50 Must-Have ATV (4 wheeler) Parts And Accessories List

It's necessary for the ATV riders to know about the parts and accessories they must need to have in their ATVs also 4 wheeler. That’s why I’m here you help them by providing a list of these things.

best ATV Accessories

Best ATV Parts And Accessories

1. ATV tires

atv tires

 ATVs are used off-road, in muddy, bumpy conditions and so the tires going to be used in ATV should be puncture and abrasion-resistant. Tires made of heavy-duty, six-ply construction is the right choice for ATVs. Before choosing the size of the tires, it is necessary to ensure the previously used tire size in the front and back of the ATV.

The size is measured by the inflated height, width of the tire, and the diameter of the rim. The most commonly used size is 26 by 10 by 12 inches. There are two types of tire construction, bias ply and radial. Bias-ply is more durable than radial and it provides better traction with puncture-resistance. However, radial tires offer a longer lifespan. There are different tread styles in tires like trail, mud, snow, race, sand and pavement.

2. ATV winch

 When the ATV is stuck in the mud or snow, an ATV winch can help you out by pulling the vehicle. Before choosing the winch you need to know the pulling power and according to the thumb rule, the power should be 1.5 times more than your car’s weight. Typically this number ranges from 500 to 4,500 pounds.

Two types of ropes are used in winches, synthetic winch rope and steel winch cable. Steel cables are durable and stronger, but synthetic ones are easier to handle. A powerful motor is also recommended for better performance.

3. ATV helmet

To find the right size of the helmet for your ATV ride is a crucial thing. Measure the circumference of your head from the middle of your forehead to find the right size. There are helmets available for youths that measures from 18 to 22 inches and adult helmets measure from 21 to 26 inches.

The helmet should cover the full face, also the neck while riding. It should be made of high-quality materials and better cushioning inside. The helmet should be able to keep the sweat and moisture away from your face and head to provide you nice and cool ride.

4. ATV Battery

There are mainly three types of batteries used in ATVs, conventional or wet cell battery, gel cell battery and absorbed glass mat or AGM battery Conventional batteries have water and sulfuric acid inside. However, AGM and gel cell are pretty the same, but gel cell batteries have less capacity.

To start the ATV engine without any hassling, a higher number of CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) like 500 is required. The more cycle life the battery has, the longer you will be able to use it. Buy the battery, which is compatible with your ATV and also check out the right position to mount it.

5. ATV battery charger

When you have run out of battery on the way to your destination in your ATV, you need an ATV battery charger. One needs to choose that battery charge, which is compatible with the battery he/she has in the ATV.

The battery charger you are buying for your ATV can also be used in some other cases when your main vehicle’s battery is dead. You can purchase a battery charger that can help you out in these conditions. The charger should protect from overheating and spark while charging the battery.

6. ATV cover

If you are keeping your ATV in a place other than a garage, you need to ensure the protection of the outer elements and also inner components like the engine. An waterproof and heavy duty ATV cover made of nylon or polyester can go well in this regard. Both these types of covers are capable of keeping the ATV safe from excessive sunshine, rain, or snow.

The selection of size for the cover is very crucial and you have to choose a larger cover compared to the size of the ATV you have, which ensures a full cover-up. Elastic covers can also be a good choice.

7. ATV rack

Choose a rack that is compatible with the ATV you owe and which can also carry the loads in the bumpy road conditions. Racks made of heavy-duty material like metal are great for providing long-lasting and durable support on the road. The rack must be capable of holding the load you intended to put on it.

8. ATV goggles

Driving in a rough condition in your ATV without wearing goggles is not a good decision. A well constructed, flexible goggle will not easily break due to unwanted fall down from the vehicle. However, the user must ensure a perfect fitting of the goggle to have a great performance.

The lenses used on the atv goggle should be scratch resistant and UV protected to provide you comfortable ride even under rough weather conditions. Well made face foam is necessary for the goggles to keep the moisture and sweat away from your face and eyes while you are on the go.

9. ATV gun rack

The hunters who owe an ATV should install a gun rack in their vehicle. The first thing you need in the gun rack is durability. These racks mainly come with rubber grips to hold the guns in place securely.

The ATV might have built-in racks for extra accessories but is never a suitable place for storing a gun. The gun might move indistinctly, which sometimes may cause unwanted gunfire. Meanwhile, storing it in a gun rack will solve all these problems.

10. ATV trailer

 The first thing that comes to mind when while buying an ATV trailer is the size of trailer suitable to carry the ATV or ATVs. For hauling one ATV, a 5 by 8 ft trailer is perfect although a 4 by 6 ft is also usable for this purpose.

