3M Reusable Respirator 6200 vs. 6500 vs. 7500 review

3M is the most crucial company throughout the world that has first developed one time, surgical, N95 and anti-smoke, vapor & dust mask. They have been working for US health, industrial safety, and safety from environmental pollution. 6200, 6500 & 6700 are all reusable respirators developed by 3M for industrial and emergency use to protect from dust, smoke, chemical vapor.

The variation of those respirators as of their compatible fittings can be easily understood by the following comparison table.

3M 6200 vs. 6500 vs. 7500

3M Reusable Respirator 6200 vs. 6500 vs. 7500


3M 6200QL

3M 6502

3M 7501









Compatible With

Line Compressed Air System SA Series

Line Compressed Air System SA Series

Line Compressed Air System SA Series

Connection Type




Exhalation Valve




Facepiece Type

Half Facepiece Reusable

Half Facepiece Reusable

Half Facepiece Reusable


Dual Airline supplied air compatible

3M Cool Flow™ Valve

3M Cool Flow Valve, Dual Airline supplied air compatible, Integrated Dropdown Suspension

Harness type

4 point

4 point Quick Latch

4 point

Primary Material

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)



Product Series


Rugged Comfort 6500


Product Type

Half Facepiece

Half Facepiece Respirator

Half Facepiece


3M Half Facepieces 6000 Series Reusable Respirator Protection,3M™ Half Facepieces 6000 Series Reusable Respirator Protection, Auto & Marine Worker Safety, Defense Products, Government Solutions, Half Facepiece Respirators,3M Tapes & 3M Adhesives

Half Facepiece Respirators,3M Tapes & 3M Adhesives

3M Half Facepiece 7500 Series Ultimate Reusable,3M™ Half Facepiece 7500 Series Ultimate Reusable, Auto & Marine Worker Safety, Defense Products, Government Solutions, Half Facepiece Respirators, Head and Body Protection,3M Tapes & 3M Adhesives, Personal Safety





Recommended Application

Assembly and Mechanical, Chemical Clean-up, Chemical Handling, Chipping, Chiseling, Cleaning, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Laboratories, Machining, Masonry, Painting, Pouring/Casting, Sanding, Sawing, Welding

Assembly, Cleaning, Composite Finishing, Demolition,Facility Maintenance, Final Finish, Grinding,Machine Operations, Paint Preparation, Painting,Sanding, Welding

Abatement,Assembly and Mechanical,Chemical Clean-up,Chemical Handling,Chipping,Chiseling,Cleaning,Composite Finishing,Construction,Final Finish,Furnace Operations,Grinding,Laboratories,Machining,Masonary,Mining,Paint Preparation,Painting,Pouring/Casting,Sanding,Sawing,Smelting,Welding

Recommended Industry

Construction,Design & Construction,General Manufacturing,Heavy Infrastructure,Industrial Maintenance,Marine,Mining,Oil & Gas,Transportation

Agriculture,Construction,Design & Construction,Facility Sanitation,Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Construction, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Heavy Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine




Gas & Vapor Protection Type

Hydrogen Fluoride, Mercury Vapor or Chlorine, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/Ammonia/Methylamine/Formaldehyde

3M 6200 Respirator review

3M 6200

3M 6200 is a reusable respirator developed by US company 3M for many purposes. This respirator is a half-face respirator that covers half of the face. This 6200 model has been developed to protect people from smoke, gas, poisonous vapor, chemical spills. 3M 6200 is basically the bayonet of the respirator filters. It has two provisions on its left and right to attach two filters to it. Filters are found individually to purchase and install in it.

6200 is wide enough to face two filters to both of your checks. The brand logo is printed as 3D marked on the front. It looks highly professional when someone wears this. The filter socket is round and has a lock clip to lock the respirator filters.

Following are the significant features of 3M6200

  • It is compatible to line compressed Air System
  • Its connection type is like a bayonet
  • It has an exhalation valve
  • It has Dual Airline supplied air compatibility
  • It has 4 points to tie it with the head.
  • The main material used to make this is a thermoplastic elastomer.
  • 6200 is ranked as simply good.

Remember, 3M 6200 is not suitable to resist gas and poison vapor. It is developed for an ordinary regular purposes like industrial chemical handling, pouring, machine assembling. It can also help you get rid of hot air from the furnace, welding shop. Emergency fire fighting indoors shouldn’t be accompanied by this.

Important! This respirator isn’t for medical health caregivers and shouldn’t be used to protect from inhalation of germinal particles in the air.

3M 6500 Respirator review

3M 6500 is a stronger reusable respirator. It also comes with the inhalation hub where a respirator filter is attached. Several types of respirator filters are also developed by 3M. The filter in these respirators is called cartridge 2071, 2091, 2096, 6001, 6003, 6006. Cartridges are of two categories by shape. 2071 & 2091 are two round cartridges often liked by many buyers.

