ATV Battery Types (voltage, amp) With Battery Size

There are several types of batteries used in ATVs like lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and gel cell batteries. Before using one of these batteries, it is necessary to check out the compatibility of the vehicle. Mostly 12 volts size batteries are used in ATVs and 2 amps is the suitable range for charging ATVs.

ATV Battery Types

Different types of ATV batteries

As I already said, there are mainly four types of batteries used in ATVs.

1. Lead-acid battery

Lead-acid batteries are also known as conventional flooded batteries. The battery uses liquid lead acid as an electrolyte and it also uses lead plates that are covered in the distilled water. Each cell of the battery has one removable cap on the top of the battery.

These removable caps are used to refill the water in the battery and let the battery work at full capacity. As they are conventional batteries, they are easily found in any battery shop. This makes them more affordable than other ATV batteries. However, these batteries tend to damage quickly and they are more hazardous too. Again, because of the rough driving of ATVs, they have every possible chance of leakage.

2. AGM battery

 AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries are the first choices for a pro-ATV rider because these batteries are maintenance-free. Unlike conventional Lead-acid batteries, these batteries come with fiberglass mats around the battery cells.

It is a kind of dry cell battery as it soaks up the liquid acid of the battery to prevent unwanted spilling in off-roads. You can drive your ATV in any condition of the road with this battery inside and you don’t need to worry about refilling or maintenance of the battery. However, these beneficial batteries are a bit pricey than conventional batteries.

3. Lithium-ion battery

 You will get a long-lasting service from lithium-ion batteries. They are superbly lightweight than other types of batteries used in ATVs, so you can easily identify if you are using lithium-ion batteries inside the ATV. You can install these batteries anywhere in the ATVs because of their compact design.

These batteries don’t use any liquid like lead-acid or AGM batteries and that’s why they so much lightweight. These batteries come pre-sealed and by charging them, you are always ready to go. However, these are not made especially for the off-road, but it’s a new and good addition of course.

4. Gel cell battery

 Gel cell batteries are not commonly used in ATVs. They can be compared to lead-acid batteries as well as AGM batteries. Instead of liquid, there is a gel inside the battery and this also makes it leakage-proof. Although these batteries don’t provide the same power like the others, it is a lot pricier one.

ATV battery size

A 12-volt battery is the ideal size of battery for use in ATVs. However, 6 volt or 24-volt batteries are also used in some circumstances. This 12 volt is a generalized number though because when you fully charge a new battery the voltage will go up to 12.8 volts commonly.

When you charge a new lead-acid or conventional battery, the battery voltage will then range from between 12.6 to 12.8 volt. Meanwhile, an AGM battery will produce more voltage, which is up to 13.1 volts. You should select the size of the battery depending on the compatibility with your vehicle.

How to charge ATV battery

Charging your newly bought ATV battery is a crucial thing to have the best possible performance from it. You can charge your battery conveniently by following the below steps.

  • Take the ATV to a ventilated place and then connect the battery charger to the power supply by plugging in it.
  • Now you have to select the right type of charger that is compatible with your ATV’s battery.
  • You will find two cables in the charger with alligator clamps, one is for the positive end and the other one is for the negative end.
  • Now connect the possible cable with the alligator clamp to the positive terminal of the battery. And also connect the negative one to the negative terminal in the same way.
  • Then let the battery get fully charged and you should let it get fully charged for the whole night. The next morning, remove the charger from the power supply area and also remove the clamps from the battery.

How long to charge ATV battery

How long you need to charge an ATV battery depends largely on the type of battery and charger you are using. Typically, ATVs use 12-volt batteries. To charge a 12-volt battery, can take 2 to 10 hours, depends on the current the charger transmits. 

It is recommended that ATV batteries should be charged with chargers that transmit current between 1 to 3 amps. Using chargers in this category can easily fully charge the battery within 2 to 4 hours. However, a 5 amp charger can take up to 10 hours for full charging. Also, chargers that transmit a current of more than 5 amps will damage the battery.

Why is my ATV battery dying

If you keep the ATV’s battery unused for a longer period, it will die ultimately. Except for this, there are few more reasons behind dead ATV batteries.

Improper charging: Charging the battery properly and regularly is very essential for having the long-lasting life of ATV batteries unless the battery will be dead soon.

Older battery: The older the battery becomes, the more it has chances of dying. An older battery will not function well and die.

Incorrect fluid level: To hold the charge of the battery for a longer period, the fluid level needs to be at the correct level. The low fluid level will let the battery die soon.

Corroded connection of the ground cable: If you notice any type of loose connections or corrosion around the battery terminals, remove it immediately unless dying of the battery is just a matter of time.

Sulfated battery: A sulfated battery is unable to hold the charge of the battery and also provides false reading about the charge to the user.

Driving in freezing conditions: The colder temperature is another enemy to your ATV battery because it will drain the battery life a lot faster than normal temperature.

How to charge a dead ATV battery

You can charge your dead ATV battery with another fully charged battery using a jumper cable.

  • Place the two batteries close enough that allows the jumper cable to reach both ends.
  • Now connect one end of the positive cable to the positive end of the dead battery and the other end to the positive end of the fully charged battery.
  • Then connect on the negative point of the cable to the negative point of the fully charged battery and the other point to the frame ground of the dead battery.
  • Now let the battery get charge before you remove the attached cables.
  • Remove the positive point of the fully charged cable first followed by the dead battery's positive end. Then remove the negative end of the dead battery and lastly remove the fully charged battery’s negative end.

Can you jumpstart a car with an ATV

Yes, it is possible to jump-start a car with an ATV battery although it’s a rare case. Car batteries are stronger than ATV batteries. But if you have enough charge in the battery of the ATV and also have a jump starter cable, you can jump-start the car.

What amp is an ATV battery

With amp, it is referred to how much current flows through the ATV battery you have. The smaller the number is, the easier it is to charge the battery. Basically, the ATV batteries are charged with 1 to 3 amps chargers. It means that, if the battery’s current is 3 amps, then it reaches 3 volts after 10 hours exactly.

Concluding words

So you should decide what type of battery is compatible with your ATV and also select the right size. Take care of the battery for the best possible performance.

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