For 2 or 3 ATVs, you need a trailer measuring around 6 ft by 12 ft. And you need the largest size to store more than three ATVs, which measures 18 inches in length. These trailers are made of steel and aluminum mainly. There are two types of trailers depending on the closing mechanism, enclosed trailers and open trailers.

11. ATV ramps

Unless you have a trailer, you can use a ramp to put your ATV on the back bed of the truck for easier transformation. The ramp should be made of steel or aluminum. However, aluminum is lightweight than steel and it is also rust-resistant to provide you can long-lasting service.

You need to check out the weight carrying capacity of the ramp, whether it can handle the full weight of the ATV or not. The width of the ramp should be a bit larger than compared to the tires of the ATV.

12. ATV sprayer

Spray in those areas, which are hard to spray with a normal sprayer. The ATV sprayer you are buying should have a better drainage system. Another important part of the sprayer is the pump and different pumps come with different working capabilities.

There are two types of sprayers, boom sprayers and boomless sprayers. For spraying in a particular direction from the ATV, the second one is perfect. Meanwhile, boom sprayers are suitable for spraying in an open large area.

13. ATV hitch

 Decide which type of hitch does your ATV requires or might be compatible with. The hitch you are buying should be scratch-resistant and be capable of carrying the amount of load you want. ATV hitches are tied along with the ATVs for carrying the load, so it’s necessary to check out the strength before choosing.

14. ATV speakers

The priority while buying speakers for your ATV should be the sound quality. The speaker must provide high-frequency sound in the bumpy, uneven roads. The build quality of the speaker should also be high-grade.

The conditions you will use them are rough, so unless having better build-quality and weather-resistance feature, the speakers might not be long lasting. Most speakers found in the market uses power that ranges from 100 to 400 watts.

15. ATV oil

There are three types of oil used in ATVs, mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. Mineral oil is the most commonly used and conventional type of oil used in ATVs. Synthetic oils come with consistent base stocks and semi-synthetic oil is a blend of mineral and synthetic oil.

You should choose the right type of oil with the right sort of viscosity depending on the type of engine and viscosity your ATV demands. It is better to change the oil of your ATV after one of usage at least.

16. ATV snow plow

It is difficult to ride on your ATV on an icy track when there is immense ice on the way. But there’s a solution to this problem by attaching a snowplow in front of the vehicle.

The blade size is the most crucial part of the plow and it ranges from 48 inches to 72 inches, but going over 60 inches is not a wise decision for ATVs. The plows are made of stainless steel, poly blades, or mild steel. The heavier the blade is, the easier it will be to plow on the icy track.

17. ATV grips

The material of the grips is the most important thing to consider before using on the ATV. Rubber and neoprene are the most commonly used materials. Neoprene easily fits on any handles and it is also much flexible than rubber. However, rubber grip is more durable.

Measure the handle side and then select the right size of grips that is compatible with it. There are several types of grip available, and pillow-top pattern grip is the most used grip on ATV handles. Lock-on grips are easier to install and for the colder riding condition, you should look for heated handle grips.

18. ATV lift

You need a lift for your ATV when you are going to do some repairing on the vehicle. Check out what used to construct the lift and try to select a strong and robust made lift for the ATV.

The lift you are buying needs to portable also to make it easier for you to carry and set up it anywhere you like. There are different sizes and designs available in this category, which may be compatible with different models of ATVs.

19. ATV mirrors

It's quite risky to turn for looking behind when you are riding on an ATV at high speed because it can cause accidents in a blink of an eye. A quality mirror can go well in this regard.

No ATV comes with pre-mounted mirrors and setting up a pair of quality mirrors is a great addition to the ATV. The mirrors should be made of high-grade glass and the body frame should be durable to withstand rough weather conditions.

20. ATV gloves

For safe rid on off-roads with a better grip, wearing ATV gloves are necessary. ATV gloves made of high-grade leather are the best in quality. Except for leather, neoprene with a mixture of silicone or plastic also does a great job.

The user needs to put importance on the cushioning or padding inside the gloves for having extra comfort in the cold weather. The thickness of the gloves depends on the rider’s preference. However, ATVs demand a bit thicker gloves. But for better control, one needs to choose the right size that fits the hands.

21. ATV storage boxes

A right size storage box can store all your camping, hunting, or other safety equipment securely in the ATV. The boxes come with straps or buckle to easily mount them in the ATV.

The storage boxes are mainly made of dust and water-resistant materials to keep the components inside safe for an extended period even in rough weather conditions. Some storage boxes come with lids or zipper system for added security. There are soft and hard boxes for various purposes.

22. ATV rear seat

Rear seats designed for ATVs are made of metal frame and high-grade polyester, which are great for durability and long-lasting service. The metal frame is for the hard rear seat and the soft rear seats constructed using polyester.

