ATV helmet size chart ( Professional, Adult and Child )

To ensure comfort and safety while driving on off-roads, it is essential to wear a helmet. ATV helmets are not different from this and there are a lot of sizes available depending on the age of the users. ATV helmet size typically ranges from 17.5 inches to 28 inches in circumference.

ATV helmet size

Size chart of ATV helmets

There are typically two types of helmets manufactured depending on the user’s age, one for the kids and the other one is for the adults. Kid's helmets measure from 17.5 to 22 inches and adult helmets measure from 21 to 28 inches. You can choose the right size by measuring the circumference of the user’s head.

Kid’s ATV helmet size

Helmets in this category are used by kids from 1 year to 14 years typically. After measuring the circumference of the head, you should check out the size chart below to choose the right helmet.





17.5 – 19 inches

~ 3 years


19 – 20 inches

3 – 5 years


20 – 21 inches

5 – 8 years


21 – 22 inches

8 – 13 years


Adult’s ATV helmet size

Guys over 14 years old are allowed to use adult helmets, but first they also need to measure the circumference of the head for proper fitting. Check out the size chart for an easier selection of helmets.





21 – 22 inches

14+ years


22 – 23 inches


23 – 24 inches


24 – 25 inches


25 – 26 inches


26 – 27 inches


27 – 28 inches

Adult helmet size

How to measure helmet size

You need to follow a few steps for proper measurement of the head circumference and select the right helmet size.

  • At first, take a cloth flexible cloth measuring tape for the measurement.
  • Now place on point of the tape in the middle of the user’s forehead to measure the prominent or largest portion of the user’s head.
  • To find out the prominent or largest portion of the head place the tape one inch above the eyebrows and take the measurement just above the ears.
  • You should keep the tape loose while measuring for a proper circumference of the head.
  • Again, you can take several measurements and select the helmet size depending on the largest one.

Well, without having a proper circumference of the head, you can never choose the right size of an ATV helmet. After selecting the largest measurement, you need to check the size chart for the final decision.

ATV helmets with goggles

Having goggles with an ATV helmet is truly a good addition to ensure the safety of the bumpy, muddy, dirty off-roads. Some helmet comes with built-in goggles and some has goggles equipped with the helmet. The size doesn’t depend on whether it goggles or not.

The built-in goggles will keep your eyes protected from debris, small rock pieces, ultra-violet rays and so on. This protection will ensure a comfortable ride throughout the whole time. Thus you can keep your eyes open for a long period doesn’t matter what the condition is.

ATV helmets with face shield

Instead of buying an open face helmet or half helmet, a helmet with a face shield is a far better choice when it comes to safety issues. The face shield should be made of UV-resistant materials. The surface of the shield needs to scratch-resistant for durability.

Make the face shield you are having cover your face completely. It should not affect the ventilation method and also have a soft cushioning, which can soak the sweat for enhanced comfort. It should also come with an unlocking mechanism.

ATV Bluetooth helmets

The demand for Bluetooth riders is increasing day by day. With fast racing, the riders also love to communicate with the fellow men. The Bluetooth mechanism is built in the interior of the helmet and it sometimes helps to prevent accidents to other riders.

The built-in Bluetooth device typically allows 4 riders to get connected during the ride. As they are used in tough conditions, the manufacturers should use the latest versions with crystal clear sound quality. Some devices also come equipped with crash detection and an SOS dialer.

What are ATV helmets made of

The helmets used for ATV riding must be made of weatherproof materials. Most manufacturers nowadays construct the frame of the helmet with polycarbonate and it is injection-molded construction. The outer shell of the helmet should be scratch-resistant and UV-resistant .pfd as well.

There should be enough cushioning to a soft and comfortable feel. To provide comfort during a long ride, the helmets should have a proper ventilation system on the forehead and chin area. This increased airflow through vents will consequently decrease the wind noise, which will help receive clear outer noise.

How to clean an ATV helmet

The cleaning process has two parts, cleaning the exterior part and cleaning the interior part.

  • At first, you need to remove those parts of the helmet that are removable.
  • Now take a soft cloth, a bucket of water and a specific cleaner to clean the exterior part.
  • Then read the user manual carefully to know whether the removable parts need to wash in the machine or not. If it is machine washable, then your task becomes a lot easier. And if it is not, then wash them gently with a soft cloth and cleaner.
  • At last, use a cleanser and wipe it inside the helmet to clean the interior.

ATV helmets cost

If you are not amongst the professional ATV riders, you can buy an affordable helmet spending from $100 to $200. However, pro riders are much conscious about safety and they tend to spend more on the helmets. In this case, they spend more than $200 up to $500 for buying a high-grade helmet.

Are ATV helmets beneficial

Wearing a helmet can ensure the protection of your head, face, eyes and make your off-road ride a pleasant one. The rough weather conditions, mud, dirt and insects can bring discomfort to the riding experience. But, a rider can ensure having a safe and interruption-free ride by using an ATV helmet.

So off-road is not a safe track for the riders to go on riding without wearing helmets. Well, talking about the ATV helmets I have to say they are a lot beneficial indeed.

Saving your skull

 The helmet works like a life-saving component when any unwanted accidents happen on the off-roads. It keeps your skull safe from hitting a small or large stone or rock, branch of a tree, or some hard stuff. The outer structure of the helmet is tough, but the inner side is cushioned for enhanced comfort and safety of your head.  

Covering the face

 It becomes difficult to ride under extreme sunshine, dirt, or mud. Sometimes you may also hit some obstacle unconsciously and damage the face. However, if you wear a helmet with a face shield, it will cover your face from the dirt as well as from the excessive sunlight.

Keep your eyes protected

 If your helmet has a face shield or built-in goggles, it will protect the eyes from insects, debris, or other small particles coming towards you. This will keep the UV ray away from your eyes and provide you a clearer view.

Providing you clearer hearing

 It’s necessary to stay alert when you are on such roads and a helmet can support you well in this regard. An ATV helmet can reduce the noise around you and wind fatigue to keep you connected to the outer world by clearer hearing.

Concluding words

To select the proper ATV helmet size, you need to measure the circumference of the head and then check the size chart provided above to make the final decision.

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