also, they are a lot easier to install than an advanced ones. However, they can only record through the front-facing lens.

How to install a dashcam

Follow the below steps to successfully install a dash cam on your car and have a clearer recording of the surroundings.

  • At first, you need to locate the place on the dashboard of your car to install it. Remember the dashcam should never create any obstacle in viewing the outer area.
  • Now to supply power to the dashcam, it is needed to attach it with the fuse box underneath the dashboard.
  • Then ensure there is no power in the fuse when the engine remains off. This will help the dashcam automatically start and stop.
  • By adding a circuit power cable, install an installation kit inside the car.
  • Keeping the wiring you used for the installation out is never a wise decision. So tie them and place them underneath the dashboard.
  • Finish the process by checking the installation.

Best dashcam

1. APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder

The user can enjoy simultaneous recording with a high-resolution 1080P at 30 fps full HD lens. It also comes with a large screen for a clear view of the videos and images. There is a 170-degree wide-angle lens that reduces blind spots and captures images with more details.

It can automatically detect any collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten with the built-in G-sensor. The camera ensures an extended clarity in the night images with the combination of F1.8 large aperture, WDR, and HDR.

2. CHORTAU Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam

This dual dash cam comes with a 1080P resolution front and a waterproof rear camera. There are 6 pieces of IR LED and a wide dynamic range, which provides a clear sight of even under the night sky. There are 170-degree wide angles in the front and 130-degree wide-angle in the rear.

You will notice a detection of sudden collision from the camera with the sensitive G-sensor. As soon as the impact is detected, the camera turns the power switch on automatically. This dashcam supports up to 32 GB of micro SD card, which is not included.

3. Dual dash Cam | VAVA Dual 1920×1080P FHD | Front and Rear Dash Camera

The camera is capable of capturing both front and rear view of the road with the front and rear camera with a dual 1920 by 1080P resolution at 30 fps. The front camera has a wide-angle of 155-degree and the rear camera comes with a 126-degree wide angle.

It can record highly visible videos day or night with the combination of F1.8 and a 6-glass lens. The G-sensor helps automatically loop record any incidents and keep the evidence. The camera supports up to 128 GB of the card.

Difference between car dashcam & truck dashcam

The main difference between a car dashcam and a truck dash cam is the width of the angle and how wide the picture the cam provides. Truck drivers require wider angles from 150-degree to 170-degree for a clear view of the outside. However, a 120-degree angle is enough to have a safe and sound ride on a car. Any emergency case you can attche this device your car headrest hooks for any security purpose.

Will dashcam drain my car battery

The advanced dash cams used on cars nowadays turn on automatically and turns off automatically as well, which provides no chance to drain the extra battery from the car.  The port, which is used to attach the dashcam to the dashboard, has low voltage protection. It is another reason why a dashcam won’t drain the car’s battery.

Final thoughts

The dashcam is not a thing that you must need to install in your car. But if you want to enjoy the benefits I mentioned above, you should purchase one.

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