The storage capacity is of the rear seats varies depending on the type and size of ATV you are using it on. The seats can come with separate compartments for storing different components in a more secured way or with a single storage compartment.

23. ATV spreader

The spreader is mounted on the rear or towed on the back of ATVs to spread agricultural products on a large area with efficiency. The different spreader has a different capacity of holding these agricultural ingredients and it ranges from 50 to 400 pounds typically.

The more speed the spreader can produce, the faster the user can complete the task. The spreader should be durable and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is the best material used to build ATV spreaders.

24. ATV windshield

The ATV windshield will stop the small dirt and debris from reaching your eyes or other body components. Only setting up a windshield is not enough for a safer ride, you need a clear view from the inside even after installing the windshield.

Windshields that are made of polycarbonate or acrylic are well capable of keeping you connected to the outer world. Both these materials are also scratch-resistant to ensure the clarity of the outside. However, polycarbonate is more durable and long-lasting than acrylic.

25. ATV seat cover

UV-resistant and the water-resistant seat cover is the first choice for protecting the ATV seat from excessive heat and rough weather. Most of the seat covers are made of cotton for better protection of the ATV’s seat.  However, some seat covers also come built with neoprene to provide added elasticity. The covers come with buckle or easy to remove straps.

26. ATV tire chains

The chains are put on the surface of the tire to create more traction on the icy roads. The more complex the link pattern, the better traction the tire will get. The conventional chain pattern is good, but for added traction diamond pattern will provide nicer service.

Steel and alloy are the most recommended materials for constructing these chains. The chains you are attaching with the tire should not wear out easily or rust due to the excessive traction on the rough tracks. Before selecting any type of chain, the user needs to measure the size of the tire.

27. ATV rims

The ATV rim plays an important role in functioning the ATVs smoothly. When the rider finds the handle is not working well or requires a bit of fixing, he can use the rims to work just like your want.

28. ATV gun holder

A gun holder can be a good companion to your ATV if you are amongst the hunters. The holder keeps the gun in place and there is not a side chance of unwanted gun fires. The holder should be capable of holding the gun securely in place and it needs to come with a sturdy design constructed of metal and rubber grip.

29. ATV gas can

On longer trips, you need gas cans to support your ATV when it is out of gas. Several materials are used to construct gas cans. Metal gas cans are the most durable ones. Although plastic gas cans are not so durable, it is lightweight and easily portable. Another type of gas cans is similar to gas pumps used in the gas stations.

30. ATV light bar

Selecting the right size of light bar for the ATV is the first thing you need. Different models of ATV demands different sizes of light bars. There are single light bars, double light bars, or numerous small light bars.

ATVs are going to go through rough weather and such conditions, where it is difficult to ride at night. So the light bar needs to produce higher brightness with more watts of power. Being weatherproof also essential for the light bar to let it use in unfavorable weathers.

31. ATV winch rope

Winch rope is an essential part of the ATV winch. Whether the winch can get your ATV from the stuck position highly depends on the strength of the winch rope.

There are two types of winch ropes available, steel cable and synthetic. Steel cable ropes are heavier than synthetic ones. For towing medium weight winch ropes of 50 ft is enough. On the other hand, 100 ft winch ropes are used for larger weights.

32. ATV tire pressure gauge

To maintain the safety measure of an ATV, a tire pressure gauge plays an important role. There are mainly three types of tire pressure gauges, stick, dial, and digital. Stick gauges come with a compact and portable design.

The pressure of this gauge ranges from 0 to 20 psi. Like the analog clocks, dial gauges come with a clock face and an arrow. Digital gauges come with an LCD display, and some of these also have the feature to show the pressure in dark.

33. ATV fender bag

 A fender bag will let you store little things in the ATV while you are out for a long ride. The bags are made of durable, rust and tear-resistant materials to withstand heavy use even in rough weather conditions. However, the buyer of this bag should measure the space of the ATV and then select the right size depending on the size.

34. ATV led lights

To ride on rough track and also at night you need to have proper brightness from the ATV you are seating inside. The LED lights are designed with single, double, or smaller bulbs to bring brightness in the night nature.

It doesn't matter what type of LED light you will attach to the rear of the vehicle, but it should be capable of working under rain and dirt. There are also different colors available for these lights.

35. ATV tow strap

 There are mainly two types of two straps, one provides high elasticity that is also known as recovery straps and the other one doesn’t provide much elasticity. Most two straps are made of polyester.

The tow straps need to be capable of working under wet or rough weather conditions and as most of them are made of polyester, they are weather-resistant. The length of the straps is also very crucial. But more than the length, one should look at the strength of towing your stuck ATV.