Important features of 6500

  • 6500 is made of silicone/Nylon
  • It also has an exhalation valve
  • 2000 series is small round and lightweight so it fits well to 6500.
  • 2091 as for both oil and non-oil contaminants. Can be installed in 6500.

2091 Exceptional 99.97% filter efficiency meets NIOSH P100-series test criteria

  • It has 4 points quick latch that makes it safe on the head.
  • The respirator is of medium size although 3M specified no size for this.
  • It has support for chemical vapor, poisonous smoke, acid, gas, chemical pouring, stirring.
  • 3M 7500 Respirator

3M 7500 is the defense class respirator almost the same in functionality except for some additional place of use. 3M brought big changes in its body design. It uses the same respirator cartridges for protection from inhalation of gas, acidic, chemical vapor. It’s necessary for handling chemicals, pouring hot acidic liquids. It provides a Proprietary 3M™ CoolFlow™ valve that helps make breathing easier.


  • It’s ranked as best by 3M
  • Its targeted users are Defense, Homeland security, & Maritime
  • Its material is silicon.
  • It can be used on regular duty, task, and force.
  • 7500 is widely used with light cartridges.
  • It looks more natural outdoor.

Variation of Respirator facepieces 3M 6200, 6500, and 7500

3M has been working ever since the World health organization developed its standard for a facemask on different fields of protection from contamination. 3M has developed a half-face mask for regular industrial technicians. These are not for medical use by medical health care providers.

3M 6200 is lightweight so it can be used on regular work. But it provides less safety. Because it doesn't attach to the face firmly. So, smoke or acidic vapor can easily get into the mask through its rim. So cartridge isn’t the one that can safeguard you from the risk.

3M 6500 is best rated by 3M and so safe to use in almost all the situation. It is firmly fitted to the face and air can’t be inhaled through any passage except the respirator cartridge. It’s a bit heavyweight and less comfortable on face skin. If you are the one to regularly use, you can consider taking a light one like 6200. 6500 has a quick latched strip that saves you from the tension of fall of the respirator from your face.

3M 7500 is a standard version from some smart official use. It has the same protection as 6500. But it’s only made of silicon. The design is to be suitable for defense, firefighter, anti-chemical explosions. The model 7500 is well fitted to face with much comfort.

Who should wear a reusable respirator?

  • Those who work in the chemical industry
  • Those who work in a laboratory
  • Lab personnel who work with vaporized chemicals.
  • Firefighter on an operation to get rid of hot airwave
  • People who work with gas and acid
  • Technicians in sawmills can wear this to get rid of wood particles.
  • Technicians who assemble machines

Can any individual use a Respirator?

Respirators are for special use and not necessary unless any incidents make you’re surrounding full of harmful gas especially from a chemical explosion, plastic burn, and smoke from an explosion. If you visit an area where the air is highly polluted and contaminated with harmful particles like after building demolition.

You can wear a respirator in an area that is highly polluted by vehicle smoke and dust. The air of an overpopulated area is dusty so you can consider wearing a reusable respirator for safe breathing.

Can I use this respirator to visit the hospital?

6200, 6500 and 7500 are neither for use in the medical environment nor can support you in there because its respirator filters are not chemically made to trap or kill germs and other particles in the air. You can rather use an N95 1860 mask to visit a TB patient, medical camp, hospital to protect yourself from any respiratory infection.

However, an N95 mask has no exhalation valve so you can feel suffocating using that. In that case, you can try an N95 with an exhalation valve.

If you find in covid situation 3m N95 1860 vs. 1870 Surgical Mask, see another review.

How comfortable is a 3M 6200, 6500, and 7500?

Those respirators are for protection from dangerous gas, vapor and high heat. So comfort isn’t the first concern. Still, working for long time causes feeling of suffocation and irritation on face. So a score can be estimated considering what makes the best ease of attachment.

70% of the buyers on Amazon have supported the use of 7500 as the best one to make a cozy feeling. 40% of them already used 6500 and found that very suffocating and hard enough to scratch the face. The auto-latch is the same for both 6500 and 7500. But in the case of 6500 much pressure has to be applied to make it air-tight to face.

Moreover, 6500 makes the eyeglass foggy making air pass upward. But it feels uncomfortable when it is tightened to the face to make no leakage of the air out or respirator cartridge. Some 80% of buyers made the same comments of bad feeling on the face.

3M 6200 is for lighter use and so can often use this if you think your workplace is full of contaminated air. Some industrial area is smoky with burnt wood, oil or coal. So, can use this often when you go close to that place. Air can be as harmful as to cause cancer. So, a respirator is very important for those who constantly go in touch with such air.

Some 30% buyer of reusable respirator has marked themselves safe due to using respirator because they are on the harsh environment.

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