3m 1080 vs. 2080 user reviews

To make your vehicle's appearance different from others, you should customize your own choice. However, vinyl wrap is one of the most praised solutions to give your vehicle a praiseworthy outlook in either a glossy or matte finish.

3m has launched 1080 vinyl film series to satisfy the customers and upgraded the version by launching the 2080 series. In the upgraded series, you will get a faster installation, tighter fit with extended reliability.

In this article, we will cover everything about the 3m 1080 series, 2080 series and discuss the differences between these two vinyl series.

3m 1080 vs. 2080

What is the 3m 1080 series

3m 1080 is a dual-cast, 3.5 mm thickened vehicle wrap that ensures a durable wrapping on the vehicle’s outer surface. This wrap is always ready to apply immediately after taking out of the box. Before moving further, let's go through the features of this vinyl film series.

  1. It is a dual-cast vinyl film. 
  2. It comes with 60 inches roll.
  3. It has pressure-sensitive adhesives.
  4. The vinyl wrap comes removable and semi-permanent.
  5. It is made with invisible and air-drain channels.
  6. It offers five to seven years of warranty depending on the finishes. 

What is the 3m 2080 series

3m 2080 vinyl film series is the upgraded version of the 1080 series. It comes with improved performance and a quick installation process. However, it also ensures bubble-free installation on any part of the vehicle. You will have a tight wrapping on any type of vehicle.

Now let’s check out the distinguishing features of the vinyl wrap series.

  1. It is a multi-layer cast vinyl wrap. 
  2. It comes with pressure-sensitive adhesives.
  3. It has used invisible and air-drain Comply technology.
  4. It comes to you in 60 inches roll design.
  5. It has 3m control tac technology.
  6. It offers a warranty service of five to eight years. 

Comparison between 3m 1080 & 2080

As the 2080 vinyl wrap series is the upgraded version of the 1080 series, it must have some similarities and dissimilarities. Here are some major differences between these two wraps.


3m 1080 series

3m 2080 series


Dual-cast vinyl wrap

Multi-cast vinyl wrap


More than 80 shades

More than 100 shades


Six styles including gloss, metal, satin, brushed metal, carbon fiber & flip films

Two extra styles are gloss metallic & matte metallic


Invisible and air-drain technology

Invisible & air-drain comply technology with controltac technology


Five to seven years

Five to eight years

Tighter fit



Super-sleek design



However, except for these differences, these two particular vinyl wrap series have a few common things. Both these wraps have pressure-sensitive adhesives. None of them creates any bubble after applying to the vehicle surface.

They are resistant to mild alkaline substances, acids, salt, fuel, and water. Both of these wraps are sold in 60 inches of rolls to cover the entire vehicle conveniently.

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How many styles do 3m 1080 and 2080 offers

There are six common styles available in both 3m 1080 and 3m 2080 vinyl wrap series. However, the 2080 series has two extra styles. The six common styles in both these wrap series are –

  1. Gloss
  2. Matte
  3. Satin
  4. Brushed metal
  5. Carbon fiber
  6. Flip films.

The extra two styles in the 2080 series are –

  1. Gloss metallic
  2. Matte metallic.

There is a slight difference between the warranty service periods depending on the style you are going for. Gloss, matt, and stain finished wraps offer seven years of warranty in the 1080 series and eight years in the 2080 series.

However, the warranty period decreases to five years when it comes to carbon fiber and brushed metal finishes in both series.

Depending on these different styles, there are a total of more than 80 shades available in the 1080 series. On the other hand, the 2080 series comes with more than 100 shades. The newly included shades are –

  1. Gloss light green
  2. Gloss deep orange
  3. Gloss flame red
  4. Gloss lucid yellow
  5. Matte black metallic and so on. 

How to install 3m 1080 and 2080 vinyl wrap

Both 3m 1080 and 2080 are protective layers on vehicle surface, and one can apply it on a car, truck, or any other type of vehicle. However, you should only apply it on a scratch-free surface because it won’t cover up the damaged area.

There are several ways to install these wraps on a vehicle. Here are some of those.

  1. Apply the wrap on the entire surface. 
  2. Apply it on the hood.
  3. Applying it on the roof.
  4. Applying the wrap partially anywhere outside the car. 

As the wrap come with pressure-sensitive adhesives, it's not that tough to install them on any vehicle. You should follow the basic installation process for this.

  1. You need a soft cloth, water, squeegee, heat gun, scissor and air release tool, etc.
  2. Wash the applicable part of the vehicle.
  3. Measure that particular part and cut the wrap accordingly using the scissor.
  4. Put the wrap on and spread it.
  5. Apply the heat gun on the wrap in a circular motion.
  6. Use the squeegee for intense pressure.
  7. Lastly, remove any bubbles by using the air release tool.
  8. You should repeat the process for firmer installation. 

What are the advantages of 3m 1080

Before selecting an older model over a newer one, you should think twice. In this way, you need to know the advantages of the 1080 series wrap.

  1. The adhesive allows repositioning. 
  2. You can use a squeegee to apply this pressure-sensitive wrap.
  3. It is a non-permanent application.
  4. It removes the bubbles through the air release channels.
  5. It is applicable on both flat and curved surfaces. 

What are the advantages of 3m 2080

Indeed, the 2080 series has some upgraded features compared to its predecessor 1080 series. Here are some of the advantages it offers.

  1. It offers extra styles and shades. 
  2. It forms a tightened installation on both flat and curved surfaces.
  3. It comes with thin and soft characteristics.
  4. It is easy to remove after applying.
  5. The wrap offers exceptional conformability. 


Is it okay to use over-laminate on 3m 1080 wrap?

Nope, because 3m 1080 wrap doesn't support over-laminate, rather it offers different finishes for customer satisfaction.

How to clean 3m 1080 warp?

You can clean 3m 1080 wrap by simple hand wash or car wash. Moreover, using mild hot soapy water with a soft cloth is also valid. But avoid using abrasive tools for the cleaning process.

Is there any way to remove fingerprints from 3m vehicle wrap?

By applying a solution of isopropyl alcohol & water with a soft cloth, one can remove fingerprints on the wrap.

What to do to remove stains from 3m 1080 or 2080 wrap?

Wipe the wrapped surface with a non-toxic house cleaner and soft fabric to remove stains.

Final verdict

The 3m 2080 series seems to do better as it offers some extra advantages over the 1080 series. Here are the things you will get –

  1. More than 100 shades. 
  2. Eight different finishes.
  3. Soft and thin texture.
  4. Leaves no bubble after applying.

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