36. ATV bag

ATV without having a bag is not good when you are out for a long trip with your dear and near ones. The bag provides more space inside the ATV to store small things safely and securely.

Two things are needed to check out before purchasing a bag for your ATV. The bag should be constructed of weatherproof materials and the size should be compatible with the ATV.

37. ATV tire repair kit

To repair the malfunctioning tire, the ATV should be equipped with a few repair kits. The kits include torque wrench, t-handle socket wrench set, tire pump, tire plug kit, ATV axle wrench, etc.

38. ATV safety flag

Setting up a safety flag in your ATV is a wise decision. Safety flags are typically made of high-quality polyester. As the ATVs are going to go through a rough-riding condition, the flags are also weather and rust-resistant. There are different colors and flag styles available.

39. ATV horn

ATV horn is another addition to increasing safety on the road. Especially if you are riding the vehicle in the woods and at night, you light and horn to know whether there something in front of you. The horn should provide a nice and loud sound. And it should also be easy to mount on the ATV.

40. ATV chains

When the weather has become tougher with snow falling on the tracks, it is quite obvious for the ATV to get stuck on the road. However, if there are chains included in the ATV, the trip will become more pleasant.

The more link pattern the chain has, the easier it would become to create traction on the road. There are several chain-link patterns and diamond is the most commonly used pattern in ATVs.

41. ATV seat

 Durability and weather-resistance are the two important factors to look at before buying an ATV seat. The seats are generally made of polyester to provide resistance from rust and wear.

Most of the ATV seats are constructed of a metal frame to make them long-lasting. What size of seat you should look for depends on the type and size of ATV you are going to use it on. There are both hard and soft seats used in ATVs.

42. ATV handguards

Handguards can work as a great protection to your hands when you are riding the ATV at speed in the forest and had every chance of hitting your hands on the tree branches now or then.

The handguards are installed just in front of the two steering handles and it efficiently blocks dirt, debris, mud and wind in the cold, snowy weather. These are also cheap products and quite easy to install to increase the safety of the ATV.

43. ATV speedometer

The most crucial feature you need in the speedometer is to be a waterproof device. The speedometer must indicate the left and right direction; show the fuel level, mileage. There are two types of speedometer used in ATVs, wired and wireless.

44. ATV gun mount

Taking the gun in ATV is a common thing for hunters. They can keep the gun in a storage bag or other open space of the vehicle, but none of them is quite safer.

So instead of doing these hacks, the hunter can mount his favorite gun on the ATV. This will keep the gun in front of his eyes in a safe manner and he will be able to use it whenever he wants for hunting purposes.


The accuracy of the data is the main need of a rider from the GPS. It should map contour lines, sealed paths, cliffs, river beds, swampy lands, and rocky terrains without any mistakes.

The GPS should be lightweight to offer the user easy carriage. The situation it is going to be used is not good at all, so it’s better to buy a GPS with high durability that is usable in bad weather as well.

46. ATV Boots

The boots you are going to use for ATV riding must-have comfortable ankle padding inside. There should be steel inner plates and outer toe box plate guards to ensure the safety of your ankle and toes.

The boots are typically made of a high-grade lathe to withstand the excessive dirt, mud and wet conditions on the off-roads. It also should provide buckles that are easy to remove and it would be great if the buckles are made of aluminum for extended durability,

47. ATV whip

The whip is a good addition to your ATV for the night ride. The increased colorful brightness of the whip lets your fellowman know from where you are coming. It also makes your ATV look cooler in the night sky. The whip should be able to perform nicely even in snowy or rainy tracks.

48. ATV mask

When you are driving at high speed, it's quite obvious that small rocks, debris, insects might come and touch your face. Moreover, in the cold weather, it turns out too much difficult to drive the ATV under rough windy conditions.

That’s when a face mask can go well to protect your face from the dirt as well as from the cold wind. The face mask also covers your neck properly, which keeps you safe from the pinching of cold. You need to choose a face mask made of durable cloth.

49. ATV jack

When your tire is not functioning well, you need to change it immediately and that’s when you need the help of a jack with the wrench to lift the vehicle and change the tire.

The materials used to construct the jack should be rust and corrosion-resistant. In most cases, ATV jacks are made of aluminum. The lifting height of the jack is another thing that is needed to be considered before buying.

50. ATV cleaner

There are few things that you need to clean your ATV properly. An ATV cleaner set can include liquid cleaner, degreaser, muffler plugs, airbox cover, cleaning brush, polish spray, etc.

Concluding words

The above equipment I mentioned is the most important ones used as ATV parts and accessories. You might find some parts already built-in in the ATV, but if it is not then you should install them manually. And the best atv accessories are required for a safe off-road ride.

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